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1 Executive Office of Immigration Review Proposes Massive Fee Increase for Applications and Appeals
2 NJ Immigration Attys' Virus-Risk Suit Gets Tossed, For Now
3 Executive Office for Immigration Review Announces Investiture of 20 New Immigration Judges
4 The Best Way to Protect Immigrants From the Whims of Politics
5 Boston Immigration Court Set To Resume Large-Scale Hearings With Little Guidance From Feds
6 Immigration Court Hearings are Open to the Public, but Access is Often Controlled by ICE Attorneys and Judges
7 'Not Even the Appearance of Justice': City Bar Calls for Immigration Court System's Removal from DOJ Auspices | New York Law Journal
8 Immigration Courts Under Trump: Backlogs and Courts Independency
9 Miami immigration court to reopen its doors Monday as COVID cases soar in Florida
10 20 new immigration judges added, including two for Otay Mesa court
11 Newark Judge Refuses to Compel Videoconferencing After Lawyer's COVID-19 Death | New Jersey Law Journal
12 Astounding Asylum Numbers in DOS Refugee Report for FY 2021
13 Is the Executive Office for Immigration Review incompetent — or is Trump hiding something? | TheHill
14 US Executive Branch Update
15 Immigration Review Office Remains Open Despite Potential COVID-19 Exposure
16 Pandemic Pandemonium as Attorneys Resist Return to Courtroom
17 Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Developments
18 Despite Coronavirus, 'The Machinery Continues' at Immigration Courts
19 One Lawyer Is Dead, Another Infected Amid Calls for COVID-19 Safeguards in Newark Court | New Jersey Law Journal
20 Immigration judges' union sues DOJ over public speaking policy
21 DOJ's immigration review office suspends hearings | TheHill
22 NJ Lawyers Sue Over In-Person Immigration Court Hearings In Newark | WNYC News
23 Predicting future Supreme Court immigration decisions on the verge of an election | TheHill
24 Over 50 Rights Groups Call on Congress to Establish an Independent Immigration Court
25 Trump vs. Biden Debate: Credible Fear No-Shows
26 DOJ memo offered to buy out immigration board members
27 Norton Demands Department of Justice Protect Employees by Allowing Telework
28 Immigration courts aren't prepared for coronavirus, head of judges' union says
29 How rich expats in Miami navigate Trump immigration rules
30 Lawmakers wonder why Commerce isn’t playing bigger role in creating national 5G network
31 Trump Administration Makes Its Case to Break Up Immigration Judges' Union
32 Union: DOJ deportation appeals workers fear overcrowding
33 DOJ 'reassigned' career members of Board of Immigration Appeals
34 Durbin, Whitehouse, Hirono Lead Call For GAO Investigation Of Trump Administration And Immigration Courts
35 Trump vs. Biden on Asylum
36 DOJ hiring changes may help Trump's plan to curb immigration
37 Trump Administration Proposes Three New Sets of Employment Visa Regulations, Primarily H-1B
38 Nothing but darkness | News, Sports, Jobs
39 Colombian migrant's asylum bid uncertain under Trump policy
40 Justice Department Plans To Expand Its Power Over Immigration Courts
41 Immigration hearings delayed, 1 court shut over COVID-19
42 Immigration Courts Become the Latest in the Executive Branch to Postpone Cases
43 Revised Justice Department Policy Still Silences Immigration Judges
44 Justice Department Loses Bid to Decertify Immigration Judges' Union | National Law Journal
45 Immigration Judges Union Survives, For Now
46 Federal Immigration Review Office Pushes Back on New Jersey Lawsuit
47 The Trump Administration Is Gagging America’s Immigration Judges
48 SF immigration court remains open amid coronavirus outbreak despite calls to shut it down
49 SOSi Awarded Potential $400M DOJ Transcription Services Contract
50 New Jersey Immigration Court Reopened After Unexplained Closure During Coronavirus Pandemic
51 Boston Immigration Court Suspends All Hearings For Those Not In Detention
52 Federal Judge In Portland Could Impose COVID-19 Requirements On Immigration Courts
53 ICE Filed Over 100,000 New Cases and Clogged the Courts at the Peak of the Pandemic
54 Boston's Immigration Court Set To Reopen. Critics Say It's Too Soon
55 Unexplained Closure of Immigration Court Frustrates Lawyers | New Jersey Law Journal
56 How the ‘African Ban’ Ripped a Family Apart
57 Legal Community Says Immigration Court Reopening Lacks Transparency, Safety Measures
58 Immigration attorneys face courtroom challenges amid pandemic
59 FactChecking the Final 2020 Presidential Debate
60 After Increasing Its Caseload, Attorneys Say Boston's Immigration Court Is In 'Disarray'
61 Amy Coney Barrett on National Security Law
62 Interesting Immigration Court and BIA Statistics
63 Delays Mushroom at US Immigration Courts During Pandemic
64 Immigration Lawyers Seek to Halt In-Person Hearings Amid Covid Fears
65 Government works to ease ballooning immigration case backlog
66 Justice Department watchdog reviewing decision to keep immigration courts open during pandemic
67 Varick St. Immigration Court Reopened Despite Court Staffer Testing Positive for COVID-19
68 DOJ Slams Call To Halt NJ In-Person Immigration Hearings
69 CommonWealth Magazine
70 DOJ changed hiring to promote restrictive immigration judges
71 Immigration Courts Closed in 15 Cities Due to 'Civil Unrest'
72 Non-Detained New York Immigration Courts Are Closed
73 Coronavirus cases prompt DOJ to close more immigration courts
74 Immigrant Population Growth Slows
75 Trump Administration Makes Immigration Courts an Enforcement Tool by Appointing Prosecutors to Lead
76 White House itself is choosing which immigration courts get to close amid COVID-19
77 On the Rise: Pat Darcey | Daily Report
78 Immigration Judges Call to Halt Mass Hearings Amid Virus (1)
79 San Diego immigration court to move to downtown federal building
80 Amid COVID-19, Trump administration keeps immigration courts open, putting judges, lawyers and immigrants at risk
81 Federal government deleted more immigration court records about asylum in public data release: researchers
82 DOJ Works to Ease Ballooning Immigration Case Backlog
83 Immigration courts reopen despite rising coronavirus cases
84 Research Group Finds Issues With Justice Department Immigration Data Reports
85 New York Immigration Court Closed As Court Staffer Tests Positive for COVID-19
86 Judge rejects request to suspend immigration court hearings amid coronavirus outbreak | TheHill
87 IJs Should Be Permitted to Preside Over Naturalization Ceremonies and Provide Pro Bono Training
88 Judges call for all immigration courts to close in wake of coronavirus
89 DOJ's Executive Office for Immigration Reviews Plans to Deploy Critical E-Filing System
90 Memphis Immigration Court set to reopen in late July, but fear, uncertainty remain
91 Federal government keeps immigration courts open despite coronavirus risks
92 Reorganizing This Immigration Office Isn't a "Power Grab." It's Common Sense.
93 New EOIR Regulations Allow Director to Adjudicate Cases
94 Immigration judges association calls for independence from DOJ | TheHill
95 Coronavirus: Attorneys, advocates file emergency motion to halt in-person immigration hearings
96 Boston Immigration Court Closes For 1st Time During Crisis After Attorney Reports COVID-19 Contact
97 Editorial: Restricting skilled immigrant labor hurts US workers
98 Attorney General adds 28 immigration judges, including two in California border courts
99 Lawyers, judges push to close immigration courts amid virus
100 The Varick St. Immigration Court Has Moved All of Its Hearings to Fort Worth