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1 Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Include Lower Frequency Radio Waves Than Previously Detected
2 Kilbride native reaches for infinity, and beyond
3 Fast radio bursts shown to include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected
4 Time-lapse shows thirty years in the life of supernova 1987A
5 Black high school students explore STEM fields via U of T program
6 Detection of a short, intense radio burst in Milky Way
7 Planet Party: a virtual astronomy event hosted for space and non-space enthusiasts alike
8 Lessons from above: U of T astronomers help bring the heavens into homes during COVID-19
9 Radio astronomers peer deep into the stellar nursery of the Orion Nebula
10 Popular science: U of T's new astronomer-astrophysicist brings science to the people
11 What does the universe sound like? This science-art project has the answers
12 Milky Way magnetar likely source of fast radio burst – Astronomy Now
13 20 trailblazing women in astronomy and astrophysics
14 We are scientists: U of T researchers reach out to girls and women around the world
15 Astronomers observe the magnetic field of the remains of supernova 1987A
16 Fast radio burst observations deepen astronomical mystery
17 Astronomers discover sonic boom from powerful unseen explosion
18 Discovery of a fast radio burst that pulses at regular intervals
19 Thirty years in the life of supernova 1987A
20 How old are we? Debate over the age of the universe just got a bit more complicated
21 Fast Radio Burst Detected from Magnetar in Milky Way | Astronomy
22 Record-breaking galaxy 5 billion light-years away shows we live in a magnetic universe
23 Unprecedented detail in pulsar 6500 light-years from Earth: A team of astronomers has performed one of the highest resolution observations in astronomical history of a pulsar 6500 light-years away
24 Amateur astronomer helps uncover secrets of unique pulsar binary system
25 U of T astrophysicist teams up with NASA, uses sound to showcase latest galactic discovery
26 Astronomers detect magnetic field in remains of supernova 1987A – Astronomy Now
27 Source of strange signals from outer space has been identified
28 U of T researchers receive nearly $30 million in discovery research funding from NSERC
29 Where to Stargaze in Ontario: Dark Sky Areas and Observatories
30 Glimpses of the South Pole sky through U of T astronomer's lens
31 Aaand Boom Goes the Magnetar | astrobites
32 Unlocking the mystery of Fast Radio Bursts: U of T astronomers
33 U of T theoretical astrophysicist among handful of researchers honoured by US-based foundation
34 From astrophysics to literature: 29 researchers at U of T awarded Canada Research Chairs
35 Magnetars may be behind odd radio blasts in space
36 X marks the spot at the center of the Milky Way galaxy: WISE data show X-shaped star structure at center of our Galaxy
37 Look up! Check out U of T's musical exploration of the night sky and these other Nuit Blanche events
38 Science minister installs final part of CHIME telescope, one of largest astronomical research instruments in world
39 Astronomers Observe a Pulsar 6500 Light-Years From Earth and See Two Separate Flares Coming off its Surface
40 Dunlap Institute hosts stargazing event to celebrate Canada's 150
41 U of T astrophysicist Ue-Li Pen on first-ever image of a black hole and the international collaboration behind it
42 U of T astrophysicist-musician helps blind, partially sighted experience the cosmos with musical planetarium show
43 Astronomers detect another form of mysterious, repeating radio burst — it's probably not aliens
44 Astronomers use spinning stars as cosmic lighthouses to help detect gravitational waves
45 The evolutionary history of the Milky Way determined in more detail than ever
46 Plasma Lenses Amplify Pulsar Emission in Rare Binary System | Astronomy
47 As era of commercial spaceflight dawns, U of T alumna seeks to deliver health care among the stars
48 CANADA: How astronomers enrich our culture
49 Researchers from U of T and other universities detect repeating fast radio burst
50 The sound of astromusic: Matt Russo on science outreach
51 Canada's grand plan to explore the mysteries of the cosmos
52 Jan 2: Listener question show — we answer your science questions
53 U of T astronomers discover sonic boom from powerful unseen explosion
54 Life on Venus? For Sara Seager, it all began with a shortcut through U of T's campus
55 U of T scientists assist in first detection of gravitational waves caused by a collision of neutron stars
56 Record-Breaking Galaxy Find Sheds Light on Magnetic Universe
57 A time-lapse of Supernova 1987A – The Varsity
58 A Harvard Astrophysicist Says 'Oumuamua Could Be Alien
59 Canada’s space industry set for relaunch decades after its biggest achievements
60 What does it take to make an institution more diverse?
61 U of T researchers receive more than $15 million for infrastructure to study brain inflammation, genetics
62 From the Big Bang to the Milky Way: Looking back at U of T's contribution to the Planck collaboration
63 Water Vapor, Carbon Monoxide Found on Extrasolar Gas Giant | Astronomy
64 Using Hubble, Astronomers Spot Oldest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen
65 A massive stellar bulge in a regularly rotating galaxy 1.2 billion years after the Big Bang
66 Neptune-sized planet could be the exposed core of a far-away gas giant
67 Distance & Speed Of Sun’s Orbit Around Galactic Centre Measured
68 Cosmic firecrackers: The mystery of fast radio bursts
69 From UC Santa Cruz: “Powerful new AI technique detects and classifies galaxies in astronomy image data”
70 CHIME begins its cosmic search |
71 CHIME telescope Fast Radio Burst project earns spot in Nature 2019 list
72 LETTER: Astrophysics Graduate Students at TMT Partner Institutions Express Concern
73 Video captures exoplanet orbiting a star 60 light years away
74 Half a million dollars of Canon lenses capture unprecedented images of our Universe
75 Could life have started on Mars before coming to Earth? Possibly, new study suggests
76 Catch Venus's voyage across sun while you can
77 U of T PhD student in astronomy heads to 'bottom of the world' to upgrade telescope
78 New instrument extends the search for extraterrestrial intelligence t
79 Happy birthday! The Conversation Canada turns one
80 Planet Gazing Party Toronto Will Show You Jupiter And Saturn In All Their Glory
81 hot mini-Neptune in the radius valley orbiting solar analogue HD 110113
82 Harmonies of the heavens – The Varsity
83 Search for extraterrestrial intelligence expands at Lick Observatory
84 X-shaped Cluster of Stars Spotted in the Centre of Our Galaxy
85 New survey finds 'Peter Pan' radio galaxies that may never grow up
86 Astronomers Measure Magnetic Field of Far-Off Galaxy | Astronomy
87 U of T researchers receive more than $100 million in new funding
88 Galactic zoo took shape near the dawn of the universe
89 Indigenous star lore: Night skies over Turtle Island In the Indigenous legend about the constellation Orion
90 Element Essential for Life Found in Supernova Remains
91 Astronomers see source of gravitational waves for 1st time
92 Clouds of plasma let us zoom in on weird flashes from space
93 The answer is blowing in the intergalactic wind
94 Researchers Observe Magnetic Field Generated by Supernova Remnant 1987A | Astronomy
95 U of T students who crushed it in 2017
96 Warm Jupiters are not as lonely as expected – Astronomy Now
97 Astronomer Maria Drout to give lecture on the death of stars and birth of elements
98 Welcome back! Check out these September events
99 Craft beer and basketball stars: Check out these August events
100 Taking up arms |