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1 Comments to DOL re: Rescission of Joint Employer Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act Rule
2 Comments to DOL re: Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act: Withdrawal
3 Virginia’s New Overtime Law: Time and a Half & Collective Actions
4 DOL reinstates liquidated damages under FLSA
5 Fair Labor Standards Act
6 DOL Proposes to Scrap Employer-Friendly Independent Contractor Rule
7 Amazon Sued for Labor Violations by Warehouse Employee
8 U.S. DOL Wage & Hour Division Questions, Proposes to Withdraw Final Rule for Classifying Workers
9 The DOL Proposes to Nix the Trump Administration's Joint Employer and Independent Contractor Rules
10 Department of Labor Proposes Withdrawal of Rules Clarifying Parameters of Employment Relationship
11 Worker classification comments accepted through April 12
12 Amazon Sued for Allegedly Failing to Adequately Pay Overtime Wage
13 Greenville's Keystone found in violation of Fair Labor Standards
14 FLSA may require pay for time spent getting vaccinated, Illinois says
15 Biden DOL Proposes To Dismantle Trump regs On Tipping, FLSA
16 Department of Labor Announces Proposed Rules to Reconsider Tipped-Worker Regulations
17 Court: Employee's regular phone calls can impact status under FLSA
18 Health Care Industry FLSA Collective Action Focuses On Exempt Status Of Care Coordinators
19 DOL Announces Plans To Rescind FLSA Joint Employment Rule, Withdraw FLSA Independent Contractor Rule
20 End of PAID Program: Wage and Hour Changes in Biden Administration
21 Updated: Department of Labor Issues Final Rule Regarding FLSA Tip Regulations
22 Maggiano's Little Italy in Philadelphia hit with almost $200,000 in federal violations and penalties
23 DOL's Proposal To Ax Joint Employer Rule Comes Under Fire
24 Employers Face Increasing Worker Classification Pressure
25 Virginia Continues Pro-Employee Push with New Overtime Wage Act
26 A Few Out-of-State Telephone Calls Per Week May Be Sufficient To Establish FLSA Coverage, 11th Circuit Holds
27 Fifth Circuit Holds FLSA Applies to the Crewmembers of Liftboats
28 The Paycheck Fairness Act advances to a committee hearing in Washington D.C.
29 Fair Labor Standards Act: Tracking Additional Complaint Data Could Improve DOL's Enforcement
30 What is the “Save America’s Pastime Act”?
31 Worker classification rule should be tweaked, not rescinded, OOIDA says
32 Pittsylvania County health care facility owes nearly $140,000 after violating labor law
33 Incomplete Payroll Records Lead to Employer FLSA Liability, Fifth Circuit Rules
34 Gig worker or employee?
35 Changes expected to federal labor rule – The Journal Record
36 Lawsuit alleging Vail Resorts labor violations should proceed in all 9 states, say employees' attorneys
37 Oil Rig Worker Tells 5th Circ. Day Rate Doesn't Nix OT
38 Overtime and Comp Time
39 DOL Revokes Trump Policy Limiting Double Damages for Wage Violations
40 Arizona Coyotes Settle Ex-Employee's OT Claims
41 Maggiano's in Center City hit with $184K in labor violations
42 Court says former Old Town restaurant owner must pay back workers for wage violations
43 Opinion of Interest
44 Risk Prevention Strategies: Avoiding Costly FLSA Missteps | PilieroMazza PLLC
45 The Fair Labor Standards Act: What to Know and Why the U.S. Needs New Labor Laws
46 Ending the Tipped Minimum Wage Will Reduce Poverty and Inequality
47 DOL Final Rule on Tip Regulations Under Fair Labor Standards Act
48 Lawsuit seeks to preserve employment freedom for independent workers
49 New Mexico's Healthy Workplaces Act Brings Paid Sick and Safe Time Law to the Land of Enchantment
50 Nashville restaurant workers awarded $628K in wage theft lawsuit settlements
51 Six Common (and Costly) FLSA Mistakes | Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP
52 Virginia Increases Minimum Wage (5/1/21)
53 New Mexico's Healthy Workplaces Act Brings Paid Sick And Safe Time Law To The Land Of Enchantment
54 'We have the chance to do better:' Lawmakers hear bills to include farmworkers in labor laws
55 US Federal Labor Topics: Immigration Bills, Equal Pay, Pregnancy Protections
56 How Democrats And Unions Plan To Wipe Out Independent Contractors
57 Fair Labor Standards Act: Observations on the Effects of the Home Care Rule
58 Submission to US Department of Labor Re: Independent Contractor Status under Fair Labor Standards Act
59 Legislative deadlines won't apply to Oregon ag overtime bill
60 DOL on Independent Contractor Status Under FLSA
61 OFCCP Week In Review: April 2021 #2 | DirectEmployers Association
62 US Federal Labor Law: American Jobs Plan; Joint Employers & More
63 2 Connecticut Restaurants Draw Department of Labor Ire for Punishing Employees | Connecticut Law Tribune
64 High Court Asked To Snuff Philly UberBlack Drivers Suit
65 The First 100 Days of the Biden Administration: Labor and Employment Activity (UPDATED)
66 Uber Asks SCOTUS to Undo Ruling Allowing UberBLACK Drivers' Suit
67 Anti-Discrimination Laws in the Workplace
68 What the debate over raising the federal minimum wage to $15 tells us about US politics and society.
69 Labor Department Ends PAID Program
70 Why A $15 Minimum Wage Could Lead To More FLSA Wage Violations
71 City Smacks Down 'Forensic' Study of Police Overtime – Pasadena Now
72 DOL Brings Back Double Damages For Wage Violators
73 Window On Washington
74 DOL Can't Pause Appeal Of Trump-Era Joint Employer Rule
75 Melwood Endorses Critical Legislation to End the Subminimum Wage for People with Disabilities
76 Department Of Labor Rushes To Impose New Rule For Classifying Workers Under The FLSA
77 FBI Investigative Employees Can Proceed In Overtime Suit
78 Philadelphia Hotel, Airport Hospitality, and Event Center Businesses Face Significant New Recall and Retention Obligations
79 Flower Foods Distributors Get OK On $3.15M FLSA Settlement
80 The Fair Labor Standards Act and vessel personnel
81 12 Best Practices to Help Bring Staff Back
82 U.S. Department of Labor Finalizes New Rule for Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
83 Navigating the Right Path to Collective Action Settlements Under the Fair Labor Standards Act | Texas Lawyer
84 Wage and Hour Update: Notable FLSA Developments in 2020
85 Fifth Circuit Sets New Framework for Fair Labor Standards Act Certification Analysis
86 AG joins fight against change in labor rules defining 'contractors'
87 Updates on Employee Benefits Regulations Impacted by the Biden Administration's Regulatory Freeze
88 Tyson Gets Out-Of-State Workers Booted From Texas OT Suit
89 Protect Care Workers — You'll Need Us Someday
90 Arbitration Pacts Alive and Well, Even for Interstate Transportation Workers: March 2021 ‎News Update
91 DOL Issues New Tip Regulations Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
92 Fact check: Did the U.S. House Just Pass a Federal Version of California's Gig Economy Law? | Stanford Law School
93 Pa. Significantly Increases OT Salary Thresholds Under the Minimum Wage Act | The Legal Intelligencer
94 Independent Contractor Status Under the FLSA Being Reviewed by Biden DOL
95 [Webinar] Risk Prevention Strategies: Avoiding Costly FLSA Missteps
96 Factual Questions Exist In Workers' OT Case, Energy Co. Says
97 DOL Allows Tip Pooling under FLSA
98 Fire Law: Top 5 FLSA Mistakes Fire Departments Make
99 House to take up DC statehood, equal pay bills this month April 2
100 DOL Ends PAID Program | Proskauer