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1 Federal Circuit Review
2 Federal Circuit Review
3 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (October 12-16): The Federal Circuit on Matters of the Heart
4 Why Decisions are Reversed and Vacated
5 How the Federal Circuit (and Its Judges) Fare at the Supreme Court
6 Silver-Loading Likely To Continue Following Federal Circuit Decision On CSRs
7 Federal Circuit Vacates District Court's Summary Judgment Ruling, Slamming 'Misdirected Lawyering'
8 Case: Patents/Abstention (Fed. Cir.)
9 Federal Circuit Rejects St. Jude's Challenge to Validity of Snyders' Heart Valve Patent
10 Supreme Court Justices Suggest Federal Circuit May Need to Try Again on 'Google v. Oracle' | National Law Journal
11 Other Barks & Bites for Friday, October 16: Federal Circuit Makes Claim Construction Rulings, Copyright Office Issues Section 1201 Proposed Rulemaking, China's Legislature Discusses Enhanced Patent Protections
12 The Federal Circuit, Judge Shopping, and the Western District of Texas
13 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (September 21-25): Joinder and Statutory Estoppel
14 Federal Circuit Court Denies Breach of Contract Claim in Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. v. Secretary of the Army
15 Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB Finding that Immunex Antibody Patent is Obvious
16 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (October 5-9): A Tangled Knot of Patent Ownership and Required Parties
17 VA Rules Fight Heads for Full Federal Circuit in Remote Argument
18 Full Federal Circuit Grapples With Right to Review VA Manual
19 Supreme Court Hearing in Oracle v Google: Will the High Court Fix the Federal Circuit's Mess?
20 Federal Circuit Places “Skinny Labels” in Danger | Locke Lord LLP
21 Federal Circuit revives Snyders heart valve patent
22 Who Wins, Who Loses Revisited
23 Federal Circuit Rules Joinder Doesn't Result in Estoppel
24 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (September 14-18): A Tale Of Two Mandamus Petitions
25 Federal Circuit Orders Partial Dismissal of Voip-Pal’s IPR Challenged Claims
26 Advantage over Prior Methods Inadequate to Confer Patent Eligibility without Technological Improvement
27 Federal Circuit Reinstates Jury Verdict Finding Claims of Biogen's MS Drug Were Anticipated
28 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (September 28
29 Federal Circuit Says Teva Induced Infringement of GSK Patent on Congestive Heart Failure Drug
30 Federal Circuit Decision Raises Concern over Whether Skinny Labels are Sufficient to Avoid Induced Infringement
31 Federal Circuit Mixed Opinion In HP Patent Infringement Suit
32 Joining Issue: The Federal Circuit Addresses the Interplay Between IPR Estoppel and IPR Joinder
33 Federal Circuit Considers Call to Overturn Patent Precedent
34 Federal Circuit Finds Recombinant Polypeptide Anticipated By Native Polypeptide
35 Parliament urged to reject family courts merger 'once and for all'
36 United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Upholds PTAB Decisions in Favor of Voip-Pal's Patents Against Apple
37 Federal Circuit Shoots Down Apple Bid to Strike Certain Voip-Pal Claims Upheld by PTAB
38 Supreme Court to Review Arthrex: Big Deal or Ho Hum?
39 Supreme Court Will Review Arthrex Cases Regarding Whether PTAB Judges Are Constitutional
40 Latest Federal Court Cases
41 Federal Circuit PTAB Appeal Statistics Through July 31, 2020
42 Federal Circuit Review
43 Federal Circuit: Patent Directed to Physician to Patient Communication System Abstract, Invalid
44 Applying the Broadest Reasonable Interpretation of the Claim in Light of the Specification, Federal Circuit Revives Claims in Heart Valve Patent
45 Fed. Circ. Ruling Is Troubling For Generic Drug Manufacturers
46 Case: Patents/Anticipation & Obviousness (Fed. Cir.)
47 Federal Circuit Finds Agreement To Agree Not Enforceable
48 Federal Circuit Patent Updates, 9/26/20 – 10/12/20 | WilmerHale
49 Federal Circuit Construes the Terms “Antibody” and “Antibody Fragment”
50 Federal Circuit Won't Halt Fracking Patent Trial For Board Look
51 Emerson Electric's Partial Patent Win Upheld by Federal Circuit
52 Amarin Full Court Rehearing Petition Gets Biotech Group Boost
53 High Court Won't Take Up Facebook Patent Cost Fight
54 Supreme Court Will Decide If USPTO Judges Were Properly Appointed | National Law Journal
55 Focusing on the Language Used in the Claims, the Federal Circuit Vacates a District Court's Construction of the Terms “Antibody” and “Antibody Fragment”
56 Full Federal Circuit Stays Out of PTAB Interested Parties Fight
57 How Trump Reset the Federal Judiciary
58 Efficient Infringer Smacked by the EDVA – Will the Federal Circuit Finally Draw a Line in the Sand?
59 The Price of Paice and Complexity: Rules, Standards and Facts for Post-Judgment Royalty Consideration
60 Work History Tool Properly Held Ineligible for Patent Protection
61 Apple cannot force PTAB to stick to listed sanctions, Federal Circuit holds
62 CAFC Affirms District Court Dismissal of Declaratory Judgment Under Doctrine of 'Abstention'
63 Federal Circuit's Applications in Internet Time Decision Applied
64 Supreme Court to Decide Constitutionality of PTAB Judge Appointments
65 US Supreme Court Will Decide Constitutionality of PTAB Judge Appointments
66 Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB's Claim Construction, Despite Recitation Of Incorrect Legal Standard, And Concludes That Substantial Evidence Supports Its Unpatentability Findings
67 Federal Circuit: Transfer Appropriate Even When Most Evidence Located Abroad When Original Forum Has No Direct Connection to the Case
68 Federal Circuit resuscitates Snyder's heart valve patent
69 Missing Appointments: Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Arthrex v. Smith & Nephew
70 Fate of PTAB Judges and Decisions Now in Hands of Supreme Court
71 Insurers Want Full Federal Circuit Look at Obamacare Damages
72 2 Fed. Circ. Rulings Show Importance Of Correct Inventorship
73 Case: Patents/Claim Construction (Fed. Cir.)
74 Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB's Sanctions Order Regarding Ex Parte Communications
75 Fed. Circ. Denies Vets Class Status In Disability Claims Suit
76 A Major Decision Evaluating the Effect of a Skinny Label in a Post-Launch, Non-Hatch Waxman Litigation, Jury Trial World
77 Federal Court Allowed to Defer to State Court on Contract Dispute That Raised Patent Validity Questions
78 The "Tribunals" and Tribulations of Section 1782: What Constitutes a "Foreign or International Tribunal?"
79 Trade Dress Considerations for Food and Beverage Products
80 Mark Dunning Industries Loses Waste Disposal Contract Appeal
81 US Supreme Court agrees to hear Appointments Clause challenge to administrative patent judges
82 Reduced Patent Verdict Stands as Full Fed. Cir. Denies Rehearing
83 Patent Case Summaries
84 Fed. Circ. Urged To Undo Ugg's $450K Trademark Win
85 Amy Coney Barrett's Troubling Record on Asylum and Immigration
86 Patent Maximalism stories at Techdirt.
87 Expiration of Patent Does Not Always Trigger Application of Phillips Standard on IPR Appeal
88 Supreme Court Grants Certiorari to Decide if PTAB Judges Are Constitutional
89 Full Fed. Cir. Won't Revisit Dana-Farber Win on Named Inventors
90 Victory Before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Compels Arbitration of Whistleblower Claims
91 Board Weighs-In on the Meaning of “Common Assignee/Owner” for Double Patenting
92 4th Circuit Chief: Appellate Courts 'Must Be at the Table' For Conversations About Race and Equity | Litigation Daily | The American Lawyer
93 The MSPB Empowerment Act of 2020 and the Possible Effects on Federal Employees Waiting on Appeals
94 Practice Tips Following USPTO Guidance on Applicant Admitted Prior Art
95 High Court Patent Judge Fight Could Tee Up Congressional Fix
96 Federal Circuit Statistics Update
97 BREAKING: Arthrex Headed to the Supreme Court
98 Family law shake up merger plan ‘misrepresented’ by legal profession, senior bureaucrat says
99 AntiBody Fragment: A Description of the Federal Circuit?
100 Federal Circuit Continues Expanding Appointments Clause Decision | National Law Journal