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1 Bloomberg Westminster: Backing Boris on Covid Curbs
2 Covid-19 rebels emboldened by Boris Johnson’s lockdown confusion
3 More than 80 Tory MPs prepared to rebel over Coronavirus Act renewal
4 Conservative Union Research Group 'is no ragbag of flag wavers'
5 Brexiter Tory MPs urge PM to ditch withdrawal agreement if no deal
6 The week ahead in Parliament
7 Brexit warning: EU rules risk chaos for stores in Northern Ireland in just three months
8 Brexiteer called hypocrite for opposing No 10's Covid bill
9 'Clock's ticking for EU' Boris turned tables on Barnier as Brexit trade deal talks fire up
10 Brexiteer erupts with fury after taking exception with Boris Johnson being branded 'a liar'
11 Defund the BBC, home for idling Brexiteers
12 The Tories are divided between libertarians and authoritarians. Who will win?
13 Enough is enough! Boris is NOT bluffing with October 15 deadline
14 'We're not flag wavers' say new Tory Unionists
15 Brexit: Hardline European Research Group branded ‘a corruption of Conservatism’ by senior Tory MP
16 Carbon Border Tax Emerges in EU as Weapon to Protect Green Deal
17 Behind China’s Decade of European Deals, State Investors Evade Notice
18 Secret of how fish repair their hearts could help cardiac patients
19 'My bank is shutting my account because of Brexit'
20 Brexiteer Frederick Forsyth ridiculed over no-deal claim
21 The EU's Role in the Fight Against Disinformation: Developing Policy Interventions for the 2020s
22 What is your attitude towards a humanoid robot? Your brain activity can tell us!
23 IQM staff publishes a quantum-computer breakthrough in Nature
24 Daily News 22 / 09 / 2020
25 Energy security and economic fears drive China's return to coal
26 New study reveals how reptiles divided up the spoils in ancient seas
27 PM and advisers compared to Lord of the Ring characters
28 Fungal compound inhibits important group of proteins: Zebrafish embryos elucidate unknown effect for cercosporamide
29 Coronavirus study finds decreasing viral loads in patients since start of pandemic
30 Outlook on the European Breast Implants Industry to 2027
31 IGC scientist awarded distinguished European Research Council Grant
32 'CALM DOWN!' Huge Newsnight row as Emma Barnett accuses Bernard Jenkin of lying to voters
33 Cash Flow Profile Key to Top 10 European Utilities' Resilience
34 Howard Davies obituary
35 Efficacy and Safety of Mavacamten in Adults With Symptomatic Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Results of the EXPLORER-HCM Study
36 'A corruption of Conservatism': how a cartel of Tory MPs broke British politics
37 We ultimately should be able to make a pan-coronavirus vaccine, says theoretical epidemiologist
38 Fresh warning cuts to R&D budgets could trigger EU brain exodus
39 Europe’s Captive Tiger Trade Risks Spurring Illegal Demand
40 Indian-origin academic Swati Dhingra on UK's new expert trade panel
41 New research reveals effects of COVID-19 on breast cancer screening, treatment and care
42 Phase 3 Trial of Oral Pridopidine in Early Stage Patients Opening Soon
43 Senior Tories launch ERG-style group to shape policy on China
44 Pancreas Size, Shape Can Return to Normal in Diabetes Remission: Study
45 Queen Mary researchers receive prestigious early-career awards
46 Japan Airlines drops 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings
47 READ: Westminster's 'risible' attempt to justify breaking international law
48 Brexit: The history of the Tories' influential European Research Group
49 Senior Tory MP brands European Research Group a 'corruption of Conservatism'
50 Four Imperial engineers win ERC Starting Grants worth €6 million | Imperial News
51 BD wins CE mark for 15-minute COVID-19 diagnostic test
52 CVnCoV Vaccine — Precision Vaccinations
53 Leuven named the 2020 European capital of innovation
54 University of Derby researchers team up with healthcare innovator to cut medication errors
55 Here’s how we need to change global supply chains after COVID-19
56 Magnificent seven backed by European Research Council
57 The Guardian view on the European Research Group: not serious, still dangerous
58 GE Healthcare heads AI in imaging project in France
59 Daily News 23 / 09 / 2020
60 Europe's captive tiger trade 'risks spurring illegal demand'
61 Key parts of Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement amount to 'poison pill', senior Brexiteers warn
62 Confused and secretive, this Government has lost the trust of the House of Commons
63 Commission announces actions on Critical Raw Materials
64 Opinion: Ian McConnell: Whether Mark Francois sees value of EU is neither here nor there
65 'We're the opposition': Rees-Mogg and his European Research Group
66 Revealed: the files that expose ERG as a militant “party within a party”
67 AB Science today reports its revenues for the first half of 2020
68 Steve Baker resigns as chair of the European Research Group as he celebrates Brexit victory
69 European Research Group now the 'manifesto support group', says Tory Brexiteer
70 Russia Should Also Be Target of Belarus Sanctions, Former Diplomats Say
71 What really motivates the European Research Group?
72 PH on eight-month quarantine, still top in cases in Southeast Asia
73 Is the Brexit hard-liner European Research Group running the UK?
74 Decoding Europe's new fascination with 'tech sovereignty'
75 Circumstantial Link Between Women's Response to Men's Body Odor and Recurrent Miscarriage
76 Preventing heart disease could keep more people employed and save billions for the economy
77 In pursuit of the origin and role of ecDNA
78 In Post-Brexit Britain, Conservative Lawmakers Start to Focus on China
79 Meet the former soldier who's changing Britain's China policy
80 'Nondescript oddball' Tory MPs join fight to save the Union
81 Amid Mediterranean tensions, retired Turkish admiral grabs the spotlight touting supremacy at sea
82 The group that broke British politics
83 Why new MPs are rushing to join the European Research Group
84 Now Boris Johnson has his majority, what is the ERG for?
85 EASO publishes a COI report: Afghanistan, Security Situation (2020 update)
86 How to multitask when nuclear nonproliferation is on the line
87 Government ordered to end secrecy over Jacob Rees-Mogg's 'hard' Brexit ERG lobby group
88 Key members of Jacob-Rees Mogg's pro-Brexit MP lobby group finally revealed
89 The Conservative party's Brexit tribes: an interactive guide
90 Jaguar's research base: National Automotive Innovation Centre by Cullinan Studio
91 How Brexit Will End
92 Worldwide Corrugated Board Packaging Industry to 2026
93 The rise of isolationism in the Conservative Party
94 How Will AC Immune’s Phase II Fail Impact Alzheimer’s...
95 Brexit Hard-Liners Reassess: Maybe We Overplayed Our Hand
96 Saudi-led G20 energy statement backs fossil fuel bailouts
97 European Research Group members should test what support they have
98 Two researchers from Bielefeld University receive ERC Starting Grants
99 Why the ERG is changing its tune on a Brexit deal
100 Loss of smell: Is it Covid-19 or the common cold?