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1 US Executive Branch Update
2 The executive branch | Letters To Editor
3 Trevor Burrus: Blame executive overreach, constitutional erosion on do-nothing Congress
4 How Congress Could Get Some of Its Power Back
5 How the U.S. Constitution Has Changed and Expanded Since 1787
6 The United States is backsliding into autocracy under Trump, scholars warn
7 Cooper sues legislative leaders over yet another infringement on executive power
8 VSG Senate enters battle with Executive branch following election complications
9 SA discusses VIMS liaison position, executive branch refrains from endorsing Election Day act
10 DSG executive branch breaks down ongoing projects at Senate meeting
11 The fourth branch of government is on its way to displacing Congress
12 Celebrating our Constitution and the government it created
13 Aldermen propose overhaul of city’s economic development process
14 House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Boost Agencies' Spending Transparency
15 How the Government Lost Its Mind
16 Opinion | Under a lawless Trump, our system of checks and balances is being destroyed
17 CommonWealth Magazine
18 COVID-19 update: Local legislators join suit against executive branch
19 With Executive Powers, Trump Can Legally Unleash Global Chaos
20 US Executive Branch Update
21 This is who should be Biden’s secretary of state
22 At Least 15 Trump Officials Do Not Hold Their Positions Lawfully
23 Democrats Starting to Realize Mail-in Ballots Not Such A Good Idea
24 Opinion: Presidential powers are eroding the structure of our republic
25 Trump isn't first president to abuse the Constitution, but he's gone so far we need a reckoning
26 Bill Barr’s Stinging Attack on Bill Barr
27 Younger Judges Appear More Sympathetic to Executive Power
28 How Biden Might Alter Tax Rules, From Nonprofits to Opportunity Zones
29 Congressional Leader Lays Down Marker in Revolving-Door Battle
30 Oval Office is Overbearing – The Tropolitan
31 Executive power grab
32 DeWine signs Ohio coronavirus immunity bill – Ohio Ag Net
33 COUNTERPOINT: Our republic, can we keep it? | Columnists
34 America in Scripture
35 Union Sues Over School Funding As NY Faces Budget Deficit | New York Law Journal
36 Preacher's Point: America in Scripture
37 Opponents of CMP corridor launch second referendum effort
38 Constitution's Article 2 Leaves Room For Interpreting Presidential Powers
39 Biden’s Big Test: Selecting a White House Chief of Staff
40 Nagogya Protocolo Awaits Executive Branch Enactment
41 Opinion: We need to work together for a more transparent COVID-19 plan
42 To end endless war, we must repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force | TheHill
43 How Trump became the 'ideal vessel' to implement Barr's all-powerful executive theory
44 Weysan Dun: The right to protest has constitutional limits and police have duty to ensure order
45 Make Ben Sasse think again
46 Fact check: Presidential spending through executive orders is possible
47 Amid pandemic and protests, civics survey finds Americans know more of their rights
48 Congress May Be on Its Own
49 Federal Employee Turnover Fell in Fiscal 2019
50 Mike Quigley: Candidate profile
51 Fourth Special Session recap: Senate unanimously approves mental health support for Veterans
52 NYSUT files lawsuit against state over school funding cuts
53 Ben Sasse's Bold Bipartisan Op-Ed
54 President Trump's attack on the Critical Race Theory is sad
55 Michael Caputo Is What a Second Trump Term Looks Like
56 Guest column: Why so many statewide races | Guest Columns
57 Rob Lehmert: Nay voters’ arguments on climate bill don’t hold up
58 Is Beijing Funding Riots in America? It's Time to Investigate
59 Elijah Cummings book: Trump Twitter attacks caused 'pure pain,' Maryland congressman wrote months before his death
60 INSIGHT: California Hits a Home Run With New Fintech Watchdog
61 Opinion/Letter: Many spurn Trump | Letters |
62 Why We Wrote 'After Trump'
63 Texas GOP chairman calls Gov. Abbott's actions on coronavirus 'heavy-handed'
64 Vt. House overrides Scott's veto of climate change bill
65 Ag Commissioner Gipson and Mississippi sheriffs join in opposition to Initiative 65
66 Governor's ferry task force says divesting from the fleet is off the table
67 Nashville public school students can win acclaim and cash in Belmont essay contest | Plazas
68 Members of Congress are specializing less often. That makes them less effective.
69 Eisenhower and War Powers
70 'A corrupt and politically motivated favor'
71 Twitter will make key U.S. political accounts adopt tighter account security
72 Mike Lee seeks a 'shot clock' to speed federal environmental reviews
73 Executive Branch Fights to Keep Spending Decisions Secret with Flimsy Arguments
74 The Biden Agenda: What Will K-12 Education Look Like?
75 Steve Skroce Launches Pax Americana From Image Comics in December
76 Opinion | Trump shattered his promise to 'drain the swamp.' The self-dealing would be epic in a second term.
77 Tech Talk: Investors feel election year jitters
78 Improving congressional capacity to address problems and oversee the executive branch
79 State Board of Elections votes to settle with top staffer who blew whistle on Grimes
80 Businesses, states pass on Trump payroll tax deferral | TheHill
81 Federal workers will have taxes deferred under Trump’s order, sparking outcry they’re being treated as a ‘guinea pig’
82 President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who's using whom?
83 Two veterinarians, entire AVMA staff receive 2020 President's Awards
84 Keep Politics Separate from Your Investing Strategy | Scriptype
85 Week XXVII: County works to contain UAlbany COVID-19 spike, NYSUT sues state over withheld aid
86 Senior Policy & Research Associate
87 Mask protests in Kentucky as court hears arguments on governor's Covid restrictions
88 May Congress Sue the Executive Branch? Court Hears Cases on Subpoena and Border Wall
89 NYSUT Files Lawsuit Against Cuomo, Division of the Budget
90 Trump Picks Kushner, Miller To Lead 'My Fully Robotic, Totally Obedient Executive Branch' For A Sec
91 Latimer Recognizes the Women of the Executive Branch on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment
92 Opponents launch new referendum effort to block Maine transmission line project
93 The Executive Branch
94 The Checks That Congress Still Has On The Executive Branch
95 The executive branch pushes the boundaries of the separation of powers
96 The Checks and Balances That Trump Has Swept Away
97 The beclowning of the executive branch during a pandemic
98 Congress Must Reclaim Its Role as a Check on Executive Power
99 Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery
100 Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices With the Interests of American Workers