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Result Content Idea Research
1 Promoting European strategic sovereignty in the southern neighbourhood
2 A new transatlantic bargain: An action plan for transformation, not restoration
3 Promoting European strategic sovereignty in Asia
4 A call for Europe to bolster transatlantic diplomacy on Iran
5 Promoting European strategic sovereignty in the eastern neighbourhood
6 Cyber Week in Review: December 4, 2020
7 Why the rule of law matters so much to Austria
8 Can the Frugals transform the EU? – European Council on Foreign Relations
9 How to navigate Africa's institutional landscape – European Council on Foreign Relations
10 Glass half full: The EU’s policy on Belarus
11 Patrycja Sasnal
12 What we have lost: Trump, Biden, and the meaning of transatlantic relations
13 Top ECFR members call for Europe to bolster diplomacy on Iran
14 The transformative five: A new role for the frugal states after the EU recovery deal
15 Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip
16 Forward look: 7
17 Lukashenka besieged: Russia’s plans for Belarus
18 Misrule of law: Ukraine’s constitutional crisis
19 Why populism in Europe will survive Trump's defeat
20 The United States and Europe Should Work Together to Promote a Prosperous Africa
21 Views from the Capitals: What Biden’s victory means for Europe
22 Cyber Week in Review: November 13, 2020
23 Frugality exposes a Europe in need of optimism and reform
24 Second acts: How Europe can renew the transatlantic partnership
25 College read-out by HR/VP Borrell on the new EU-US agenda
26 How Should Democracies Confront China's Digital Rise? Weighing the Merits of a T-10 Alliance
27 Pro-Populist Media In Eastern Europe Promote Trump's Baseless Voter Fraud Claims
28 President Trump's Legacy on Cyberspace Policy
29 Europe Has No Strategy on Cyber Sanctions
30 Military lessons from Nagorno-Karabakh: Reason for Europe to worry
31 Course correction in US-Iranian relations: A road map for the Biden administration
32 Introductory Remarks by Valdis Dombrovskis
33 Joint Statement of the Members of the EEA Council
34 Together in trauma: Europeans and the world after covid-19
35 After Trump, Europe's Populist Leaders Will Have 'Lost One Of Their Cheerleaders'
36 Europe’s self-help moment
37 What to expect from Kuwait’s parliamentary election
38 Turkey, Azerbaijan drone success should worry Europe, says European Council analyst
39 EU: All channels to be used for more consistent, predictable Turkey-EU relations | Daily Sabah
40 How European sovereignty can survive Joe Biden
41 A spider’s web of poisoning cases
42 EU proposes green alliance with US, signalling less reliance on China
43 Europe’s pandemic politics: How the virus has changed the public’s worldview
44 A Biden victory could reset transatlantic relations
45 China, Europe, and covid-19 headwinds – European Council on Foreign Relations
46 The new China consensus: How Europe is growing wary of Beijing
47 Defending Europe’s Economic Sovereignty: new ways to resist economic coercion
48 Europe’s double bind
49 After nuclear scientist’s brazen killing, Iran is torn over a response — restraint or fury?
50 Crisis presidency: How Portuguese leadership can guide the EU into the post-covid era
51 Global Europe Brief: NATO's soul-searching exercise
52 The crisis of a lifetime
53 Russia policy after the US election
54 Europe's Populist Leaders Have A Hard Time Accepting Trump Loss
55 Daily News 25 / 11 / 2020
56 How Is the US Military Pivoting in Europe?
57 The ECFR Council
58 The post-coronavirus world is already here
59 Lithuania's pandemic: The power of regional cooperation
60 The Next Big Idea: Climate Change & The Economy with Mariana Mazzucato & Tom Steyer
61 EU aim to 'renew and reinvigorate' U.S. ties after Trump
62 Why Finland never joined the frugal four – European Council on Foreign Relations
63 Touching the elephant: European views of the transatlantic relationship
64 The slow dismantling of the Belarusian state
65 Can Germany now hold the European team together?
66 A Schuman plan for the eastern Mediterranean
67 World in Focus: Do we need a new social contract?
68 Amandine Gnanguênon – European Council on Foreign Relations
69 Climate superpowers: How the EU and China can compete and cooperate for a green future
70 Why the EU now needs a deliberate Belarus policy
71 Europe’s fight for multilateralism: With or without the US?
72 The provincial German-Polish relationship
73 Finance, democracy, and sovereignty: How Europe should respond to the FinCEN Files
74 How Europe can defend itself against US economic sanctions
75 The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream
76 The best defence: Why the EU should forge security compacts with its eastern neighbours
77 European Solidarity Tracker – European Council on Foreign Relations
78 The Armenian model for Belarus
79 Europe’s recovery gamble
80 Leadership
81 The truth about European solidarity during corona
82 Europe needs to nurture security partnerships or face growing isolation
83 The meaning of systemic rivalry: Europe and China beyond the pandemic
84 Views from the capitals: Gas conflict in the eastern Mediterranean
85 Roderich Kiesewetter
86 Turkey and Europe: Growing tensions and a hot summer in the Mediterranean
87 UN Chief calls on the EU to cut emissions by 55% by 2030
88 Engjellushe Morina – European Council on Foreign Relations
89 European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)
90 Foreign Affairs Council, 13 July 2020
91 The proof of the European Council pudding will be in the eating
92 Jana Puglierin
93 How the EU became marginalised in Nagorno-Karabakh
94 József Szájer: What does the MEP sex scandal tell us about Viktor Orban's Hungary?
95 The frugal blues: An underappreciated threat to the European project
96 “Strength has to start at home”: Interview with Borrell on the EU’s response to the coronavirus
97 Joint statement by the EU home affairs ministers on the recent terrorist attacks in Europe
98 Five ways that the coronavirus should transform the EU
99 How a Biden win could transform US policy in the Middle East and North Africa
100 Rafael Loss