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1 The Electoral College, Explained
2 Oregon secretary of state joins nonprofit backing abolition of the Electoral College
3 North Dakota House to consider bill aiming to protect the Electoral College
4 The history of the Electoral College: What is it and why do we use it?
5 Sen. Bill Hagerty: Protect voters, elections – this bill will restore trust in our Electoral College process
6 Lurking in basic math, not House districts, is the best Electoral College reform
7 Opinion | The Filibuster That Saved the Electoral College
8 For a peaceful transfer of power, we can honor the popular vote while keeping Electoral College | Opinion
9 Eliminate the Electoral College
10 European Security Organization Urges Reforms for US Elections | Best Countries | US News
11 Ilhan Omar 'Worried About Democratic Backsliding,' Suggests Removing 'Racist' Electoral College
12 Calls grows for investigation into Electoral College imposters who tried to usurp Wisconsin's certification
13 Electoral necessity
14 Oregon Secretary of State to push for national popular vote
15 Hawley scores raucous applause when he brings up objection to Electoral College certification
16 Why Republicans Don’t Fear An Electoral Backlash For Opposing Really Popular Parts Of Biden’s Agenda
17 Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan joins push for national popular vote
18 Hebl wants state to cast Electoral College votes for winner of US popular vote
19 Letter to the editor: Let's solve our elections – Daily Bulldog
20 How to get rid of the Electoral College
21 What the Electoral College vote means for Trump and Biden
22 Wisconsin's Role In The Electoral College, Explained | Wisconsin Public Radio
23 How Are Electoral College Electors Chosen?
24 Electoral College Vote Officially Affirms Biden’s Victory
25 Here’s why the Electoral College exists—and how it could be reformed
26 The Democrats' Last Chance to Save Democracy
27 Speakers to discuss Electoral College
28 The Electoral College meets Monday to vote. Here’s what to expect
29 Meet the Electoral College’s Biggest Critics: Some of the Electors Themselves
30 EXPLAINER: What’s in store when the Electoral College meets
31 Two Gas Trucks Collide Near Eden Valley
32 What Is The Electoral College Safe Harbor Deadline?
33 The Electoral College: Why Do We Do It This Way? : Consider This from NPR
34 Who invented the Electoral College?
35 Riti Hegde | Remember January in 2022
36 The voting wars come to Capitol Hill: Democrats eye national elections overhaul amid GOP crackdown
37 History Of Vice Presidents Counting Electoral Votes In Congress
38 OPINION: Founding fathers wiser than we thought
39 The Electoral College Is Close. The Popular Vote Isn’t.
40 The Electoral College: How presidents are elected
41 Prosecutors: Proud Boys Gave Leader 'War Powers,' Planned Ahead For Capitol Riot
42 Why the Electoral College is here to stay -- for now
43 California's 55 Electoral Votes Secures Electoral College For Biden, Harris
44 VERIFY: Can the Electoral College be eliminated?
45 How to watch Congress count the Electoral College votes
46 Amid Pressures To Overturn Election, Electoral College Under New Scrutiny
47 Electoral College Count In Congress Halted By Violent Protests : Capitol Insurrection Updates
48 Book Review: ‘Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency’
49 Brattleboro student wins Bernie Sanders' statewide essay contest
50 Does the Electoral College need to be reformed?
51 There's a plan afoot to replace the Electoral College, and your state may already be part of it
52 Electoral College Members Prepare To Finalize Presidential Election
53 How the Electoral College Was Nearly Abolished in 1970
54 How Does the Electoral College Work and Other Election Questions
55 Explainer: The Electoral College and the 2020 U.S. presidential race
56 When was the electoral college created? : Throughline
57 VERIFY: Can Congress reject Electoral College votes?
58 How the the Electoral College works: What to know about faithless electors, what comes next after 2020 presidential election
59 EXPLAINER: the Electoral College, an Unlovable Compromise | Political News | US News
60 Hijacking the electoral college: The plot to deny JFK the presidency 60 years ago
61 EXPLAINER: When do Electoral College votes need to be in?
62 Of the 700 attempts to fix or abolish the electoral college, this one nearly succeeded
63 The Electoral College Explained: Its History and the Tensions of Democracy
64 News Of The Day: U.S. Begins Vaccinations; Electoral College To Affirm Voting Results
65 How did the US get the Electoral College and how does it work exactly?
66 When Does the Electoral College Vote?
67 Reform the Electoral College? Some Lawmakers Say It's Needed
68 The Electoral College: How American voters pick their president
69 How The Electoral College Came To Choose The President Of The U.S.
70 Opinion | Get Rid of the Electoral College, at Last?
71 Gina Raimondo Confirmed As Commerce Secretary To Oversee Census
72 Majority of Americans say popular vote should replace Electoral College
73 Congress is set to count the Trump-Biden Electoral College votes. Here's the lowdown.
74 Electoral votes are in, but congressional count may hold another round of drama
75 Which State's Voters Decide the Electoral College? | Best States | US News
76 Pence Backs Republican Lawmakers' Plan To Object To Electoral College Results
77 As Electoral College meets, one group works to rid nation of 'an ugly, old mess'
78 What happens at the Electoral College meeting?
79 It's time to eliminate the Electoral College (FlipSide)
80 EXPLAINER: How Congress will count Electoral College votes
81 Electoral College is last long-shot chance for Trump allies to challenge election results
82 Who are Maryland’s electors? Must they vote for Biden? Here’s what to know about the process.
83 Here’s how the Electoral College works
84 Congress has the next -- and final -- vote in the 2020 election. Here's how it works
85 The Never-Ending Crisis of the Electoral College
86 Threats to Lawmakers Have Nearly Doubled in 2021, Police Chief Says
87 It's Time For America To Ditch The Electoral College
88 The Electoral College Votes On Dec. 14. Meet Some Of Massachusetts' 11 Presidential Electors
89 How Congress will count the Electoral College votes on Wednesday
90 Democracy and the Electoral College
91 Law expert Kermit Roosevelt on the Electoral College and why America uses it | Penn Today
92 The Electoral College is surprisingly vulnerable to popular vote changes
93 Understanding America's Electoral College | US Embassy & Consulate in Thailand
94 The Real Presidential Election: Understanding The Electoral College
95 61% of Americans Support Abolishing Electoral College
96 Abolish the electoral college
97 With Biden winning the popular vote, here's how America could end the Electoral College
98 After the Election, Democrats Are Less Wary of the Electoral College, While GOP Support for Keeping It Drops
99 The explanation why the United States still uses the Electoral College
100 Everything to know about the electoral college