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1 Biologist Rob Lue, founding HarvardX faculty director, dies at 56
2 The Popovich of floral nectar spurs
3 OEB Waives Public Defense Requirement for Ph.D. Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | News
4 Evidence of hibernation-like state in Antarctic animal
5 Harvard ornithology professor bicycles across the U.S.
6 Marc Lipsitch, Pardis Sabeti elected to National Academy of Medicine
7 The Making of a Harvard Department Chair | News
8 Harvard ornithologist pedals cross-country for #BlackBirdersWeek
9 Climate Change Solutions Fund bets on next generation
10 Researchers discover gene controlling nectar spur development
11 MicroCT reveals detailed head morphology of arthropod, Leanchoilia illecebrosa
12 Arboretum Students' Panamanian Expeditions Examine How Species Persevere in Face of Climate Change
13 Did adaptive radiations shape reptile evolution?
14 Harvard researchers make sense of ancient fossils using 3D
15 If it ain't broke, don't fix it
16 Researchers Discover First Known Swimming Dinosaur | News
17 National Academy of Medicine Elects New Members
18 'Derailed': When Graduate Students' Mentors Leave Harvard | News
19 Harvard Graduate Students Union threatens strike
20 For a day, Harvard science shuts down to #Strike4BlackLives
21 Harvard launches environmental science and engineering concentration
22 How bees stay cool on hot summer days
23 'I Am A Scientist' offers students STEM role models
24 Beating the Heat in the Living Wings of Butterflies
25 DNA extracted in museum samples can reveal genetic secrets
26 Evidence of Hibernation-Like State Discovered in Tusks of Strange 250-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Creature
27 Rallying to the Fight against COVID-19 | The New York Academy of Sciences
28 Faculty and Admins Plan New D&I Initiatives Following ShutDownSTEM Meetings | News
29 Dean's Distinction Awards honor FAS contributions at Harvard
30 How lost lizards and Hurricane Irma are helping me get through coronavirus restrictions
31 Faculty and staff panels will support search for Harvard's next president
32 Danaher Appoints Jessica Mega and Pardis Sabeti to Board
33 How termite mounds get their shape
34 Professors learn to adapt and innovate with online classes
35 New faculty deans for Harvard's Leverett House
36 Q&A: Researchers investigate a plague of locusts in East Africa
37 Exploring whole-genome duplicate gene retention with complex genetic interaction analysis
38 Researchers investigate a plague of locusts in East Africa
39 An ancient push-pull pollination mechanism in cycads
40 Getting to know the lab
41 Stop Calling the Pandemic a 'Black Swan'
42 Unexpected reproductive fidelity in a polygynous frog
43 Panamanian field expeditions examine how species persevere in face of climate change
44 Orlando Patterson: Harvard made 'stunning progress' toward diversity in half-century
45 The Harvard Crimson
46 Freezing and water availability structure the evolutionary diversity of trees across the Americas
47 Faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences
48 Speed, Sweat, and Stamina: How Animals Are Adapted to Run
49 Harvard Faculty Meet Remotely on Teaching, Finances
50 OEB Professor Ortega-Hernández Discovers Ancient Arthropod Species | News
51 Study examines how developmental changes modified the reptiles' snouts
52 The Arrival of the Murder Hornet – The Yucatan Times
53 FAS staff acknowledged for their contributions – Harvard Gazette
54 Outbreaks, Evolution, and Rock 'n' Roll: Topol Talks to Pardis Sabeti
55 My host is my castle
56 How do tiny termites make such massive mounds?
57 Dispatches from socially distancing faculty and staff
58 Harvard Report Jeffrey Epstein Gifts
59 Using shark scales to design better drones, planes, and wind turbines
60 With distinction
61 Coronavirus: Nigerian lab to roll out rapid test kits, transform Africa's testing process
62 Egg unboiling machine extracts DNA from preserved museum samples
63 Upstairs into the Plague
64 Faculty news, notes, and accolades | News | Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
65 Student gives possible explanation for female mating preferences that decrease male survival chances
66 Internal Report Shows Poor Retention for Harvard Women in STEM | News
67 2019 Juanita Greer White Distinguished Lecture | Calendar
68 Elkins receives named appointment at Center for African Studies
69 All hands on deck
70 Harvard bee experts discuss the murder hornet threat
71 UMass faculty, students, local programs discuss anti-Asian bias and xenophobia during COVID-19
72 Nigerian lab joins global race to produce coronavirus vaccine
73 News
74 US: Students blast Trumps latest attack on immigrants
75 Rhodoxanthin synthase from honeysuckle; a membrane diiron enzyme catalyzes the multistep conversion of β-carotene to rhodoxanthin
76 Ongoing Dept. of Education Rulemaking Stalls Harvard Title IX Policy Revisions | News
77 Farish A. Jenkins Jr., 72 – Harvard Gazette
78 The biophysical, molecular, and anatomical landscape of pigeon CRY4: A candidate light-based quantal magnetosensor
79 A distinctive honor
80 Boyd Irven DeVore dies at 79 – Harvard Gazette
81 A mumps epidemic has a lot to teach colleges about reopening safely in the time of coronavirus
82 The toes tell the tale: New light shed on evolutionary forces that drove horses to evolve a single toe
83 Genetics Society of America honors Richard Lewontin with 2017 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal
84 Recognizing outstanding staff – Harvard Gazette
85 Comprehensive AAV capsid fitness landscape reveals a viral gene and enables machine-guided design
86 Harvard professor talks brain engineering at Ed Portal
87 'Weathering Change' brings humanities to science – Harvard Gazette
88 Hope and Despair: Communicating an Uncertain Future
89 Tobias Walther, Pardis Sabeti named Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators
90 CCMI appoints director of research
91 National Academy of Medicine elects 100 new members
92 At Home with Harvard: The Secret Lives of Animals
93 Citizen scientists' data can be just as good as the professionals' | EcoTone: News and Views on Ecological Science
94 Hilltown Voices: Forums and film festival put spotlight on environment
95 Tackling international problems
96 Return of the 'Ologies: Natural History Makes a Comeback on Campus
97 Harvard Researchers Examine Mumps Outbreak with New Genomic Data | News
98 Harvard research explores impact of coral restoration
99 Philistines, Biblical Enemies of the Israelites, Were European, DNA Reveals
100 Ongoing Story of Random Seeds Packets, Calling Authorities Still Advised