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1 Union, lawmakers attempt to block Schedule F executive order through new lawsuit, legislation
2 Salary Council appointee resigns, calls Schedule F executive order a ‘red line’
3 Signing Statement from President Donald J. Trump on S. 209
4 Diversity training in jeopardy at U of M due to President Trump’s executive order
5 Trump Just Signed an Executive Order Letting Him Purge Thousands of Federal Workers for Disloyalty
6 Trump Administration Executive Order Led USAID To Suspend Diversity Training : Goats and Soda
7 New executive order could strip civil service protections from ‘wide swaths’ of federal workforce
8 Trump Weighs Executive Order to Show Support for Fracking
9 Executive order obliterating civil service protections gets an F
10 No 202.70: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency
11 Trump signs executive order that critics warn politicizes federal career civil service
12 U of M says diversity training should be suspended to comply with Trump's executive order
13 Executive Order on Addressing the Threat to the Domestic Supply Chain from Reliance on Critical Minerals from Foreign Adversaries
14 Trump’s newest executive order could prove one of his most insidious
15 Federal employee union sues over Trump civil service executive order
16 Trump's Executive Order on Federal Employees Would Be a Win for the Swamp
17 Trump Seeks to Create Coordinated Federal Water Policy via Executive Order
18 President Trump's executive order on diversity training forces shipyard to change course
19 Defense Contractors Could Fall Under Trump 'Divisive Concepts' Executive Order
20 Viewpoint: When an Executive Order Is Racist
21 No. 202.68: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency
22 If You're a Conscientious Civil Servant, Trump's Newest Executive Order Could Be a Disaster for You
23 Cuban Pete's Owner Locked Out After Repeated Executive Order Violations
24 Federal Contracts and Workplace Diversity Update: Executive Order 13950 | Connecticut Law Tribune
25 President Trump Signs Executive Order on Modernizing America's Water Resource Management and Water Infrastructure
26 GovExec Daily: The Problem with the Diversity Training Executive Order
27 'Life has to go on’: Harrison Co. residents react to latest executive order
28 Suit Filed against Executive Order on Policy-Related Jobs
29 No. 202.67: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency
30 President Trump Signs Executive Order Removing Job Protections For Civil Service Workers
31 Trump's Executive Order on the ICC is Illegal, Not Just Shameful
32 AAM Statement in Response to the Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
33 Florida executive order requires all public meetings to return to in-person
34 Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect
35 Second Lady Karen Pence Highlights the President's Executive Order to Safeguard Americans' Mental Health and to Prevent Suicide
36 President Donald J. Trump Is Protecting Our Domestic Mining Industry and Critical Minerals Supply Chains
37 Executive Order 13950 is a dangerous and Orwellian directive
38 Anti-bias hotline adds to growing confusion surrounding Trump executive order
39 Federal judge throws out Morgantown bar challenge to state pandemic executive orders
40 'It's already having a massive effect,' corporate America demands Trump rescind executive order on diversity
41 Executive order issued requires use of face masks on Standing Rock Reservation
42 Trump's Executive Order on Healthcare: What to Know
43 OPM Updates Job Qualifications Following Hiring Executive Order
44 Legal expert unpacks what Trump's executive order on diversity training means for agencies
45 Executive Order allows for new Public Health enforcement rules
46 Around the nation: Trump issues executive order calling for better coordination of mental health services
47 3 colleges pause diversity efforts over Trump executive order
48 Trump's executive order on visas for foreign workers cost USD 100 billion, claims think tank
49 These new Michigan laws replaced Whitmer’s overturned COVID-19 executive orders
50 A message regarding Executive Order 13950
51 Coalition Letter on Executive Order 13950
52 Executive Orders: A Suspension, Not a Toll of the SOL | New York Law Journal
53 White House Order Against Diversity Training Generates Confusion
54 What Trump's new executive order actually means for mining in Minnesota
55 New Executive Order Prohibits Training that "Promotes Race or Sex Stereotyping"
56 President Trump Signs One Trillion Trees Executive Order, Promoting Conservation and Regeneration of Our Nation's Forests
57 Executive Order Extends Outdoor Dining Until December 31
58 DOL OFCCP FAQ on Trump's Executive Order on Race and Sex
59 EO Ban on Diversity Trainings Impacting Private Employers
60 Trump executive order should prompt review of diversity training
61 Maryland Issues Executive Order Restricting Foreclosure Actions and Prohibiting Evictions During COVID-19 Emergency
62 Federal Contractors: Key Points In New Executive Order On Combating Race And Sex Stereotyping
63 Hospital groups send letter to Trump criticizing executive order on race and sex stereotyping in healthcare
64 Polis Executive Order Puts Another Hold On Many Colorado Evictions
65 Environmental Executive Order Changes After 2020 Election
66 OFCCP Issues Request for Information on Trump EO
67 Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order Reminding International Travelers Coming from Level 2 & 3 Countries to Quarantine & Fill Out Travel Form
68 Trump's executive order on preexisting conditions lacks teeth, experts say
69 Executive Order Puts Federal Contractors and Grant Recipients on Notice: End “Divisive” Diversity Training or Risk Being Barred from Doing Business with the Federal Government
70 Evansville Councilman Elpers: Mayor’s Executive Order extension against state law
71 Trump Issues Executive Order 13950 to Combat Race and Sex Stereotyping Imposing New Requirements on Government Contractors
72 Moline mayor issues executive order allowing city employees 2-hour paid leave to go vote
73 Official On Why He Resigned From Federal Salary Council
74 Michigan Supreme Court rules against governor again, ending Covid-19 executive orders
75 When exactly does the executive orders period end with Michigan Supreme Court ruling?
76 President Donald J. Trump Is Safeguarding Americans' Mental Health and Preventing The Tragedy of Suicide
77 President Trump Issues New Executive Order for Federal Contractors and Employers
78 Seattle-area groups join effort to reverse Trump order to limit diversity and inclusion trainings
79 State of Emergency Remains Through October
80 Governor Stitt issues amended executive order, extends state of emergency
81 Executive Order 202.70 Extends Moratorium on New York Commercial Evictions and Mortgage Foreclosures to January 2021
82 County reiterates executive order, but no change at county buildings yet
83 Mayor Winnecke’s executive order is now in effect
84 How the New Executive Order Affects Federal Contractor Workplace Diversity Training
85 How President Trump's Executive Order On "Divisive" Race And Gender Concepts Affects Contractors And Grant Recipients
86 Trump executive order could inject politics into civil service (Editorial)
87 Trump signs executive order on protecting vulnerable newborn and infant children
88 UPDATE: Governor extends telehealth executive order
89 Trial held challenging Newsom’s authority to issue executive order
90 Connecticut COVID Update: 538 New Cases, 22 Additional Hospitilizations, Governor Signs 77th Executive Order
91 Maryland issues new executive order regarding foreclosures and repossessions
92 An executive order worth $100 billion: The impact of an immigration ban’s announcement on Fortune 500 firms’ valuation
93 Executive order outlines National Drought Resilience Partnership responsibilites
94 Top 10 Things to Know About the Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping
95 Diversity, Equity, and Racial Sensitivity Training After Executive Order 13950
96 South Dakota State-Tribal Relations Committee rebukes Governor Noem Executive Order
97 Senate Democrats claim Trump's 2018 veteran suicide prevention order was never implemented
98 After Repeated Executive Order Violations, Cuban Pete's Gets Shut Down
99 New Mexico renews Covid-19 Health Emergency and impacted executive orders through November 13
100 Burgum signs executive order permitting early ballot processing