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1 What Is Solidity and How Is It Used to Develop Smart Contracts?
2 Making a Node.js App to Interact With a Smart Contract the Git Way
3 Create an API to interact with Ethereum Blockchain using Golang PART 1
4 Top 5 Headaches for Web3 Developers
5 [WATCH] Kenyan-based Utu Technologies Releases the UTU Decentralized Trust API and Infrastructure Engine
6 Introduction to Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Enjin-Powered Gaming Crypto
7 How To Create Your First Frontend For RSK Smart Contracts
8 Neo News: Week in Review
9 Learn the Basics of the Ethereum JSON API in 5 Minutes
10 Charles Hoskinson, Founder, Cardano: On the opportunities for decentralised apps
11 How to Fetch Data From an API in React.js
12 rLogin: The New Authentication Libraries for Blockchain Based Apps
13 Access External Data in Solidity: A How-To Guide
14 MetaMask changes will boost performance, but could break dapps
15 The 3 Best Alternatives That Can Be Strong Opponents to Ethereum
16 Article: Blockchain Node Providers and How They Work
17 Building User Service With GRPC, Node.JS, and MongoDB: The Complete Microservice Tutorial — [Part 2]
18 I Went From No Coding Experience To Creating An Ethereum Application Within One Year
19 I Started An Open Source Project To Help DeFi Developers and Companies
20 Mastering the Mempool [A How-To Guide]
21 Ethereum: A decentralized computing platform that provides programmable store of value and enables smart contracts
22 Why the Ethereum Ecosystem is Still the Leader for New DeFi Projects
23 How to Use Google Sheets API with Nodejs
24 Introducing 0x API: Aggregated Ethereum DEX Liquidity
25 Earn 50 ROSE tokens in the Oasis Second State Hackathon
26 Amazon Launches Ethereum for Managed Blockchain
27 Book Rating System From Scratch using Goodreads API and Slash GraphQL
28 Tokenizing Bitcoin on Ethereum: WBTC vs RENBTC vs HBTC vs BTCpx
29 Web3 Engineer
30 Understanding the Ethereum Gas Limit Debate
31 React cloneElement: A Better Way to Build a Component API Props in ES6 Javascript and Typescript
32 Connecting Vue.js with OAuth Based API
33 My Take on Why Blazor WASM Beats Javascript as the Best Choice for API Integration
34 Create A Private Ethereum Blockchain With Proof-of-Authority Consensus Mechanism: A How-To Guide
35 Best of Ethereum 2.0's Beacon Chain is yet to come, says Infura GM
36 Mocha+Chai: Writing a reusable Test Suite for an expressjs/mongoose API
37 Harmony (ONE) gains 230% after Ethereum network integration
38 The Git Way to Deploy a Solidity Contract on Ropsten With Truffle
39 A Guide to Web Scraping With JavaScript and Node.js
40 Ethereum 2.0 vs Bitcoin Cash vs Algorand: A Comparison of Upcoming Features
41 0x Protocol Releases New 0x API for Matcha Gas Efficiency
42 What is Ethereum? • [Beginners Guide] • Benzinga
43 Building dApps On Dash: An Interview With readme
44 We Built A Search Engine With MeiliSearch and JavaScript: Here's How You Can Too
45 Throw Out The Playbook: How to Build A Crypto ETF
46 A New Reason to Consider High-Flying Ethereum Is Emerging
47 The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Data APIs in 2020
48 What Does Ethereum 3.0 Look Like?
49 Swarm, IPFS and BigchainDB: Comparing Data Storage and Decentralization
50 Token Bridge
51 Ethereum 2.0: An Overview
52 CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index API
53 How To Set up Your Own Ethereum Development Environment [A Step by Step Guide]
54 How To Setup Caching in Node.js using Redis
55 Quick Guide to AWS CDK and Serverless with REST API and Data Lake Analytical Querying
56 Authentication in Web Apps: Connecting Auth0, ASP.NET Core and Nuxt.js
57 Learn How To Use Webhooks By Connecting NodeJS, IFTTT and Twitter
58 JavaScript Smart Contract Platform Agoric Integrates with Chainlink Oracle
59 Who's Building dApps On COSMOS: 2020 UPDATE
60 Everything You Need to Know About Moon
61 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance gets a new leader
62 Ethereum Valuation Using the Edosophia Macro Model
63 Is Ethereum a Good Investment Right Now? • Benzinga
64 Top 12 Javascript Libraries for Machine Learning
65 The Surging ETH Gas Fees Could Dethrone UniSwap But What Are The Alternative?
66 The best tools for Ethereum developers
67 ChainLink: Adoption Will Drive LINK's Price Higher In The Long Run
68 How To Improve Your Backend By Adding Retries to Your API Calls
69 A Beginners Guide to Learn Mock Fetching in jest
70 8 Free Online Games to Help You Learn Coding
71 Passive Income and Yield Farming: A New Trend for 2021
72 How To Code Gas-Less Tokens on Ethereum
73 Tutorial: Creating New Node.js Projects and Working with Packages
74 Python vs PHP vs JavaScript: Which is Best For Your Next Project?
75 5 Free JavaScript Spreadsheet Libraries in 2021
76 How to Build a Chrome Extension That Makes API calls
77 Getting Started with Ethereum and DLoc
78 How to Build a Tezos Dapp Using Taquito and the Beacon SDK
79 Cats Taking Over: How to Make a Random Cat Image Generator With React and Cat API
80 A Guide to Using MongoDB Database in a ASP NET Core Web API Application
81 Ethereum, You Are A Centralized Cryptocurrency. Stop Telling Us That You Aren't
82 How to Scrape Bestbuy Products with Scrapezone SDK
83 How to Integrate Video Calling & Conferencing SDK & API Into Your Existing Apps/Webs
84 How to Stake Ethereum • Ethereum Staking • Benzinga
85 Understanding and Extending Kubernetes with Custom Resource Definitions API
86 Will Ethereum Ditch Solidity for Vyper?
87 Protocol Alternatives That Challenge Ethereum
88 How To Take Screenshots In The Browser Using JavaScript
89 Issuing Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs): A How-To Guide
90 Getting Started with Web Audio API
91 Decentralizing Prediction Markets: Augur Vs. Gnosis Vs. Polkamarkets
92 4 DeFi-Focused Layer 2 Networks built on Ethereum
93 How To Setup Shopify`s Billing API
94 Proof-of-Stake Is Coming of Age, and Polkadot is Leading the Pack
95 Creating Highly-Performant Animations using Web Animations API and React hooks
96 ConsenSys Fully Acquires Spoke Company, Infura
97 Notes on Ethereum Governance and UI/UX Usability in dApps
98 Rising Gas Fees in the Run-up to Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade
99 Predicting The NFT All-Time High
100 7 Crypto-Predictions for 2021 That Everybody Will Agree With