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Result Content Idea Research
1 EESC European Economic and Social Committee : calls for enhanced social dialogue in the EU
2 The social and societal dimension of the energy transition
3 'I Am Greta' Shares the Journey of a Climate Justice Icon
4 Can an Irish official revive EU’s ‘zombie committee’?
5 Fair Taxation: Member States agree on new tax transparency rules on digital platforms
6 EU civil society body struggles for influence
7 New EESC President: 'Jobs do not fall from the sky'
8 Biden set to announce his economic team led by Janet Yellen, who face a dark winter outlook, split Congress
9 Economic Recovery: State Committee Outlines Plan for Maine's Recovery from the Pandemic
10 Latest news on the Trump-Biden transition: Live updates
11 No ‘chaos’ at the European Economic and Social Committee
12 Several Jax Council Members Criticize Proposed Social Justice Pilot Program Spending
13 Economic and social rights in times of a pandemic: Lessons and challenges in a post-COVID-19 era
14 Mills’ economic committee: Federal stimulus 'is an absolute imperative now'
15 Jared Bernstein, who grew up Ridgefield, is asked to serve on Biden economic team
16 Pope Francis: Be God's people, not God's elite
17 EESC term of office kicks off with over 40% new members
18 Parliament rejects accounts of troubled EU social committee
19 European Economic and Social Committee: Austrian Christa Schweng is New Head
20 Third Committee Approves Six Drafts on Pandemic Response, Refugees and Persons with Disabilities, amid Contentious Debate around Consensus Language
21 Li Keqiang Attends the 19th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
23 ‘Maine Won’t Wait’: Four-year climate action plan unveiled
24 MEPs deliver blow to EU body embroiled in harassment case
25 Biden Eyes Humanitarian Experts to Lead U.S. Agency for International Development
26 Biden’s Presidential Inauguration: Expect smaller crowds and more social distancing
27 Weekly schedule of President Charles Michel
28 EESC gives its input to the debate on decent minimum wages in Europe
29 Dallas creates innovation task force, Denton weighs COVID utility waivers
30 FRA joined hearing of the European Economic and Social Committee
31 The European Economic and Social Committee reveals five front-runners for its Civil Society Prize 2019
32 2018 discharge – EESC reiterates its commitment to fighting harassment and misconduct in the workplace
33 EESC proposals for post-COVID-19 recovery and reconstruction: towards a new societal model
34 Launch of the UK Economic Blueprint for Women White Paper
35 The EESC side by side with the European Commission in promoting Europe's green future
36 Statement by UN Human Rights Experts Universal access to vaccines is essential for prevention and containment of COVID-19 around the world
37 EESC asks for 2020 Employment Guidelines to be adapted in the face of Covid-19 pandemic
38 Phoenix distributes help to refugee businesses, but other immigrant groups left out • Arizona Mirror
39 S&P 500 and Nasdaq Hit Records in Broad Wall Street Rally
40 Green transport and energy can be engines of the European recovery
41 ‘Chaos’ at EU body after official refuses to resign over harassment probe
42 Christa Schweng, new President of the EESC: "The input of civil society is a must to shape Europe for the better"
43 The EU's €140M 'zombie committee' faces pressure to reform
44 Michel Barnier at the EESC plenary on Brexit: "We expect the UK to respect its engagements"
45 Economic Stewardship in Times of Crisis
46 Stefano Mallia heads employers group in European Economic and Social Committee
47 The EESC bids farewell to its British members with the promise of maintaining close ties with UK civil society
48 EESC European Economic and Social Committee : Next Generation EU recovery plan – An unprecedented exercise in solidarity
49 Professor Sandy Liebenberg: The Constitution’s Keeper
50 Here are the historic firsts in Biden's administration
51 Globalization without regulation leads to increased inequality, says #EESC
53 Governments must do more to prevent slavery and exploitation during COVID-19 pandemic
54 The Crackdown on the North Korean Market Economy: What Does It Really Mean?
55 Next Generation EU recovery plan – An unprecedented exercise in solidarity
56 Green future: Europe has to show the way and lead by example
57 Controversial mineral sands mine at Glenaladale rejected in East Gippsland Shire Council vote
58 ‘Zombie committee’ member accused of harassment to be reappointed
59 EESC reiterates its call for a stronger architecture of the European Monetary Union
60 Economic and Social Council | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases
61 The priorities of Croatia's EU presidency command our support
62 Demographic challenges: Europe should combine a plethora of labour market and social measures to stop its depopulation and growing inequalities
63 Senior Polish member at EU body faces Belgian abuse probe
64 Michel Barnier calls for a close economic and strategic partnership between the EU and the UK after Brexit
65 Gianluca Brunetti, new Secretary General of the European Economic and Social Committee
66 ECI Day 2020: activists call for "meaningful" public involvement in the Conference on the Future of Europe
67 We need an EU strategy in social and affordable housing, says EESC
68 Future EU economic governance must mark a 'turning point', not a 'return to normal'
69 'Law of silence' reigns over EESC leaders, says staff union
70 US: President Should Set a Human Rights Foreign Policy
71 Speech by Michel Barnier at the European Economic and Social Committee
72 Corporate taxes: less could be more – study says
73 Morocco Elected Member of UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
74 EU institution beset by harassment claims
75 EU body deposes senior official after ‘psychological harassment’ probe
76 COVID19: Civil society organisations call to have a hand in designing Europe's recovery plan
77 Live-in care sector needs EU policies to protect it, more than ever
78 UAE participates in preparatory meetings for 106th Arab Economic and Social Council
79 If the EESC didn't exist we would have to invent it
80 EESC ready to team up with European Commission on new pact on migration and asylum
81 Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee: I am convinced that Europe must be sustainable – or it will not be at all.
82 UN: Renew commitment to Palestinian people
83 Official in harassment probe withdraws as EU body’s presidential candidate
84 Bullying complaints hit key EU body
85 Video conference of economics and finance ministers, 1 December 2020
86 Human Rights Watch Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on Yemen
87 Time for a stronger and more sustainable Economic and Monetary Union
88 The EESC adopts more stringent Rules of Procedure and a new Code of Conduct for its members
89 EESC President meets Greek Minister for Migration and Asylum Panagiotis Mitarachi: Solidarity with Greece is not negotiable and a precondition for moving forward on the EU New Pact on Migration and Asylum
90 Plenary slams EU body embroiled in harassment case
91 Suriname seeks breathing room for debt payments
92 Calendrier du 7 septembre au 13 septembre 2020
93 Cross-border services boost growth – study says | European Economic and Social Committee
94 EESC holds its first conference on the rule of law, highlighting the importance of an all-encompassing response to breaches of rights and values in Europe
95 EU's gender equality strategy must not fail to address the damaging effects of the #COVID-19 crisis on women says #EESC
96 Meetings of Arab Economic and Social Council committee kick off at AL premises
97 Universal access to housing
98 The European Economic and Social Committee endorses calls to end passport sales
99 Protecting Economic and Social Rights During and Post-Covid-19
100 Weekly European Agenda | 07/09/2020