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1 Voters could elect 50% more Senedd Members if Electoral Reform Society gets its way
2 ‘Labour for a New Democracy’ launches to push leadership on electoral reform
3 Report calls for change in voting system in Welsh elections
4 'Better scrutiny pays for itself': Increase in number of Senedd members backed by report
5 Huge majority demands a shake-up of the House of Lords, survey reveals
6 House of Lords fury: Peers have NO accountability to voters without democratic connection
7 How Labour is polling in Conservative seats and what the numbers say about political equality in the UK
8 Support and opposition to increase in Senedd Members
9 Tory plan to scrap election watchdog 'undermines democracy'
10 Welsh voters could elect up to 50% more Senedd Members in 2026 election
11 Voting shake-up campaigners protest in Hereford
12 The British state has been debased – so why is it still lecturing Scotland?
13 LETTER OF THE DAY: Time for electoral reform for a fairer society
14 Plaid Cymru's Bethan Sayed calls for politics culture change
15 Progressives must rally together to demand democracy
16 Kevin McKenna: The grubby House of Lords is a stain on our public life
17 Drop-box voting is the election reform the US needs now
18 As the first 'remote' sitting starts in Canberra, virtual parliaments should be the new norm, not a COVID bandaid
19 Electoral Reform Society hits out at ‘democracy deserts’
20 General election 2019: what are the parties saying about electoral reform?
21 Electoral reform 'dangerously absent' from debate, say campaigners
22 Brexit campaign chair sworn in to Lords as Boris plans to pack Chamber with Leavers -WATCH
23 Millions being ignored by ‘morally and politically bankrupt’ UK voting system, new report claims
24 Boris fires warning to House of Lords ordering peers NOT to meddle with his Brexit plan
25 US report on Georgia: Political will needed to cement the democratic elections
26 Voter ID controversy stirs in the UK | Security Document News
27 Electoral Reform society calls for 'debates commission' after ongoing controversy over election TV debates
28 This isn't a People's Parliament: Westminster is warped beyond belief
29 Survey claims millions of voters ignored at general election
30 MPs may have been misled over BAME voter ID claims
31 Britain's reputation declines as Johnson stuffs Lords with appointments
32 Labour move away from first-past-the-post could herald support for fairer Westminster elections
33 General election 2019: a postcode lottery
34 New inquiry launched into Britain's 'wild west' electoral laws
35 Leadership candidates challenged to back electoral reform
36 Jvari Monastery Project wins Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation large grant
37 Ukraine must continue electoral reform in 2020
38 We Need Electoral Reform — and a Whole Lot More
39 14m UK voters live in areas held by same party since second world war
40 EU approves report on Georgia's AA Implementation
41 Can American Democracy Be Saved?
42 Labour must embrace radical electoral reform
43 Voter registration rise boosts Labour's election hopes
44 Labour’s leadership contest will be a chance to seal electoral reform in Britain
45 Saraki Calls For Speedy Passage of Electoral Act, Tasks Youth, Politicians on Awareness
46 The Decrepit UK Political System
47 American Athletes Can Decide This Year’s Election
48 Hung parliament and 70 Lib Dem MPs: What the general election result would have been if we used a PR system
49 Online political campaigning 'to be more transparent'
50 Small parties urged to make proportional representation a red line for any coalition
51 Your authority on UK local government
52 An overhaul of Westminster politics is long overdue
53 Against state capture
54 Lebanon After the Beirut Explosion
55 How the House of Commons would look under proportional representation
56 Exclusive: Keir Starmer vows to consult Labour members on electoral reform
57 New Lords appointments exacerbate 'grossly warped' backgrounds of peers
58 Here's how Britain's voting system works
59 Five reasons to vote in a safe seat
60 Call for elections reform over 'missing' voters
61 Polling station voter ID plans are deeply flawed, say critics
62 Petition to scrap and replace the House of Lords passes 100000 signatures
63 The new rules of online political campaigning | WARC
64 Electoral Reform Society calls for voter registration revolution
65 Bloomberg Westminster: Is It Too Late To Save The Union?
66 Campaigners urge reform of ‘wild west’ online campaigning
67 Super-sized House of Lords needs to cut its intake, say democracy advocates
68 Labour’s NEC encouraged to back ‘democratising’ vote change
69 Electoral reform – the good news we missed from Georgia
70 Lords call for £500000 fines for breaking election laws
71 Georgia adopts landmark election reform
72 Electoral Reform Society call on UK to adopt Scotland's model
73 This Graphic Shows Why the U.K. Election is not Quite as Democratic as it Seems
74 How electoral reform in Albania got complicated again
75 Big money politics is ripe for funding reform
76 Westminster risks becoming 'England-only Parliament' when virtual contributions end
77 Three-quarters of Labour members want party to back proportional representation
78 The case for modernising Britain's antiquated election rules
79 Our interconnected world requires collective action
80 What the Canadian election results would have looked like with electoral reform
81 Georgian CSOs Welcome Electoral Reform Agreement
82 It’s time for real change – and that means real change to our democracy
83 Now more than ever, we need to drag parliament into the modern age
84 ‘The Most Important Woman Lawyer in the History of the Republic’
85 Electoral reform: Million votes 'wasted in broken system'
86 GUEST OPINION: Proportional representation alive in P.E.I. one year later
87 How Parliament would look if the UK had proportional representation in the General Election
88 Voter ID checks threaten voters' rights 'on an industrial scale'
89 Westminsteru2019s voting system is bankrupt. Why itu2019s time for proportional representation
90 Review to examine whether UK electoral laws are fit for digital age
91 Why electoral reform is so necessary
92 Women's Representation Roundup: More Women Are Running for Office Than Ever Before
93 Voter ID trials ruled lawful by appeal judges
94 ‘Tokenistic tinkering!’ House of Lords should be ABOLISHED, not moved north, expert says
95 If Dominic Cummings really wants to reform the Lords, here’s how to do it
96 Senior Electoral Reform Society official backs claim that Mossad is behind anti-Corbyn campaign
97 Parliamentary opposition in Albania refuses to vote electoral reform
98 Statement on the Passage of OSCE/ODIHR-Based Election Reforms (July 2)
99 Our first past the post electoral system is hampering the green economy
100 Only 3% of Lords live in Wales