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1 Tips for a safe Halloween from pediatric infectious disease specialists
2 WSU Division of Infectious Diseases presents COVID-19 symposium Sept. 12.
3 ID experts take 'sobering' look back at 6 months of COVID-19 pandemic
4 Does COVID-19 endanger the fight against Ebola?
5 Injection drug-related infections vary based on types of drugs used
6 Hospital workers catching COVID at lower rate than public
7 UC Berkeley School of Public Health Researchers Awarded $7.78 Million for New Arboviral Disease Center
8 Low-cost, frequent COVID-19 screening of asymptomatic people could decrease infections, deaths and be cost-effective
9 Case Western Reserve University researchers to examine how COVID-19 ravaged America's nursing homes
10 The US Passes A Grim Death Toll, And An About-Face At The CDC
11 Battle rages inside US hospitals over how Covid-19 strikes and kills
12 Wear a mask in your home: When and why you should do it
13 IDSA partners with CDC to create COVID-19 website for clinicians
14 How to Tell the Flu from COVID-19
15 Americans are starting to feel more comfortable eating at restaurants, but experts say to proceed with caution
16 How a shutdown could be different if Covid-19 surged in New York again
17 Can wearing a face mask help 'generate immunity' from COVID-19?
18 Combatting COVID-19 Misinformation | AJMC
19 Here’s How the Pandemic Finally Ends
20 Holiday trips Is it safe to travel, or is this the year to skip a family get-together?
21 Infectious disease expert: Superbug threat is growing during the COVID-19 pandemic
22 Scientists discover genetic and immunologic underpinnings of some cases of severe COVID-19
23 Local infectious disease expert says there is no need to wipe down groceries
24 COVID precautions to curtail Thanksgiving gatherings
25 $2.3 million grant to help CWRU researchers study the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes
26 1 in 5 COVID-19 Cases Are Asymptomatic but Can Spread the Disease
27 Patients Requiring Mechanical Ventilation Much More Likely to Die From COVID-19
28 Genomic analysis reveals insights on virulent, emerging foodborne pathogen
29 Emory receives $3.17 million from the NIH to strengthen career development in women's health research
30 Thomas Russo: Faculty Expert on Infectious Disease, Coronavirus, COVID-19
31 Famous public health expert Dr. Michael Osterholm will give a Luther College lecture in October
32 We've hit 200000 COVID-19 deaths in 6 months. What will the next 6 months look like?
33 America could be heading for an 'apocalyptic fall,' experts warn
34 Post-COVID syndrome: Mayo Clinic studying symptoms affecting some long after infection
35 Deadlier than Covid-19: Consider Disease X as a serious threat, say experts
36 Versatope Awarded Grant for a Novel C. diff Vaccine
37 Multicenter Prevalence Study Comparing Molecular and Toxin Assays for Clostridioides difficile Surveillance, Switzerland
38 Learning about the spread of COVID-19 on college campuses
39 Tracking Michigan emergency room visits with COVID-19 symptoms
40 Should front-line medical workers get the coronavirus vaccine first? Not necessarily
41 CDC stumbles again, mistakenly posts 'draft' guidance about airborne Covid-19 spread
42 Physician in the UAB Division of Infectious Disease tests positive for COVID-19
43 Crucial Variable
44 UM Begins Second COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial: SF STAT!
45 Most Americans unaware of major fungal diseases, survey finds
46 Infection causes more than a quarter of deaths among survivors of intracerebral hemorrhage
47 Coronavirus in Michigan: Here’s what to know Sept. 26, 2020
48 Viral claim that only 6% of COVID-19 deaths were caused by the virus is flat-out wrong
49 Emory Infectious Disease Professor Sees More Danger Ahead
50 A tale of two signs: Iconic San Angelo venue remains closed amid COVID-19 restrictions
51 Back to School Q&A With Infectious Diseases Doctors
52 COVID-19 Testing at Transit Hub Finds Ongoing High Transmission in Latinx Essential Workers
53 A Real Vaccine Before the Election? It’d Take a Miracle.
54 Statins Reduce COVID-19 Severity, Likely by Removing Cholesterol That Virus Uses to Infect
55 FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Group of Rare Blood Disorders in Nearly 14 Years
56 Man Fung Yuen, MD, PhD: The Future of Hepatitis B Treatment
57 Pandemic-related declines in testing, 'sexual distancing' cause dip in reported STDs
58 US counties with highest COVID-19 burden have few, no ID physicians
59 HIV gains lag for Black, Hispanic and young MSM in US
60 Hawaii's Health Department Has Gotten Millions In COVID-19 Grants. Where Is It Going?
61 County mulls creating infectious disease division manager’s job
62 As coronavirus spreads, infectious disease doctors suggest travel history be made 5th vital sign
63 COVID-19 and HIV: Was It a Deadly Mix?
64 4th virus vaccine enters final trials
65 Dialysis Patient Plasma Estimates SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence Is 8% in the US
66 Pac-12 Football Season to Kick off in November
67 Infectious Disease Doctor: What Does (And Doesn't) Scare Me About The Coronavirus
68 Push to end HIV epidemic in US complicated by 'brain drain'
69 Boston’s infectious disease specialists’ message to the public: Don’t be cavalier about the coronavirus
70 COVID-19 Virtual Grand Rounds
71 How Has COVID-19 Changed Infectious Disease Care?
72 Philips named co-director of infectious diseases division
73 Burden of HIV in the USA and Associated Symptoms
74 Infectious Disease Doctors Warn Against Re-Opening Too Quickly
75 COVID-19: Update on the Current Situation with Michael Ison, MD, MS
76 Hard Truths From Infectious Disease Specialists
77 ID consult lowers risk for death from bloodstream infection by fourfold
78 How Effective is Telemedicine for Infectious Disease Consultations?
79 UAB Infectious Disease Doctor: Herd immunity through natural infection would be “reckless”
80 How a glitchy computer system skewed Texas’ coronavirus data and hampered its pandemic response
81 ‘COVID-19 Update Through a Public Health Lens’ featuring Dr. William Schaffner April 10
82 Infectious diseases expert on the current state of the novel coronavirus
83 Ask The Doctors: Coronavirus Reopening Questions | Radio Boston
84 Seeking Answers: Clinician-Scientists Respond to COVID-19
85 Physicians address 'increasing concern' about effects of COVID-19 among PLWH
86 Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Consortium awards announced | National Institutes of Health
87 UAB Division of Infectious Diseases taps new leadership
88 Pandemic 101: What an infectious disease expert wants you to know about COVID-19
89 Oral antibiotic regimen for PWID with invasive infections reduces readmission rates
90 VUMC Infectious Disease Expert says effectiveness of plasma to fight COVID-19 uncertain
91 Genomic sequencing reveals MRSA spread within, between ICUs
92 How unsafe would voting in-person this fall be? UVA infectious disease expert weighs in
93 From haircuts to yard parties, here's how infectious disease experts are running errands and socializing safely
94 MAC returns with 6-game football season starting Nov. 4
95 'We simply are not there': US needs to control COVID-19 before resuming college sports
96 As Newbury Park pastor fights injunction for COVID-19 violations, science takes stage
97 MUSC infectious disease expert leads talk on children returning to school
98 Infectious Diseases doctor and researcher Colleen Kelley joining Decaturish Twitch Show – Decaturish – Locally sourced news
99 Stony Brook Medicine's Experts Sharing Their Expertise on COVID-19
100 100 Years of Stopping Contagion with Science