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1 Justice Department still fighting to intervene in defamation case brought by Trump’s rape accuser
2 Justice Department appeals order it cannot rep. Trump in E. Jean Carroll case
3 Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board
4 Trump Pardons Michael Flynn
5 Justice Dept. meets Trump, Giuliani vote-fraud claims with silent skepticism
6 Trump's Defense Department purge threatens our security
7 The interior secretary shared a video hailing Trump’s ‘historic feats.’ Critics called it ‘propaganda.’
8 Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20
9 Tracking the Trump Administration's “Midnight Regulations”
10 Donald Trump Is Purging the Defense Department to Elevate His Most Fervent Supporters
11 Military’s Role in Vaccine to Be Strictly Behind the Scenes
12 Will Bill Barr Place His Thumb on the Scale to Tip the Election to Trump?
13 Barr clears Justice Dept. to investigate alleged voting irregularities as Trump makes unfounded fraud claims
14 President Trump gives Thanksgiving address to troops, reiterates election grievances
15 Trump Administration Abruptly Ousts Leading Experts From Top Pentagon Advisory Group
16 DOJ says Dems are out of time to force testimony on alleged obstruction by Trump
17 US Department of Education Delivers on Trump Administrations STEM Strategy with Historic Investment
18 Trump officials hold first ‘Operation Warp Speed’ briefing for Biden
19 Justice Dept. appeals ruling barring it from Trump defamation case
20 Biden signals sharp shift from Trump with Cabinet picks
21 A Trump-boosting sheriff earned White House visits. Now she’s charged with theft.
22 Why Trump's immigration legacy could take time to undo
23 Trump's outcasts in the civil and foreign service may get a second chance under Biden
24 Trump administration renews push to confirm Wolf amid concerns over legitimacy and agency purge
25 DOJ appeals ruling preventing it from replacing Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit | TheHill
26 As Trump's term ends, 40 percent of top DoD jobs lack confirmed officials
27 Top DHS official ratchets up rebukes of Trump's false election claims
28 Trump invites Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers to White House after calling in to baseless voter fraud event
29 Rebuilding from the ashes, Trump's heritage on immigration and asylum policy
30 DHS breaks from Trump, calls 2020 election 'most secure' in history
31 Citing conspiracy theories, Michigan GOP electors ask court to name Trump winner
32 Biden Faces Early Test With Immigration and Homeland Security After Trump
33 How Could a Delayed Trump-Biden Transition Disrupt the Education Department?
34 Transition Highlights: Trump Authorizes Administration to Begin Working With Biden on Transition
35 Trump supporter hired for Commerce Department post, to push hardline China policies until January: sources
36 State Department is preventing Biden from accessing messages from foreign leaders
37 In the Trump Campaign, Government Agencies and Officials Have Often Provided Help
38 Hiltzik: Trump steps up his malevolence in his final days
39 Prosecuting Trump Is the Only Way to Heal the Nation
40 'Anonymous' Trump administration critic identifies himself
41 Trump Fires Top Cybersecurity Official for Contradicting His Claims the Election was Rigged
42 Fighting Election Results, Trump Employs a New Weapon: The Government
43 Trump Has Slashed Jobs At Nearly Every Federal Agency; Biden Promises a Reversal
44 New report details Trump effort to seize thousands of acres of private land for border wall
45 Trump DOJ appointees stalled investigation into Zinke: report | TheHill
46 Trump's latest order spreads fear among government scientists
47 Justice Dept.: Armed Agents Are Allowed to Oversee Ballot-Counting Venues
48 Loyalty Above All: The “Shallow State” of the Trump Administration
49 Zapata v. Trump border wall lawsuit continues
50 Trump dramatically changed the presidency. Here's a list of the 20 most important norms he broke — and how Biden can restore them
51 Biden taps longtime diplomat jettisoned under Trump as US ambassador to the UN
52 Congress Pays $850,000 to Muslim Aides Targeted in Inquiry Stoked by Trump
53 President Donald J. Trump Approves Florida Emergency Declaration
54 Trump Administration Works with State of California to Advance Next Steps For Cleanup At ETEC
55 Trump fires director of Homeland Security agency who had rejected President's election conspiracy theories
56 Trump agency tasked with transition process has yet to recognize Biden's victory
57 How Biden and Harris can overturn Trump's misogynistic agenda
58 DHS is swatting down voter fraud claims Trump’s team is pushing
59 Former DHS official says he wrote 'Anonymous' Trump critique
60 Trump to put climate change denier in charge of key U.S. report
61 Two top Homeland Security officials forced to resign by White House
62 Trump Lawsuits Dismissed In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan
63 How Emily Murphy Stands Between Biden's Team and Transition
64 Trump tests limits as Cabinet members fan out to key states
65 Trump’s crackdown on training about white privilege draws broad opposition
66 2020 election: Mike Pompeo’s Twitter account is trolling Trump’s behavior
67 Trump Team Deploys Cabinet Members as Campaign Surrogates
68 Trump bars investments by US persons in Communist Chinese military companies
69 PHOTOS: Trump Supporters Rally In Washington To Oppose 2020 Election Results
70 Four ways Trump has meddled in pandemic science
71 The President Is Purging the Security Services While Rejecting the Results of an Election He Lost
72 'The Department of Trump': Biden bashes Trump, Barr for DOJ interference
73 Trump Administration Proposes Eliminating H-1B Visa Lottery
74 Long at odds with Trump, Defense Secretary Esper has prepared a resignation letter, officials say
75 Agencies, Contractors Suspend Diversity Training To Avoid Violating Trump Order
76 Trump Administration Finalizes Transparency Rule For Health Insurers
77 The Right Way to Investigate Trump Once He Leaves Office
78 Celebrity Vetting and ‘Helping the President’ to Defeat Coronavirus Despair
79 Editorial: Trump's Pentagon purge threatens US security
80 The State Department wouldn’t reveal its payments to Mar-a-Lago. Here’s how we found them.
81 Trump’s pandemic agenda shoved government scientists aside. They’re attempting an 11th-hour comeback.
82 How The Justice Department Has Changed Under Trump's Presidency
83 OPINION EXCHANGE | Trump has defaced the Department of Justice
84 UPDATE: BPD identifies most BLM, Trump supporters from Sunday confrontation; investigation ongoing
85 Coronavirus roundup: Stanford faculty lock horns over Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas
86 DOJ Moves To Take Over Trump Defense In Defamation Suit
87 William Barr Turns DOJ Into Donald Trump's Law Firm
88 Barr’s Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump
89 Does the justice department work for the Trump campaign now? Barr thinks so
90 How William Barr Is Weaponizing the Justice Department to Help Trump Win
91 Trump Takes Up Call for Barr to ‘Clean House’ at Justice Dept.
92 Would A Biden Justice Department Prosecute Trump? It's Complicated
93 Attorney General William Barr Is Willing to Destroy the Rule of Law for the Trump Administration
94 The Trump Administration Is Committed to Combating Human Trafficking and Protecting The Innocent
95 The DOJ's Move to Take Over Trump's Lawsuit May Be Legal. But Is It Appropriate?
96 Judge Bars DOJ From Representing Trump in Defamation Suit
97 Trump Pushed False Claims of Voter Fraud as Justice Dept. Moved to Investigate Matter
98 Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats and criticizes Barr
99 President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who's using whom?
100 Barr can make the Justice Department help Trump in election disputes. Here’s how.