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1 Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine Open Call for 2021 Harrington-MSTP Scholar Award
2 World’s first: Drug guides stem cells to desired location, improving their ability to heal
3 Jerold Chun among world’s most highly cited researchers
4 Life's Origin — A “Mystery” Made Accessible
5 Funny and Thoughtful Intelligent Design-Themed T-shirts? We've Got Them!
6 The Discovery of Hepatitis C — The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
7 New pathway in development of Alzheimer’s disease discovered, providing earlier target for potential therapeutics
8 The Solution to Fake News about Intelligent Design
9 Flies in space: La Jolla researchers seek to unlock keys to cardiac changes using insects in microgravity
10 Intelligent Design Mugs? We've Got Them
11 New Drug Discovery Institute Launches at University of Houston
12 New fossil seal species rewrites history
13 Fruit flies reveal new insights into space travel’s effect on the heart
14 Drug Directs Stem Cells to Damaged Tissue To Improve Treatment Efficacy
15 Sanford Burnham Prebys scientists elected as AAAS Fellows
16 10 awesome science discoveries you may have missed in 2020
17 Today: Debut of New “Long Story” on Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance, with Live Chat
18 Postdoctoral Associate (Tumor Initiation and Maintenance) Adams Lab |
19 Bridge Medicines Announces Additional Funding of $10 Million from Inside Investors
20 Look: On Thanksgiving, Be Grateful for the Intelligent Design of Your Eyes
21 Discovery of New Seal Species Rewrites Evolutionary History
22 2020 AAAS Fellows approved by the AAAS Council
23 Preview: James Tour Asks Brian Miller About Ice, Entropy, and the Origin of Life
24 Preview: James Tour, Brian Miller on the Origin of “Data Risk Management” in DNA
25 From Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking in Three Catastrophic Steps
26 Makeover craze threatens last surviving treasures hidden beneath the wallpaper
27 'America Lost': New Documentary Explores Story of 3 Forgotten US Cities and Deeper Human Crisis
28 Harrington Discovery Institute Announces Award Recipients in New UK Rare Disease Program
29 Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals to Aid in Global Fight Against Coronavirus Pandemic
30 Mother's touch lingers in her child's genes
31 Personalized drug screens could guide treatment for children with brain cancer
32 New plant-based gel to fast-track 'mini-organs' growth, improve cancer treatment
33 Medical history from the year you were born
34 Moderna Vaccine Around 95% Effective Shows Promise For End Of COVID-19 Pandemic
35 New pathway in Alzheimer's disease provides earlier target for potential therapies
36 Discovery Institute Announces New Fellow Tom Shakely Joining its Center on Human Exceptionalism
37 Decoding diabetes: Sanford Burnham Prebys lecture discusses advancements for treatment
38 Star Trek: TOS' Daystrom Institute Created Discovery's New Computer
39 ProSearch Celebrates the Electronic Discovery Institute's 10th Anniversary of the EDI Leadership Summit
40 Legend Biotech Announces Phase 1b/2 Study Data of Cilta-cel, an Investigational BCMA CAR-T, Showing Early, Deep, and Durable Responses in Heavily Pretreated Patients with Multiple Myeloma
41 Insights: How Your Diet Really Affects Your Body
42 Kinder Institute of Life Planning Awards 500 Registered Life Planner® Designations Globally
43 A Hot Seller from Discovery Institute Press, New Book Offers Intelligent Design “In a Nutshell”
44 Evox Therapeutics announces launch of strategic collaboration with the University of Oxford
45 Harrington Discovery Institute Announces Award Recipients in its COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative
46 Storybook hike comes to East County reserve
47 The 78: Cash-strapped Illinois has down payment tech center
48 Fruit fly study reveals the effects of microgravity on the heart
49 Coronaviruses closely related to the pandemic virus discovered in Japan and Cambodia
50 Genesis Therapeutics Secures $52M Series A to Further Accelerate AI Innovation and to Launch Drug Discovery & Development Pipeline
51 UTSA surpasses $100 million in total research expenditures | UTSA Today
52 tech center Discovery Partners Institute gets $23.5 million
53 U. of I. tech center in Chicago gets state agency’s go-ahead
54 Treating cancers starts small: More than 100 Purdue scientists study cancer on the cellular level
55 Discovery of plant amyloids could help create varieties with improved seed quality
56 The Biology of Aging: Unravelling the Secrets
57 Researchers discover new particle in the blood of septic patients
58 Did Google's DeepMind Just Revolutionize Medicine?
59 Researchers validate theory that neutrinos shape the universe
60 A Mother’s Touch Lingers in Her Child’s DNA
61 Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) and Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity
62 Unguided Origin of Life: “Completely Impossible but Must Have Happened”
63 Chronic Disease Stakeholders Join SOLVE ME in Push for Federally Funded Research into Long COVID
64 Harrington Discovery Institute names award recipients in its Covid-19 initiative
65 Protein molecules in cells function as miniature antennas
66 “Darwin's Finches”: Galápagos Islands as an Evolutionary Model
67 Light magnitude 4.2 earthquake 18 km southwest of La Troncal, Ecuador
68 Harrington Discovery Institute And Morgan Stanley GIFT Cures Announce Campaign To Fund Cures For COVID-19
69 The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and Harrington Discovery Institute to Support Promising Research with Potential to Delay Onset or Slow Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
70 Pre-existing coronavirus antibodies could help protect children against new pandemic strain
71 Let's go save some lives! | ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact
72 Harrington Discovery Institute Issues Transatlantic Call for Proposals to Treat Coronavirus and its Clinical Impact
73 Decades of NIH research help lead to first FDA-approved treatment for progeria
74 Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) and Harrington Discovery Institute Partnership Helps Move Promising Alzheimer's Research from Bench toward Bedside
75 Social Justice, Environmental Projects Highlight Engineering Expo
76 Ocean Discovery Institute receives grant from the San Diego Foundation COVID-19 Fund
77 Could a Nasal Spray Prevent Coronavirus Transmission?
78 Sanford Burnham Prebys awarded $4.5 million NIH grant for mental illness therapeutics
79 Whale Evolution — Believe It or Not? Register by Thursday for Webinar with Sternberg and Wells!
80 Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute doctor advocates Yes on Prop 14
81 Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture launches provocative new YouTube series titled "Science Uprising"
82 Spacefaring flies shed light on heart defect caused by microgravity
83 New approach to solid-state battery design – pv magazine International
84 Magnetic vortices come full circle
85 Harrington Discovery Institute at UH announces 2020 Scholar-Innovators
86 Drug Reverses Age-Related Mental Decline Within Days
87 Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration to Advance Progress for Smoldering Multiple Myeloma Patients
88 Politicized Science Can Be Deadly; Time to Restore Integrity
89 Discovery Institute: A Wikipedia Horror Story as the People's Encyclopedia Begins Erasing People it Doesn't Like
90 Purdue trustees ratify faculty positions, approve new degree program, award posthumous degree
91 Stephen Meyer Gets a Suitably Impressive New Website
92 Sanford Burnham Prebys receives CIRM award for COVID-19 research
93 Rapper MC Hammer Embraces Intelligent Design
94 Fourth iteration of COVID-19 treatment trial underway | National Institutes of Health
95 Joe Biden administration likely to overturn controversial Donald Trump diversity training executive order
96 Discovery Institute Fellow to Release New Documentary on American Poverty
97 BioInnovation Institute takes in new cohort of promising early-stage innovations
98 Optimism in a Dark Time: Meyer, Lennox, and the “God Hypothesis”
99 I-Mab Appoints Leading Immunology and Hematology Experts to Its Scientific Advisory Board
100 Finally! Discovery Institute Press Books in Audio Versions