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1 Emergency Physicians Object to Roll Back of Protections against Health Care Discrimination
2 COVID-19: CMS Issues FAQ Regarding Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act
3 Analysis | The Health 202: Black patients are less likely to face discrimination from black doctors
4 CMS Issues Additional Guidance on EMTALA Requirements for Hospitals
5 COVID-19 Healthcare Law Update: CMS Modification of EMTALA Requirements
6 HHS Issues EMTALA Waivers As a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic
7 Transgender advocates on the "unspeakable cruelty" of federal rule erasing health care protections
8 Opinion | Andrew Romanoff: Rx for a pandemicked nation
9 Novel Coronavirus: EMTALA Compliance for Hospitals with Dedicated Emergency Departments
10 LGBTQ organizations sue Trump administration over rule erasing health care protections
11 EMTALA is Alive and Well Despite the Coronavirus
12 Hospital Guidance For Meeting EMTALA Requirements In Light Of COVID-19
13 COVID-19: CMS Issues EMTALA Guidance
14 CMS EMTALA Memo: Hospitals Must Accept COVID-19 Patients; Alternate Sites May Be OK
15 CMS Provides Additional COVID-19 EMTALA Guidance for Hospitals
16 "No money, no problem": Guaranteeing emergency care for all
17 New Infographic—EMTALA and COVID-19: When Can Hospitals Divert Patients to Alternative Screening Si
18 CMS Issues New FAQs Clarifying EMTALA Obligations During COVID-19
19 CMS Issues Guidance to Hospitals on Emergency Treatment of COVID-19 Patients
20 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Issue Guidance Regarding EMTALA Requirements During COVID-19
21 EMTALA Waivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
22 On-site Preventive Care Market Report on Recent Adoption 2025
23 COVID-19: EMTALA Guidance on COVID-19 While Hospitals Await Potential EMTALA Waivers
24 Hospitals Attempt to Navigate Sea of Emergency Room Rule Changes
25 EMTALA Obligations Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic | Fox Rothschild LLP
26 UA physician and medical student bike across the country for U.S. healthcare system
27 An Olathe Hospital Sued Thousands for Medical Debt, and Dozens Went to Jail
28 Hospital-Level Psychiatric Emergency Department Models
29 CMS Updated Guidance on EMTALA Requirements and COVID-19
30 HHS & COVID-19 Pandemic: Certain EMTALA, HIPAA & Medicare Conditions Waived
31 Patient Dumping and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) | The National Law Review
32 Federal Section 1135 Waivers During COVID-19
33 CMS Issues FAQs on EMTALA Requirements for Hospitals
34 EMTALA in the age of coronavirus: CMS releases new guidance
35 The Enduring Role Of The Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act
36 When Can Hospitals Legally Divert Patients to Alternative Screening Sites?
37 Investigative reporter Brendan Kirby talks about coronavirus treatment research, Alabama unemployment issues
38 Premier Inc. Recommends 24 Regulatory Waivers Be Made Permanent After COVID-19
39 COVID-19 Update: CMS issues EMTALA guidance | Bricker & Eckler LLP
40 CMS payment policies & regulatory flexibilities during COVID-19 emergency
41 Hospital EMTALA Obligations Under Recent COVID-19 Waivers | Alston & Bird
42 COVID-19: Navigating Your Business Through a Shifting Enforcement Landscape: Practical Advice in the Time of COVID-19 Workplace Safety Enforcement
43 COVID-19 Medical Care Costs Eligible For FEMA Public Assistance
44 CMS Emergency Declarations and Waiver Authority
45 New EMTALA guidance addresses psychiatric hospitals and patients with behavioral health emergencies
46 Court won't force OSHA to issue emergency workplace COVID-19 standards
47 Arizona hospitals can start activating 'crisis care' standards due to COVID-19 surge
48 Diverting Ambulances and EMTALA | Holland & Hart
49 Show Me Your Bill: Freestanding ER agrees to "absorb" senior's $10,000 bill
50 Surprise medical bills: 7 tips for journalists covering stories about them
51 The uninsured won't be turned away, hospitals say
52 Guide to Federal Health Program Waivers Concerning the COVID-19 Crisis
53 Getting EMTALA Right During the Viral Pandemic
54 She Tried To Get A Coronavirus Test. Now She Owes $1,840 : Shots
55 New EMTALA guidance reaffirms 2002 Born-Alive Infant Protection Act
56 Responding To COVID-19: Using The CARES Act's Hospital Fund To Help The Uninsured, Achieve Other Goals
57 Community Workers Lend Human Connection To COVID-19 Response
58 1135 Waivers in Action: Flexibilities, Limits and Next Steps for States and Providers
59 Will COVID-19 Expose Physician Shortfall, EMTALA Shortcomings?
60 All hospitals receive federal aid to treat poor patients—even the affluent hospitals that do not treat them
61 Elite Hospitals Have an Epidemic of Greed
62 New Guidance on EMTALA Compliance For Psychiatric Hospitals
63 Missouri Hospital Association: There are laws we need changed in the short term to deal with coronavirus
64 Novel coronavirus: navigating US federal and state rules and regulations during a public health emergency
65 Demystifying the National Emergency Declaration
66 Solving our urban crisis involves addressing hospitals in addition to policing
67 Academic emergency departments are always open to all who need care
68 Illinois Executive Order Provides Discretion to Hospitals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
69 Guidance from CMS & CDC on Coronavirus/COVID-19
70 As Coronavirus Cases Top 3 Million, Fauci Warns Against Misreading a Falling Death Rate
71 CMS Relaxes Rules on Scope of Practice, Telemedicine During COVID-19
72 Nurses and Community Save Emergency Room on Chicago's South Side
73 The wait is endless. Supplies are gone. My New York hospital is on the brink.
74 COVID-19 Update: Henry Ford Health Study Endorses Controversial Treatment, State Protects Households from Utility Disruptions During Pandemic, and More
75 Be Prepared: Find the ER You Want to Go to Before an Emergency Happens
76 What Issues Will Uninsured People Face with Testing and Treatment for COVID-19?
77 COVID-19 CMS Blanket Waivers | White and Williams LLP
78 Low cost options if you are experiencing COVID-19 and don't have insurance
79 One in 5 civil monetary penalties due to EMTALA violations involved psychiatric emergencies
80 CMS cites University of Maryland hospital for EMTALA violations
81 Confusion, different priorities may cause EMTALA violations | Penn State University
82 Nurses Protest San Jose Regional Medical Center's Planned Closure of Labor, Delivery Unit
83 AMA, leading physician orgs urge additional COVID-19 legislative steps
84 Letters: Arbitration is better approach to end balance billing
85 Consent Issues During A Pandemic: What To Do If A Patient Refuses COVID-19 Testing
86 Resources Recommended for the Care of Pediatric Patients in Hospitals
87 Essential worker shoulders $1840 pandemic debt due to COVID cost loophole
88 Medicare Agency Allows More Home Dialysis During Pandemic
89 Protecting Worker Safety and Economic Security During the COVID-19 Reopening
90 Documentation to Ease Medical Billing Issues Due to COVID-19
91 “Hospitals Without Walls” and Other Flexibilities for Hospitals During COVID-19
92 Health Care Providers: President Trump's Declaration of National Emergency Paves Way for Additional Regulatory Flexibility
93 Handling Unaccompanied Minors in the Emergency Department
94 House Includes Marijuana Protections For States, Banks And Universities In Funding Bills
95 This Is Not a Drill: Hospital and Health System Preparedness for COVID-19
96 Covid-19 update: Contra Costa trajectory steepens, Trump demands schools reopen in fall, hospital rates soar in Bay Area and beyond
97 Telemedicine in the Emergency Department and EMTALA Compliance
98 CMS reminds providers that emergency rules apply to 'born-alive' infants
99 Your Rights in the Emergency Room
100 Oregon Drug Decriminalization And Treatment Measure Qualifies For November Ballot