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Result Content Idea Research
1 Grant will allow UGA researchers to study beef digestive issue
2 Israeli researchers develop new drug carrier to fight melanoma
3 Machine Learning Could Improve Cardiovascular Disease Screening
4 Faculty Welcome New Appointments for Academic Year
5 Home | Dept. Physio-Pharma
6 Movers & Shakers, Sept. 4 | BioSpace
7 Investigational New Therapy Prevents Onset of Dravet Syndrome Symptoms in Mice
8 Faculty, Residents, Students, Staff Get Awards of Excellence
9 Yumei Feng Earley | Molecular Biosciences Graduate Programs Faculty
10 UAB Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology ranks fourth in nation for NIH funding
11 MCI finalizes 3 months compulsory District Residency Programme for MD,MS doctors, Details
12 Technique for delivering local anesthetic on lower first and second molars
13 Misfiring brain cells may cause swallowing woes in children with developmental disorders
14 Graduate Program Handbook | Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
15 Dunham Lectures
16 Opinion: Use science to stop sexual harassment in higher education
17 Graduate Programs | Department of Biology
18 Undergraduate Research Opportunities | Department of Biology
19 Research Projects | Undergraduate Research Opportunities | Department of Biology
20 Postdoc Positions in Neurodegenerative Diseases
21 CFI invests $9.3M in McGill research | Newsroom
22 In Memoriam: Ian Fraser, 91, was university's VP for academic affairs, research
23 Long-term exercise impacts genes involved in metabolic health
24 Long-term endurance training alters the activity of genes involved in metabolic health
25 Using supercomputers to screen drugs for deadly heart arrhythmias
26 New opportunity for cancer drug development
27 Gaiters do no harm: WVU toxicologists find coverings help contain the spread of exhaled droplets
28 Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Could Be Repurposed To Treat COVID-19 Patients
29 Nancy Kanagy, PhD
30 Long Term Exercise Impacts Genes Involved With Metabolic Health
31 2020 Spirit of Community winners include School of Medicine faculty's Dr. Jennell White
32 Cognitive impairment after intensive care linked to long-lasting inflammation
33 Faculty Highlights: Recent Grants and Awards | Now
34 UT researchers explore the possibilities of spexin
35 Researcher receives Outstanding Investigator Award for groundbreaking microvascular and circulation research
36 Oblique Therapeutics AB has Identified a Potentially Important Epitope for Generation of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
37 Amir Askari (1930-2020)
38 Mature Human Cells Produced in Millions in Mouse Embryo
39 Abel named chair and DEO of Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
40 Women Pioneers in Cannabinoid Science
41 Neuroscience Research Day Hosts 67 Presentations
42 Rheumatoid arthritis drug shows promise against COVID-19, study finds
43 Frizzled receptors could be the target of new cancer therapeutics
44 Provost Announces Academic Professional Track Teaching Awards
45 First woman chair of Nobel committee to speak Jan. 13
46 Cell and Molecular Biology | Molecular Biosciences Graduate Programs
47 UC Davis Researchers Use Computational Pipeline to Develop Cardiotoxicity Tests
48 Research | Department of Biology
49 Graduate Program Handbook | Cell and Molecular Biology
50 Tel Aviv university scientists develop novel nano-vaccine for melanoma
51 Bifunctional nanobodies protect against botulinum neurotoxins including Botox
52 Graduate Program Handbook | Biochemistry Ph.D. and M.S.
53 Exercised cytokines promote endurance
54 Human interleukin-4–treated regulatory macrophages promote epithelial wound healing and reduce colitis in a mouse model
55 New Italian Exchange Program Encourages Scientific Collaboration and Understanding
56 Nanovaccine shows promise for melanoma
57 Computer model predicts how drugs affect heart rhythm
58 New drug combos may prevent resistance to melanoma treatments
59 Veterinary pharmacology expert joins faculty of TTU School of Veterinary Medicine
60 WVU toxicologist wins NIH grant to study impact of air pollution on lung tissue regeneration
61 New study discovers inflammatory molecules controlling capillary loss
62 Using new genomic technology, UCI researchers discover breast cancer cells shift their metabolic strategy in order to metastasize
63 Sticky situation inside blood vessels can worsen stroke damage
64 Dominic D'Agostino, PHD | Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
65 Dr. Hinrichs Named Chair Clinical Studies at New Bolton
66 Master of Science in Biology | Department of Biology
67 Dr. Philip D. Kiser Receives 2020 Pisart Award for Outstanding Achievements in Vision Science
68 Graduate Student resources | Graduate | Department of Biology
69 Polarization and depolarization: EMS cellular action theory instruction
70 Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Prominent African-American Life Science Leaders
71 Study reveals how different mosquitoes respond to light and ti
72 Sleep and sleepiness 'a huge problem' for people with spinal cord injury
73 Biology Student Resources | Undergraduate | Department of Biology
74 Undergraduate | Department of Biology
75 New reporter mouse strain offers powerful genetic tool to identify P2X2-expressing cells
76 Bost Announces SIU Research Grant
77 Ted Abel elected to the National Academy of Medicine | Carver College of Medicine
78 Emeritus Faculty | Department of Biology
79 New research reveals environmental pollutant in drinking water is more dangerous than previously understood
80 Dr. Susan Edwards to serve as Wright State University president
81 L-type Ca2+ channel–mediated Ca2+ influx adjusts neuronal mitochondrial function to physiological and pathophysiological conditions
82 Jane Goodall and White Coat Waste are wrong about nicotine addiction research
83 Exercise Science Program Expands
84 7 University of Washington researchers elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences in 2020
85 Locus coeruleus norepinephrine activity mediates sensory-evoked awakenings from sleep
86 David J. Ramsay, a transformative figure during his 16-year presidency at University of Maryland, Baltimore, dies
87 Research Application | Undergraduate Research Opportunities | Department of Biology
88 Moulik wins award for teaching excellence | HWCOM News
89 New study tests potential treatment to combat Gulf War illness
90 Data Science: Next Generation Committee to advance computing at Vanderbilt
91 Is your stress changing my brain?
92 Pickled capers activate proteins important for human brain and heart health
93 New cell discovered that can heal hearts: Fundamental scientific discovery could lead to new ways to repair damaged hearts
94 LSU Health study suggests nicotine exposure alone leads to pulmonary hypertension
95 Antiarrhythmic drug identified as potential treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension
96 UC names chief of new medical school department
97 Exercise Training and Fasting: Current Insights | OAJSM
98 Newborn baby hiccups linked to brain growth
99 Jeffrey G. Baguley | Faculty | Department of Biology
100 Local Ca2+ signals couple activation of TRPV1 and ANO1 sensory ion channels