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15 Gutfeld on 'Jeopardy' contestant accused of white supremacist hand signal
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18 Review: ‘New Mutants’ Is The Worst ‘X-Men’ Movie Ever
19 The Dumbest of Coups
20 'Lord of the Rings' theory redeems the story's worst character
21 The worst TV shows of 2020
22 The Most Tragic DC Villain Origins, RANKED | CBR
23 Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani: The best and worst Super Bowl commercials 2021
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26 All 61 Stephen King Books Ranked From Worst To Best | Screen Rant
27 The 25 worst superhero movies of all time, ranked from bad to unwatchable
28 Why Spider-Man is Technically Marvel's Oldest Superhero
29 HBO's QAnon documentary 'Q: Into the Storm' searches for its origins but misses its meaning
30 The True Origin of Hulk Isn't What Marvel Fans Think
31 Marsha Blackburn's Origin Story: When A Mob Invaded the State Capitol
32 10 of the Worst DC Villains of All Time
33 Wonder Woman 1984 failed Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah
34 DC: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Batman Events of All Time | CBR
35 Every Comic Book Movie of the Decade Ranked from Worst to Best
36 It Takes Two hands-on: Impeccable co-op platforming—on mute, at least
37 Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Characters
38 'Winds of Winter' release date will fix the dumbest part of 'GoT Season 8
39 The 40 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time
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41 The Karate Kid: All 5 Movies Ranked From Worst To Best
42 The 10 Worst War Movies of the Past 20 Years
43 The Joker & The 9 Most Evil Movie Villains Of All Time, Ranked
44 Report: Matt Riddle Loses First Name for the Dumbest Possible Reason
45 Grammys 2021: Best, Worst, and WTF Moments
46 Green Lantern: The 10 Worst Things That Anyone Did With A Power Ring
47 Latif Nasser, Harvard Ph.D., on the Rewards of Being Dumb
48 How do we still not know the coronavirus's origin story?
49 Poison Ivy: The 10 Worst Things The Batman Villain Has Ever Done
50 Every STAR TREK Film Ranked from Worst to Best
51 I admit it --- these are my 5 dumbest investment calls of 2020
52 The Flash: The 5 Most (& 5 Least) Realistic Storylines
53 DCE wants 'worst team ever' to have last laugh against the Blues
54 The worst TV series finales of all time
55 The Adorably Moronic Origin of the Legion's Bouncing Boy | CBR
56 ‘Disrespectful’ sledge set to blow up in NSW’s face
57 Netflix's 'History of Swear Words' isn't worth the expletives
58 Stan Lee Biography Reveals the Darker Side of a Marvel Icon
59 The 10 Worst Marvel/DC Crossovers Ever, Ranked | CBR
60 Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002): 5 Things It Got Right (& 5 It Got Wrong)
61 ‘I’ll be ducking Freddy’: Journo eats humble pie over ‘worst team’ call... but doesn’t regret it
62 The 10 Worst Movies Based On Comic Books (And 10 Best)
63 Mortal Kombat Shows Why Guns Don't Work in Mortal Kombat | CBR
64 #ComicBytes: These Marvel superheroes are simply too dumb and lame | NewsBytes
65 The Boys: The Worst Thing About Each Main Character, Ranked
66 Wrong Turn's Creator Wrote The Worst Reviewed Movie In Rotten Tomatoes History
67 James Bond movies ranked: 007's best, worst and everything in between
68 The worst stocks are doing the best
69 Batman's Worst Nightmare Has Arrived: Who is The ROBIN KING?
70 Fantastic Four's New Origin Might Break Marvel History
71 Captain America: The 5 Best Versions Of Steve Rogers (& The 5 Worst)
72 Every Netflix Christmas movie, ranked
73 Grey's Anatomy's Worst Storyline Still Haunts Us: Denny's Ghost
74 DC: The 10 Worst-Kept Secret Identities, Ranked | CBR
75 Need a superhero binge? Here's the best viewing order of all 23 Marvel movies during quarantine
76 Every Disney+ Original Ranked Worst To Best
77 15 Most Offensive Superhero (And Villain) Origins
78 The 7 worst ways people will use their stimulus checks
79 Here Are Some Of The Worst Influencer Fails From 2020
80 The Worst Comic Book Movie Ranking of All Time
81 How to write a superhero origin story
82 ‘Venom’: Marvel’s bad boy emerges in origin story that lacks bite
83 10 Worst Performing S&P 500 Stocks Of 2020
84 The 20 Worst Things About Shazam (And The 10 Best)
85 90 Day Fiancé: The Least Classy Cast Members Across The Franchise
86 Lucasfilm Calls Gina Carano Social Media Posts “Abhorrent”; Actress No Longer Employed By ‘Mandalorian’ Studio
87 The Worst Parts of ‘Justice League’ Theatrical Cut, From Superman’s CGI Mouth to That Underwater Battle
88 Looking back at the best and worst novelty rap songs
89 The Hulk: 5 Best Versions Of Bruce Banner (& The 5 Worst) | CBR
90 The U.S. has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world: 'The numbers don't lie,' Dr. Fauci says
91 Pokémon's Evil Teams, Ranked From Least To Most Villainous
92 The 10 Worst Things Sentry Has Done In Marvel Comics | CBR
93 All the Disney Plus Original Movies Ranked
94 Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Ranking The Show’s Couples, From Worst To Best
95 The 20 Dumbest DC Universe Villains, Ranked
96 Covid-19: The U.S. Has Its Own New Worrisome Variants
97 The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Re-Imaginings of Wonder Woman's Origin
98 Who Is AOC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Her Rise to Political Power
99 Jennifer Griffin Defends Reporting & “Unimpeachable” Sources After President Ordered Fox News Fire Her – Update
100 From 230% Growth To 34.20% Fall: Best And Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies Of The Week