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Result Content Idea Research
1 Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance appeals for Shoah victims' names
2 Hitler's birthplace shows that confronting dark past can take decades
3 Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Shoah Wall of Names Memorial in Ostarrichi Park in Vienna
4 Hitler's birthplace shows Austria still struggling to confront dark past
5 Austria struggles to come to grips with Nazi past
6 Austria is turning Hitler's birthplace into a police station to stop neo-Nazis from using it
7 The truth about Hans Asperger's Nazi collusion
8 Trump rehashes unsubstantiated voter fraud charges
9 Is there a growing far-right threat online?
10 Defamation case brought by ten Holocaust survivors shines light on Austria's far-right magazines
11 Austria’s far-right rocked by tensions after electoral drubbing
12 Otto Frank and Famous Holocaust Survivors Who Shared Their Stories of Resilience
13 Brisbane Holocaust museum opens sharing stories of bravery, kindness | The
14 Austrian far-right chief, TV anchor settle lawsuit over fake news jibe
15 India to join UK-led virtual Global Vaccine Summit
16 Neo-Nazis and Nuns: Photos of Europe's 'Largest Fascist Rally'
17 Austrian cabinet backs taking Hitler house into state ownership
18 How Contemporary Art Can Help Create a Culture of Remembrance
19 Nazis killed hundreds at Austrian mental hospital
20 Austrian far-right party pledges to clean up pro-Nazi image
21 From Haider to Strache
22 Neal Ascherson · Warrior Librarians: Cultural Pillaging · LRB 2 July 2020
23 Ex-Austrian frat boys get ready to govern
24 Factbox: Key figures in Austria's new coalition government
25 Katharina Lex – researching palliative care for people with Parkinson's disease
26 Fact sheet
27 Moving towards a multisectoral approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance
28 World No Tobacco Day 2020 awards: recognizing the tobacco control champions
29 Councillors resign over film with Nazi symbols
30 Alcohol does not protect against COVID-19; access should be restricted during lockdown
31 Health System Response Monitor: new tool to analyse COVID-19 response measures across European countries launched
32 WHO report on health behaviours of 11–15-year-olds in Europe reveals more adolescents are reporting mental health concerns
33 Vienna: past and present
34 Supporting Tajikistan in tackling the misuse of antibiotics
35 The rise and rise of interpersonal violence – an unintended impact of the COVID-19 response on families
36 WHO joins forces with 17 central European countries to step up tailored COVID-19 response
37 WHO/Europe COVID-19 mission arrives in Tajikistan: International experts to support country's response to the pandemic
38 2019–2020 influenza season: repurposing surveillance systems for COVID-19
39 Protecting nature protects health – lessons for the future from COVID-19
40 Nadiya Labanda: coordinating nurses in Ukraine's COVID-19 epicentre
41 Stories of hope as refugees help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic
42 COVID-19 exposes the critical importance of patient rehabilitation
43 Expert networks scale up COVID-19 testing, tracing and treating in Tajikistan
44 WHO/Europe joins UNICEF and ILO to launch a new policy paper on social protection in Europe and central Asia
45 Delivering NCD services in a time of COVID-19 – stories from the field
46 Nurse Viorica Purice calls for solidarity in the fight against COVID-19
47 Why Does the Catholic Church Organize Europe's Largest Nazi Rally?
48 WHO launches checklist to support prison administrators and policy-makers for rapid and effective response to COVID-19
49 Innovation at the core of COVID-19 response: If refugees can't reach health services, health services will come to them
50 Supporting Serbia to strengthen health systems and improve health
51 COVID-19 hotline in Romania provides up-to-date public advice with WHO support
52 Austrian museum uncovers Nazi loot
53 Tokmok Territorial Hospital, Kyrgyzstan – showing the way to reducing antibiotic use in surgery
54 Increase in 'bird flu' outbreaks – WHO/Europe advice for handling dead or sick birds
55 Bleiburg: Far-right Croats to mourn WWII dead in Austria
56 Progress towards gender equality under threat, world leaders warn as General Assembly marks twenty-fifth anniversary of landmark women's rights conference
57 Experience of health professionals, police staff and prisoners in Italy informs WHO COVID-19 guidelines for prisons
58 The place of Europe in the new plant breeding landscape: evolution of field trials
59 International Children's Day: new WHO report tells the stories of child trauma
60 Croatia’s contested commemoration
61 Refugee nurse Ahmed Ahmed: working together to prevent COVID-19 infections in Turkey
62 COVID-19: WHO coordinates large-scale response operation in Tajikistan
63 WHO expert mission to Belarus recommends physical distancing measures as COVID-19 virus transmits in the community
64 Kateryna Balabanova advocates for the rights of nurses in Ukraine
65 “Nurses are the heart of our health-care system”: Shoshy Goldberg, Government Chief Nursing Officer, Israel
66 Best practices for infection prevention and control, with a spotlight on COVID-19: countries share experiences
67 Novel coronavirus outbreak in China – What does it mean for Europe?
68 New WHO tools launched to help hospitals manage surge in COVID-19 patients
69 EU deliver critical supplies to COVID-19 frontline
70 Has the European Region embraced the One Health approach in the fight against antimicrobial resistance?
71 Towards united action for better health: new WHO Regional Director for Europe takes up office
72 WHO checklist to ensure hospitals in European Region are ready for COVID-19 patients
73 Renate de Bie – a Dutch midwife shares her experiences of safe and peaceful home births
74 Joint WHO and ECDC mission in Italy to support COVID-19 control and prevention efforts
75 Prevention and control of NCDs at core of COVID-19 response
76 Austria Debating a Ban on Controversial Commemoration at Bleiburg
77 Austria marks Anschluß anniversary
78 WHO/Europe hosts coronavirus briefing for ambassadors
79 World Food Safety Day: Unsafe food continues to affect millions in Europe during COVID-19 pandemic
80 WHO and the Russian Federation strengthen collaboration to address HIV drug resistance
81 New WHO/Europe guidance shows more can be done to protect people in need of long-term care during the COVID-19 pandemic
82 Embracing cultural diversity unlocks key resources for more inclusive health systems
83 WHO rapid response team concludes mission to Italy for COVID-19 response
84 WHO/Europe publishes considerations for gradual easing of COVID-19 measures
85 COVID-19 tracker: Regeneron's antibody cocktail hit by safety concerns; Novo's Rybelsus emerging from pandemic slump
86 New policy brief on tackling antibiotic resistance provides policy guidance using a cultural contexts approach
87 Syrian doctor Sameer: “What fills me with gratitude is the way my patients look at me”
88 Reduction in tuberculosis cases but Europe on course to miss eradication target
89 World Health Assembly adopts resolution to intensify efforts to control COVID-19 at virtual session
90 Smoking still a core challenge for child and adolescent health reveals WHO report
91 75 years ago: Nazis carry out mass murder of Sinti and Roma people in Auschwitz
92 The year ahead: key events across the WHO European Region in 2020
93 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak
94 Supporting older people during the COVID-19 pandemic is everyone's business
95 The Adaptive designs CONSORT Extension (ACE) statement: a checklist with explanation and elaboration guideline for reporting randomised trials that use an adaptive design
96 Good Governance Paper No. 13: Atrocities Prevention and Response
97 Spotlight: the merger control regime in Germany
98 COVID-19 coronavirus: How to avoid a second tragedy for those with tuberculosis | MSF
99 Human Rights Council holds panel discussion on the rights of persons with disabilities in the context of climate change
100 Nazi past lingers ambiguously in culture of Bavarian capital