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1 Gov Dined Unmasked With Head of Doctors Lobby And Lobbyist At French Laundry says Consumer Watchdog
2 Supporters of the Fairness for Injured Patients Initiative Announce 307,000 Signatures Collected for Measure to Update 1975 Cap on Compensation for Medical Negligence Victims
3 California measure raising malpractice awards will be on ballot — in 2022
4 Survivors of Medical Negligence Qualify Ballot Initiative for 2022 Election
5 Campaign behind ballot initiative to increase California's medical damages cap decides to aim for 2022 ballot due to coronavirus pandemic
6 Medical Negligence Compensation Cap Measure Qualifies for 2022 Ballot
7 Families Of Injured Patients File California Ballot Measure To Adjust $250,000 Maximum Compensation Cap Set By Politicians In 1975 That Has Never Been Updated, Reports Consumer Watchdog
8 Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Explains Different Types of Injury Lawsuits Based on Legal Grounds
9 No-Fault Compensation for Vaccine Injury — The Other Side of Equitable Access to Covid-19 Vaccines
10 Medical Negligence Survivors Launch Nov 2020 Ballot Measure Signature Drive For Proposal To Raise 1975 Compensation Cap That Was Never Adjusted
11 2 African American families hope for equality in health care, malpractice changes possible
12 Plaintiff Lacks Standing to Sue Ex-Employer Under FCRA
13 The Court of Appeals' Jurisprudence on Liability in Animal Cases Following 'Hewitt' | New York Law Journal
14 New Website & Interactive Map Tells the Stories of Medical Negligence Victims Denied Justice Representing Every CA State Senate District on World Patient Safety Day
15 Proposed Initiative to Increase Damages Under MICRA Recently Amended
16 Bill 47: Changes announced to Alberta’s occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation legislation
17 Proposed CA Ballot Initiative Would Extend Settlement Caps for Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
18 6 Billionaires Making a Fortune During the Pandemic
19 Washington Healthcare Update
20 Coronavirus forces California initiative backers to hold off until 2022
21 Families of Injured Patients File California Ballot Measure to Raise MICRA
22 Inside track: Work Health & Safety
23 Prominent Medical Provider Offers Apology and Settlement; More
24 Washington Healthcare Update- Nov 23, 2020
25 Update: Sterling Man Charged with Assault After Maskless Cough on Protesters
26 Letters to the editor for Nov. 20, 2020
27 Covelo Man Faces Charges Associated with the Kidnapping and Subsequent Deaths of Two Near Covelo
28 New law provides protections for New York's LGBTQ veterans, vets with PTSD and brain injuries
29 Resources for Veterans
30 Justices Weigh Discrimination Claims by Pregnant Police Officer Who Asked Not to Wear Gun | New Jersey Law Journal
31 Eleventh Circuit Stops Consumer Lawsuits for Procedural Violations
32 Asahi And J. McIntyre: What's Tax Got To Do With It?
33 Realty Law Digest | New York Law Journal
34 Biden's election a sense of relief & hope- but caution too
35 JUST OUT – Seventh Circuit Issues Landmark Decision Holding That BIPA Unlawful Retention Claims May Remain in Federal Court
36 Objectors' Class Action Appeal Prompts Eleventh Circuit to Toss Both Settlement and Underlying Complaint | Daily Report
37 Case: Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation (4th Cir.)
38 Official Rules
39 Letters: Impossible to enforce stop signs
40 12 Days of Holiday Trivia
41 A Class Action Settlement With a Chocolate Company Melts Away: Eleventh Circuit Issues En Banc Decision on Article III Standing Principles
42 Initiative Filed to Change the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975
44 The Weekly Round-Up: Tension Over Begum and Procurement
45 Queensland Government Bulletin
46 The 2020 Election: Previewing the Potential for Shifts in Labor & Employment Law
47 Enter the holiday lights contest
48 Group Wants to Halt ACFT Until the Army Assesses Whether It's Fair to Female Soldiers
49 See It, Snap It, Send It! Elfie Contest
50 8th Circuit overturns ballot extension – Minnesota Lawyer
51 Johnny Depp Loses Defamation Suit Over “Wife Beater” Story
52 Kilbride's retention race shatters spending records
53 Operation Meal Plan Final Grants Awarded To Local Non-Profits, Marietta
54 Divided En Banc Court Dismisses FACTA Claims for Lack of Article III Standing
55 Tom Kilbride’s Supreme Court retention race shatters spending records
56 procurement Archives
57 Modern Mobility: The Win-Win of Automated Enforcement
58 New NAR President Outlines Association's Strategic Priorities for 2021
59 Bad Coaching in the NFL: Matt Patricia reaches rock bottom
60 Scared of Santa photo contest rules
61 What do Californians know about pork, anyway? + A boxer swings for the ballot + Latino PAC
62 How the vacation rental space can benefit from Airbnb's IPO
63 Hathras gang-rape: PUCL report highlights loopholes in police probe
64 Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Would Require Accommodations
65 ShowBiz Minute: Cuomo, Jennings, 'Jaws'
66 How Denmark Dumped Medical Malpractice and Improved Patient Safety
67 For the First Time Ever, the House Has Passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
68 Susan Lieu’s one-woman show about avenging her mother's death comes to the 'mecca' of Little Saigon
69 Law360's Tort Report: Meat Loaf's Suit Out Of Hell
70 House passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act | 2020-09-23
71 Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in the Time of Covid-19
72 Tennessee Pregnant Workers Fairness Act | Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
73 Class settlement in Mayo Clinic balance billing suit gets preliminary approval
74 Kilmer co-sponsors Federal Worker Leave Fairness...
75 U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
76 Oregon Workplace Fairness Act: What Employers Need to Know
77 Sectarian Violence & Female Heterophobia perpetrated by Catholics
78 Don’t Forget To Update Your Anti-Discrimination Policies: Oregon Workplace Fairness Act Goes Into Effect October 1, 2020
79 Texas Law Highlights Dilemma Over Care For Patients With No Hope Of Survival
80 West Virginia Senate President says “Fairness Act” is not the “right path” for the state
81 AMA urges lawmakers to act on policing reform to protect public health
82 #WorkforceWednesday: Sick Leave in New York, California Law Update, and Oregon’s Workplace Fairness Act Takes Effect
83 Reminder: Workplace Fairness Act goes into Effect October 1
84 Congress Could Protect Pregnant Employees with Fairness Act
85 Long-Awaited Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Moves to the House
86 Remarks by President Trump in a Roundtable with Stakeholders Positively Impacted by Law Enforcement
87 Don’t Get Caught by Surprise – Oregon’s Workplace Fairness Act Provisions Take Effect October 1, 2020
88 BOLI Releases Oregon Workplace Fairness Act Model Policy
89 Remarks by President Trump at a Signing Ceremony for HR 266, Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act
90 Wood deputy injured in shooting expected to recover
91 Latest Medicare Penalties On Patient Harm Hit 26 Georgia Hospitals | 90.1 FM WABE
92 COVID-19: Employing Crisis Standards of Care
93 Trends in negligence law: Excluding informed consent
94 The Bar's Most Common Repeated Mistakes in Applying CPLR 5501(c) | New York Law Journal
95 ‘Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Girls’: Idaho Is First State to Bar Some Transgender Athletes
96 Know Your Candidates: Steven Horsford
97 Ninth Circuit Class Action Update for Summer 2020
98 As 39,000 eviction filings loom, DC extends renter protections
99 COVID-19 Triage Rules Raise Dilemmas For Health Providers
100 Picking and Choosing COVID-19 Patients: Health Care Providers Face Ethical and Legal Dilemmas When Following State Triage Guidelines