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1 Transgender Health Protections Reversed By Trump Administration : Shots
2 HHS Civil Rights Rule Raises Patient Access to Care Questions
3 STATEMENT: CAP Executive Vice President Winnie Stachelberg on Rule Change Undermining ACA's Discrimination Safeguards
4 Trump administration’s hostility toward LGBTQ lives will harm lives
5 New Proposed Rule On Health Care Sharing Ministries And Direct Primary Care
6 What the 4th Circuit's Recent Rulings Mean for Health Care Providers, Insurers and the FCA
7 In Bostock v. Clayton County, the Supreme Court gutted the Trump administration's anti-trans agenda.
8 My Turn: Jack Rusley: LGBTQ youth need health-care protections
9 GLAD Lawsuit Tests Trump's Reversal of Healthcare Protections for Trans People Under Affordable Care Act
10 Judge Scraps 'Conscience' Rule Protecting Doctors Who Deny Care For Religious Reasons
11 KARE 11 Investigates: Senators try to force VA to pay veterans ER bills
12 Sinn Féin refuses to recognise that the rule of law applies to us all
13 LGBTQ advocates applaud judges' rejections of Trump health care rule
14 Death of Trump's 'Denial of Care' Rule Means Life for LGBTQ Patients
15 HHS Finalizes Anti-Discrimination Revisions to ACA Section 1557
16 Burt Lake Band one step closer to federal recognition
17 Third Judge Voids Trump's Rule Allowing Discrimination in Health Care
18 New Trump Rule Protects Health Care Workers Who Refuse Care For Religious Reasons
19 Trump rule allows doctors to discriminate against LGBTQ people
20 Patients' Needs, Not Personal Beliefs, Come First in Health Care
21 Idaho AG: Transgender birth certificate bill not a blanket ban
22 Tuesday, July 7, 2020
23 Online Extra: SF federal judge strikes down Trump administration 'refusal rule'
24 SF U.S. Judge Questions New Religious Refusal Rule for Health Care Workers
25 Legal Challenges Pour In Against Trump's Faith-Based Denial-Of-Care Rule
26 Not so conscientious objection: When can doctors refuse to treat?
27 California Fights Trump Health Care Rule It Says Could Deny Care to Women, LGBTQ People
28 Fed Judge Strikes Down Trump Administration's Religious Freedom Health Rule
29 Differing Views Regarding the Definition of Oppression
30 What the new religious exemptions law means for your health care
31 A Hospital Refused to Provide Medically Necessary Surgery Because I Am Transgender
32 Third Court Blocks Trump's LGBTQ+ Healthcare Discrimination Rule
33 Prisoners Face 'Undue Punishment' As The IRS Claws Back Their Stimulus Checks
34 Trump’s order will deny visas to immigrants who lack health-care coverage
35 Top US Supreme Court Decisions Fast Facts
36 Court Vacates Parts Of ACA Nondiscrimination Rule
37 States Sue HHS Moral Objections Rule, Claim Care Access Violations
38 Ruling in Arizona could have national impact
39 Your daily 6: US considers TikTok ban, nation's virus status 'really not good' and deporting foreign students?
40 Trump Administration Rule Would Undo Health Care Protections For LGBTQ Patients
41 “Religious refusals” are leaving rural patients without health care options
42 Spokane federal judge agrees with AG Ferguson, strikes down unlawful Trump 'conscience rule'
43 FAQ: Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness For Borrowers-UPDATED June, 2020 #4
44 Verify: Answering your Oregon face mask questions
45 Trump Admin Allows Medical Providers to Deny Care to LGBTQ People
46 Trump administration prepares a rule civil rights groups worry may deny care to transgender patients
47 Courts Block Conscience Rights In Medicine Based On Absurd Arguments
48 New Trump administration rule would weaken protections for transgender people in health care
49 Planned Parenthood, ACLU Sue Over ‘Refusal of Care’ Rule
50 Trump rule on health insurance leaves immigrants, companies scrambling for answers
51 ACA Litigation Round-Up: A Status Check
52 Rule would let faith-based adoption groups exclude LGBTQ parents
53 Not wanting kids: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.
54 Federal Judge Rules Medicare Patients Can Challenge 'Observation Care' Status
55 HHS Rule and Enforcement Focus on CRFD
56 Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Deaths Pass 500,000
57 What's an Autonomous Zone?
58 HHS Proposes To Strip Gender Identity, Language Access Protections From ACA Anti-Discrimination Rule
59 Trump's Leadership Tested in Time of Fear, Pandemic
60 States sue over rule allowing clinicians to refuse abortions
61 U.S. 'conscience rule' on health care raises fears for LGBT+ patients
62 Trump administration poised to rewrite Obamacare, without LGBTQ protections
63 When can a Canadian taxpayer seek punitive damage from the CRA?
64 Opinions June 30, 2020
65 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Pelosi Seeks New Health Worker Protections
66 Adoption Groups Could Turn Away L.G.B.T. Families Under Proposed Rule
67 The Real Meaning of 'Religious Liberty': A License to Discriminate
68 How Does Mel Gibson Still Have a Career?
69 New York Leads the Way in Providing Liability Protections to Health Care Workers | New York Law Journal
70 Multistate suit challenges federal 'conscience' rule over health care refusals on religious grounds
71 HHS's Proposed Changes to Non-Discrimination Regulations Under ACA Section 1557
72 Section 1557 Litigation: Latest Developments
73 Trump administration proposes protecting federal contractors who fire or hire workers based on religious beliefs
74 Labor Department Defends Limits on Paid Sick Leave
75 Court rules VA must pay for veterans' emergency room care, a decision that may be worth billions
76 Trump administration proposes rule that would allow faith-based adoption organizations to deny service LGBTQ couples
77 Progressives fight back on the Christian right's grotesque "religious freedom" power play
78 Illinois Executive Order Provides Discretion to Hospitals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
79 U.K. healthcare workers will be able to refuse to treat homophobic & racist patients
80 AAFP Voices Concern About New 'Public Charge' Rule
81 Rep. Schakowsky: LGBTQ Community, Health Care 'Under Threat'
82 Judge rules that doctors can take baby off life support against mother’s wishes
83 When the Religious Doctor Refuses to Treat You
84 Trump Administration Rule Would Penalize Immigrants For Needing Benefits
85 Trump’s New Rule Could Effectively Allow Discrimination Based on Race and Age
86 Cybersecurity Comparative Guide
87 State files to block federal ‘conscience rule’ on health care
88 Democrats to force vote on Trump health care rule | TheHill
89 Hold Police Accountable by Changing Public Tort Law, Not Just Qualified Immunity
90 To Admit or Not to Admit: The Level of Care Question
91 Trump Administration Prioritizes Religious and Moral Exemptions for Health Care Workers
92 Federal Judges Temporarily Block Public Charge Rule, but Public Health Worries Persist
93 HIPAA, Psychotherapy Notes, and Other Mental Health Records
94 Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates on COVID-19
95 Feds deny DSRIP waiver extension, renewal
96 Can Doctors Refuse to Treat a Patient?
97 The Pashinyan Chapter Must Close
98 The Report & Refund Provisions of the Affordable Care Act
99 Trump immigration ban: Lawsuit seeks to prevent administration from denying visas to immigrants who can't afford health care
100 Discrimination Prevents LGBTQ People From Accessing Health Care