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1 Along the Way: Modernizing Electoral College might help America
2 Supreme Court to decide the future of the Electoral College
3 If The Supreme Court Lets The Electoral College Vote However It Wants, Will Chaos Ensue?
4 Electoral College: Why it's not democratic
5 Road to 270: CNN's debut Electoral College map for 2020
6 America's anachronistic electoral college gives Republicans an edge
7 The Electoral College won't save Trump if this keeps up
8 Del. House Bill Proposes 1 Electoral College Vote for Each County | Delaware Law Weekly
9 Excerpt from Alex Keyssar “Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College?”
10 Hamilton: The real reason we have the Electoral College
11 Biden Has The Advantage Over Trump In 2020 Battleground Map
12 Elector faithlessness is the least of the college's problems
13 New Polling Shows Trump’s Electoral College Advantage Is Slipping
14 NPR Analysis: Electoral College Map In Favor Of Joe Biden
15 The electoral map just keeps getting worse for Trump
16 Can Trump Really Lose the Election and Remain President?
17 Electoral College forces representation
18 Letters to the editor: Presidential elections
19 Electoral College strips away representation
20 Most of R.I. delegation want to abolish Electoral College
21 Mississippi could drop Jim Crow-era statewide voting process
22 Electoral College Interactive Maps: The Road to 270
23 Trump’s reelection campaign is in crisis
24 A Young American's Take on Why We Should Keep the Electoral College
25 Political seer Sabato says Pa. 'leans Democrat' in critical Electoral College fight | Friday Morning Coffee
26 Donald Trump's shrinking electoral map
27 17 States That Will Gain or Lose Electoral-College Votes After the 2020 Census
28 Forecasting the US 2020 elections
29 Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: Has the Electoral College Has Outlived Its Usefulness
30 SONDERMANN | Electoral vote end-run: still stupid | News
31 Letters to the editor: Marijuana; electric service; restaurants; presidential elections
32 Jennifer Parenti: National Popular Vote a benefit to all
33 Jerry Moore: My deep insights are going to waste!
34 Reforming the Constitution to Meet the Demands of the 21st Century
35 The Electoral College, explained
36 Trump vs Biden: US presidential election 2020 poll tracker
37 What could replace the Electoral College?
38 "Leader of a Culture War" stands on stolen Lakota land to deliver a message of hate on Independence Day
39 The Electoral College is here to stay
40 'Let The People Pick The President' Addresses Electoral College Shortcomings
41 Supreme Court expected to rule on major cases next week
42 Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College
43 The Supreme Court Is Not Going to Fix the Electoral College
44 Why the US uses the Electoral College in presidential elections
45 Majority of Americans say popular vote should replace Electoral College
46 Should Members Of The Electoral College Be Allowed To Vote Their Conscience?
47 Five Common Misconceptions About the Electoral College
48 Evan Garber: Kennedy, not Markey, is a genuine progressive
49 Why Do We Have an Electoral College Again?
50 Supreme Court to Look at Electoral College Rules
51 The Electoral College is not democratic — nor should it be | TheHill
52 It's time to abolish the Electoral College
53 Trump's Taxes, Birth Control Top Supreme Court's Closing Agenda
54 Abolish the Electoral College? Be careful what you wish for | Opinion
55 It's time to rethink the Electoral College
56 The Electoral College's Racist Origins
57 How to—Carefully—Surmount the Electoral College
58 How the Electoral College Protects and Nurtures Our Republic
59 My Turn: A proportional response to the failings of the Electoral College
60 Eliminating the Electoral College would upend presidential politics in Wisconsin
61 OK, why do we still have an Electoral College again? | Ask a civics professor
62 RICH MACKE: A nation without the Electoral College?
63 The Supreme Court, the Electoral College and the Real Vote Suppression Threat
64 Change How We Elect the President?
65 Two political handicappers say the Electoral College map now leans toward Democrats
66 Texas Is Screwed More by the Electoral College Than Any Other State, Despite Our Size
67 Harvard panel debates effectiveness of Electoral College
68 Understanding the Electoral College: Gregg L. Frazer
69 SCOTUS can't end Electoral College, but can prevent it from getting worse
70 Electoral college delegates must follow the voters | Letters to the Editor |
71 Video: The Future of the Electoral College
72 Supreme Court weighs making Electoral College even less democratic
73 Should popular vote replace electoral college? Voters solidly in favor of move
74 Fix the Electoral College — Or Scrap It
75 Will Virginia Drop the Electoral College?
76 Virginia Isn’t Trashing the Electoral College
77 The Electoral College will never make everyone happy
78 Electoral college: how Trump could lose the popular vote and win again
79 Robbins: Why the Electoral College exists and what it does
80 Grading the electoral college: C for chaos
81 Why Was the Electoral College Created?
82 This May Shock You: The Electoral College Is Essential For Our Politics
83 Bill Would Alter Electoral College Role: 5 Things to Know
84 The Electoral College, the Senate, and why Trump could win despite losing the popular vote
85 For Those Who Want A President By Popular Vote, An (Electoral) College of Hard Knocks
86 Why the Imperfect Electoral College Works for America
87 Reform the Electoral College
88 Making votes count: Other options for replacing the Electoral College
89 The Electoral College maps the political divide. Should we keep the system?
90 The reality of the Electoral College | Politics |
91 Symposium: To bind or not to bind: The state perspective on state authority over Electoral College balloting
92 Garcia: How the Electoral College is polluting COVID-19 relief
93 Why stick with Electoral College? | TX
94 The Future of the Electoral College
95 Virginia House passes bill to give electoral votes to popular vote winner
96 Electoral College Members Can Defy Voters’ Wishes, Court Rules
97 Supreme Court weighs making the Electoral College even worse in “faithless electors” cases
98 How states make the electoral college even more undemocratic
99 Robin Beres: Even Hamilton agreed the Electoral College is an excellent way to elect a president
100 What Will Happen If There’s a Tie in the Electoral College?