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1 The Marine Corps' First Carrier-Capable F-35 Squadron Is Ready for Combat
2 First US Marine F-35C squadron achieves initial operational capability
3 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Advances Air Superiority With F-35C
4 First Marine F-35C squadron ready for aircraft carrier combat
5 Marines declare first F-35C squadron ready for aircraft carrier deployment
6 Senate appropriators add F-35s to defense budget, but there are strings attached
7 USS Carl Vinson, U.S. Navy's First Operational F-35C Squadron, Conduct Flight Deck Certification
8 Switzerland preps to buy F-35
9 The USS Kennedy Will Operate F-35s Straight Out of the Shipyard
10 NAS Lemoore’s newest F-35C hangar tops out major milestone during construction
11 High-accuracy aerospace machining
12 First Navy Osprey Landing, Take-off, Refueling on Aircraft Carrier
13 The Navy's F/A-18 Super Hornet Gets Even More Super
14 First F-35C Pilots Graduate from TOPGUN
15 Report to Congress on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program
16 The Pentagon will have to live with limits on F-35's supersonic flights
17 Navy's First Operational F-35C Squadron Fires Missiles As It Preps For Inaugural Cruise
18 The F-35 Lightning II can't fly in lightning once again
19 Selective Arithmetic to Hide F-35's True Costs
20 VIDEO: New Navy CMV-22B Makes First Carrier Landing
21 Code Brown As This F-35C Sinks To Just Above The Waves After Taking A Low-Power Catapult Shot
22 The price of the F-35 has been falling, but it could hit a wall soon
23 First Marine F-35C Squadron Certified Safe for Flight
24 The Real F-35 Problem We Need to Solve
25 Navy Orders Four F-35C Strike Fighters
26 Topgun Receives Its First F-35C Lightning II
27 F-35C combat jets avionics
28 US Navy upgrades more ships for the F-35 as the future of carriers remains in flux
29 Marines Won't Cut Planned F-35 Buy Totals for Now, But External Review Could Change That
30 Watch this F-35 nearly plummet into the ocean during a carrier's limited power test launch
31 The inside story of two supersonic flights that changed how America operates the F-35
32 VIDEO: USS Carl Vinson Preparing for First F-35C, 'Advanced Carrier Air Wing' Deployment
33 Navy To Congress: Here’s Your F-35C Carrier — How Do We Pay For It
34 Five F-35 issues have been downgraded, but they remain unsolved
35 Watch an F-35 nearly plummet into the ocean during a test launch from an aircraft carrier
36 What Makes the America F-35 Stealth Fighter Invincible
37 Clemson Corner: Clemson alumnus becomes first Marine fighter pilot to graduate TOPGUN in F-35C
38 F-35 arrive at MCAS Miramar > United States Marine Corps Flagship > News Display
39 This Is What the F-35 of the Future Will Look Like
40 First F-35C, Lightning II class graduates TOPGUN
41 130 House members want 24 percent more F-35s procured in FY21
42 Carl Vinson, Navy's first operational F-35C squadron conduct flight deck certification
43 These F-35 pilots are the first to graduate from TOPGUN
44 When It Comes to Supersonic Flight, the F-35’s Wings Are Clipped
45 The Marine Corps just got its first carrier variant of the F-35 stealth fighter
46 Marine Corps F-35 and C-130 Collide During Refueling Exercise, All Personnel Found Safe
47 Lockheed Martin will deliver four F-35C Carrier Variant Lot 14 aircraft for US Navy
48 F-35 test team working hard to bring new weapons to fight
49 First F-35 Pilots Graduate from TOPGUN, Return as Instructors
50 The Marine Corps' first F-35C squadron is now certified to operate on its own
51 Navy Still Mulling Post-F-35C Aviation Combatant; Could be Mix of Manned, Unmanned Aircraft
52 First Marine Corps F-35C hits the fleet in California
53 FRC East expands repair and testing capabilites on F-35 components
54 Lockheed Martin to Manufacture 4 F-35C Carrier Variants for US Navy
55 First Operational Stealth F-35C Squadron Conducts Flight Deck Certification on USS Carl Vinson
56 DOD tester’s report: F-35 is still a lemon
57 US Orders 78 New F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters
58 Air Force Closing in on 250th F-35A
59 COVID-19-Related Supply Chain Disruptions Slowing F-35 Production
60 Navy F-35 joins famous TOPGUN school
61 Congress is ultimately to blame for F-35 fiasco
62 The F-35 Is Still Full of Must-Fix Flaws
63 First Marine Corps F-35C Squadron One Step Closer to Deployment
64 aircraft carriers F-35C networking
65 In First, Marine Corps F-35 Fighters Deploy Aboard British Aircraft Carrier
66 South Korea Plans to Build F-35B Lightning Aircraft Carrier
67 F-35C arrives in Miramar as first in Marine Corps
68 Marines F-35C Squadron Declared ‘Safe For Flight’
69 Uncorrected Design Flaws, Cyber-Vulnerabilities, and Unreliability Plague the F-35 Program
70 Why the Pentagon Limited the F-35’s Supersonic Flight
71 Carrier Vinson Heading to San Diego Ahead of First F-35C Joint Strike Fighter Deployment
72 The Pentagon Just Bought a Bunch of F-35s
73 British Government Says It Might Pass On $27M Upgrade For Some Of Its F-35s
74 'Agile' strategy fails to deliver as F-35 upgrade two years late and cost rise $1.5bn
75 Even After Achieving IOC, Questions Continue to Surround Navy's F-35C
76 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Executes 1st Alert Status Drill in the Middle East
77 CMV-22B Osprey in maiden flight to an aircraft carrier
78 F135 Upgrades, Reengining Considered In New F-35 Propulsion Road Map
79 The F-35 still can't go supersonic without compromising its critical stealth tech
80 F-35Cs Arrive at Miramar as Marines Prepare First Carrier Squadron
81 Lightning Strikes Miramar: 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing welcomes Corps' first F-35C
82 Lockheed Martin F-35 has 873 deficiencies | News | Flight Global
83 DOD Finalizes Purchase Plan for F-35 Aircraft > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
84 COVID-19 Halts F-35 Flight Testing Until Further Notice
85 To improve F-35 reliability, Pentagon plans performance-based logistics contract
86 Why the F-35 is a good deal judging by cost-per-effect: think tank
87 The F-35 still has hundreds of problems the Pentagon has no plans on fixing
88 F-35 saga of delays continues as full-rate production pushed back again
89 F-35 Won't Miss Full-Rate Production Target, Pentagon Official Says
90 The F35 has hundreds of design flaws that Pentagon doesn't plan to fix
91 F-35C Wing Commander Focused on First Deployment, Transitioning First Marine Corps Squadron
92 F-35 aircraft avionics
93 F-35 Fighter Jets Need An Engine Upgrade; Pentagon Awards Contract To Pratt & Whitney
94 Navy Declares Initial Operational Capability for F-35C Joint Strike Fighter
95 India's First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Reaches Major Milestone With Completion Of Basin Trials; Here's What's Next For It
96 JPO Dedicates Assembly Line To Fix US Navy F-35C Delays
97 F-35A Joint Strike Fighters Banned from Flying Near Lightning over Explosion Concerns
98 Carrier Vinson Returns to San Diego to Prepare for F-35C Deployment
99 Navy Shifts Future Carrier JFK to Single-Phase Delivery With F-35C Modifications Included
100 The Pentagon is battling the clock to fix serious, unreported F-35 problems