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1 The “Un-Sprung Bear Trap”: The Resurrection of the FTC's Penalty Offense Authority As One Possible Solution to the 13(b) Problem
2 What You Should Know about the FTC's Mail Order Rule
3 Andrew Smith Named Director of FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection
4 Section 13(b) at the New Year: Where Things Stand in the Fight Over The FTC's Enforcement Authority
5 How Does the FTC's Proposed New "Made in USA" Rule Work?
6 FTC's Mail Order Rule Crackdown Continues
7 AOA Vows to Fight FTC's Contact Lens Rule Changes
8 FTC’s top consumer protection official can’t go after Facebook
9 INSIGHT: FTC's Inquiry Into Common Ownership Benefits Markets, Consumers
10 FTC Sues for Alleged Deceptive and Unfair Business Practices
11 A Primer on Data Privacy Enforcement Options
12 FTC's Tips on Using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms
13 Raising the Bar: FTC's Proposed Changes to the Safeguards Rule Would Establish a New Standard for Information Security Programs
14 Online Political Advertising and the FTC's Rules of the Road | Texas Lawyer
15 Checking in with the FTC's Bureau of consumer protection
16 FTC Goes After AH Media Group for Fraudulent Subscription Practices
17 FTC's “Nixing the Fix” Workshop hears concerns raised by Right to Repair advocates
18 Form 8-K ASSURED GUARANTY LTD For: Nov 24
19 What does the FTC’s new task force mean to data aggregators?
20 Beyond Law Enforcement: The FTC's Role In Promoting Health Care Competition And Innovation
21 Overruling its own precedent, 7th Circuit curbs FTC's ability to obtain restitution
22 Seventh Circuit Guts FTC’s Powers — Setting up Supreme Court Showdown
23 CFPB's Cost-Benefit Analysis Office to Be Modeled After FTC's Bureau of Economics
24 Silicon Valley Should Prepare To Defend Diagonal Mergers
25 FTC seeks to add 2 investors as defendants in real estate training scheme
26 Amazon is working with the FTC’s fraud investigation against Sellers Playbook
27 A primer on the FTC's authority over financial institutions
28 Fashion Nova Case Has Lessons For Retailers Amid Pandemic
29 When Fast Fashion Slows Online Orders: Lessons Learned From $9.3 Million FTC Settlement
30 Facebook Leaks Defense Against FTC's Antitrust Enforcement and Break-up—Instagram and WhatsApp Are too
31 FTC Takes a Bite Out of UrthBox Snacks for Deceptive Business Practices
32 US District Court Upholds FTC's Decision To Block Peabody And Arch's Joint Venture Of PRB/Colorado Assets
33 Before Facebook, There Was GeoCities
34 FTC’s New Task Force Could Be Trouble for Big Tech
35 FTC's Slaughter on Trump EO
36 5 Things MLMs Need to Worry About after FTC's Action against SBH
37 What Developers Should Know about the FTC's Deal with a Kids' Brain-Trainer
38 AbbVie AndroGel Case Tests FTC's Power to Recoup Patent Profits
39 Measured Against Facebook's Revenue, FTC's $5 Billion Fine Falls Short of Record
40 Keeping Up With the Tech: Behind the FTC's COPPA Review | Legaltech News
41 Game over: FTC goes after board game campaign gone wrong in first crowdfunding case
42 Why the FTC's Case Against Qualcomm Protects American Consumers
43 Should First Trust Capital Strength ETF (FTCS) Be on Your Investing Radar?
44 US FTC's Top Antitrust Official to Step Down Amid Tech Probes
45 The Technology 202: Tech startup investors are skeptical of Washington's increased antitrust scrutiny
46 FTC's New Competition Task Force Could Be Bad News for Facebook
47 Health systems unlikely to prevail if they challenge FTC's COPA demands
48 FTC's plan too costly to dealers, NADA says
49 The Cure: Social Media Influencers and Healthcare | Robins Kaplan LLP
50 FTC's Case Against Qualcomm Dealt Mortal Wound With Recent Ruling
51 The Guide to Merger Remedies
52 Regs Would Conform GILTI High-Tax Exceptions
53 FTC's Reaches Settlement with Brain Trainer Lumosity
54 The FTC's 6(b) Study Authority: An Important Tool for Policymakers
55 European Union And United States: Antitrust And Data
56 FTC takes action against deceptive weight-loss products
57 Antitrust Merger Enforcement Update And Outlook
58 What's In Store for the FTC's Privacy & Data Security Program in 2017?
59 ASTA Calls for Travel Agency Compensation on Future Travel Credits
60 Toward a Robust Competition Policy
61 Fired Amazon Employee Arrested After Amazon Reported Him to Federal Bureau of Investigation
62 Appeals Court Upholds FTC’s Deception Findings on Pom Wonderful
63 Comcast Hit With $100M “Deceptive Practices” Lawsuit By Washington State AG
64 Quebec's Justice Minister vows to get refunds for cancelled trips: report
65 Report: Nearly 40% Of Publishers Ignore FTC's Native Advertising Rules
66 The FTC's Qualcomm Case Reveals Concerning Divide with DOJ on Patent Hold-Up
67 FTC guidelines on sponsored content & native ads: 4 things you need to know
68 Few Are Impressed With FTC’s Record Fine Against Facebook
69 American Financial Benefits Center: Trust the FTC's Advice Regarding Work-From-Home Opportunities
70 Vizio agrees to pay $2.2 million to settle FTC's television-spying case
71 FTCs View on Claims Substantiation
72 The Federal Government's Appropriate Role in Internet Privacy Regulation
73 Response To FTC's Inquiry: Should Franchise Rule Be Modified
74 The D.C. Circuit's POM Wonderful Decision: Not So Wonderful For FTC's Randomized Clinical Trial Push
75 Cause of Action Institute to Defend D-Link Systems Against FTC's Baseless Data Security Charges
76 The FTC's New Kid Privacy Rules (COPPA) Are a Big Mess
77 Court to rehear case on FTC's authority | TheHill
78 Net Asset Value(s)
79 FTC's witness criticizes Qualcomm's economics experts as 'sloppy'
80 Qualcomm didn't have enough power to hurt chip competition, expert testifies
81 FTC's Judy Maynard dies – NationNews Barbados —
82 IGDA welcomes FTC's revision to the Jewelry Guides
83 Social Media Influencers Stump for More Seamless Product Placement
84 How Even the FTC's Lead Technologist Can Get Hacked
85 Don't Expect An End To Sketchy Hotel Resort Fees Anytime Soon
86 Stay merry but also alert: Tips to avoid thieves and online scams this holiday season
87 Opportunities and Risks in the New Green Marketing Rules | Greenbiz
88 Qualcomm: Huge Growth Approaches
89 Foreign Tax Credits: Section 126 Of The Income Tax Act — A Canadian Tax Lawyer's Analysis
91 New Legislation Aims to Change Tax Law Provisions That Incentivize Outsourcing
92 ALTR Created Diamonds Celebrates FTC Ruling On Legitimacy Of Created Diamonds As Real Diamonds
93 FTC’s Chairman Jon Leibowitz set to announce his departure Friday
94 Apathetic approach towards fire incidents and measures to be initiated
95 The BEAT Proposed Regulations: Use Of Common Law Doctrines
96 Native Advertising, Influencers, And Endorsements: Where Is the Line Between Integrated Content And Deceptively Formatted Advertising?
97 Testify! Keys for the Legal Use of Testimonials and Advertisements
98 The Impact Of Select US Tax Reform Provisions On Australian Superannuation Funds And Its Beneficiaries
99 Form 10-K ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. For: Dec 31
100 The GILTI Rules – A Comprehensive Q&A on the New Proposed Regulations