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1 Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole
2 Black holes like to eat, but have a variety of table manners
3 Supermassive Black Holes Like to Eat, but Have a Variety of Table Manners
4 Famous fast radio burst FRB20180916B just barely lets itself be captured
5 Study Finds Black Holes Eating Patterns Vary, Some Consume Abundance of Matter While Some Almost Starve
6 Supermassive Black Holes Don't All Devour Matter In The Same Way
7 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time: Transportable radio telescopes could provide global high-precision comparisons of the best atomic clocks.
8 Aalto University: Metsähovi radio observatory joins a new European network combining optical and radio astronomy technology research
9 A fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy
10 Ghana telescope heralds first pan-African array
11 Earth faster, closer to black hole in new map of galaxy
12 'Sleeping giant' Jodrell Bank begins post-lockdown reawakening
13 Recycled dishes form telescope network
14 A 200-Year-Old Experiment Has Helped Us See a Black Hole's Shadow
15 Extreme collision of stellar winds at the heart of Apep, the cosmic serpent | OUPblog
16 Mysterious cosmic radio blasts traced to surprising source
17 Quasar IRAS F11119+3257 has a high velocity two-sided jet, study finds
18 Canadian telescope finds mysterious radio flashes from deep space
19 More Than Just Astronomy: Radio Telescopes for Geophysics
20 The Arecibo Observatory: Fifty astronomical years: Physics Today: Vol 66, No 11
21 Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87's black hole
22 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Localized to Massive Spiral Galaxy | Astronomy
23 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected From Unknown Source
24 Ghana’s first radio telescope aims to capture a more complete picture of the African sky
25 Earth Is Faster, Closer To The Black Hole In A New Map Of Our Galaxy
26 A mysterious repeating radio signal has been traced to a nearby galaxy
27 Astronomers 'see' aftermath of black hole lunching on doomed star – Astronomy Now
28 Earth-sized telescope spots star being swallowed by black hole
29 Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source
30 New data reveals supermassive black hole eating a star
31 Earth is 2000 light-years closer to a supermassive black hole than scientists realised
32 Found! Trio of Huge Black Holes in Distant Galaxy's Core
33 High-Energy Signals From Extragalactic Stars Connect Optical Atomic Clocks Across Earth for the First Time
34 Launch of international SKA Observatory, broadens era of radio astronomy
35 Old Communications Dish Born Again as Radio Telescope in Africa
36 Jodrell Bank added to UNESCO World Heritage List
37 China's 500-meter FAST radio telescope is now operational
38 The Precision Behind Sea Level Rise | Earthdata
39 Seven Supernovae Found in Single Galaxy—A First
40 Earth-size telescope tracks the aftermath of a star being swallowed by a supermassive black hole
41 Astronomers discover first 'lightning' from a black hole
42 Geophysics: A first for a unique instrument
43 NASA’s Line From Spain to Deep Space
44 Astronomers’ Polarized Image Shows Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87’s Black Hole
45 VLBI, Gaia Data Could Improve Our Understanding of Quasars
46 Canadian scientists trace 2nd strange radio signal to nearby galaxy
47 Jodrell Bank awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status
48 Astronomers watch as black hole drags an exploding star to its death
49 Astronomers Detect A Black Hole On The Move
50 Global network of radio telescope captures image of supermassive black hole in Draco constellation eating a star
51 The odyssey and new hopes of Herouni's telescope
52 NASA's space geodesy project mapping out a bright future
53 Prof Melvin Hoare is Driving Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy
54 Lifting The Veil On The Black Hole At The Heart Of Our Galaxy
55 Astronomers capture supermassive black hole as it eats passing star
56 Astronomers detect `restless` supermassive blackhole wandering in space
57 Our new view of the Milky Way
58 Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet
59 Radio Bursts Traced to Faraway Galaxy, but Caller Is Probably ‘Ordinary Physics’
60 KISTI Boosts Korea's Key Science Applications with the Science Super Highway
61 Binding Radio Telescopes with Telecom Fiber
62 Fast Radio Bursts from a Spiral Galaxy Challenge Theorists
63 Astronomers Detect a Supermassive Black Hole on the Move – Unusual Motion Thus Far Unexplained
64 Ghana converts obsolete telecomms dish into radio telescope – Physics World
65 Accurate distance measurement resolves major astronomical mystery
66 Astronomers Directly Image a Black Hole Ripping Apart a Star
67 Across the Lunar Landscape: Towards a Dedicated Lunar PNT System
68 How Satellites and Telescopes are Tracking the Effects of Global Change, Down to the Millimeter
69 Supernova find backs dark energy and universe expansion
70 We're going to see a black hole!!!
71 New bounds on dark matter coupling from a global network of optical atomic clocks
72 Famed Pair of Stars Closer To Earth Than We Imagined
73 Sir Bernard Lovell, 1913 to 2012
74 Watch this space: exciting projects in the works by SA's space programme
75 Event Horizon Telescope Reveals Turbulent Black Hole Evolution: Wobbling Shadow of the M87 Black Hole
76 Will We Actually See a Black Hole's Event Horizon Next Week?
77 The first black hole ever photographed gets a glam up — it's now glittering
78 As Monster Black Hole Feeds, a Slow-Motion Jet Is Born
79 Scientists discover black hole racing through space
80 A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hardware That Powered the Black Hole Image
81 The Incredible Science Behind Black Holes, Gravity, And The 2020 Nobel Prize
82 Kraftwerk 3-D announced as Bluedot 2019 Saturday headliner
83 GPS III ‘Magellan’ starts signal transmission
84 Explaining recurring maser flares in the ISM through large-scale entangled quantum mechanical states
85 Black Holes Discharge the Energy in Their Powerful Plasma Jets Much Farther Away Than Thought
86 Planet-sized 'virtual telescope' expands to the South Pole to observe black holes in detail
87 Deep Space Objects Guide Earth’s GPS System
88 Compact radio emission indicates a structured jet was produced by a binary neutron star merger
89 All systems go for SKA
90 Event Horizon Telescope ready to image black hole
91 Jodrell Bank named a UNESCO World Heritage Site | Business Leader News
92 Shanghai aims for the moon
93 These laser-packed tunnels are mapping the Earth's movements
94 Shining the light on radio astronomy – Namibia Scientific Society to host public talk
95 Innovation: Orbit determination of LEO satellites with real-time corrections
96 Scientists investigating mystery radio signals from a galaxy far, far away
97 Ask Ethan: How Does The Event Horizon Telescope Act Like One Giant Mirror?
98 Astronomers Reveal First Direct Visual Evidence of a Supermassive Black Hole
99 Rare 'Missing Link' Black Hole Apparently Found
100 Greenland Telescope Opens New Era of Astronomy