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1 Federal appeals court gives border wall spending lawsuit another chance
2 Federal appeals court won't hear Alaska absentee-ballot lawsuit before November election
3 Federal Circuit Vacates District Court Invalidity Judgment Based on Judicial Estoppel
4 Appeals court judges skeptical of Trump effort to block release of financial info
5 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Oracle's Appeal in JEDI Case
6 Federal Circuit Leaves Samba TV Patent Eligibility Win in Place
7 Federal appeals court decision may impact police immunity from lawsuits
8 U.S. appeals court rejects novel opioid settlement framework
9 Who Is Barbara Lagoa, Possible Trump Supreme Court Pick?
10 Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Appeals Court Judge In Chicago, Expected To Be President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
11 AG Shapiro tells Federal Appeals Court states must be able to regulate price gouging
12 Last Week in the Federal Circuit (September 14-18): A Tale Of Two Mandamus Petitions
13 Federal Circuit Remands District Court Decision for Erroneous Claim Construction
14 Lessons From a Quantitative Analysis of the Federal Circuit's Section 101 Decisions Since Alice
15 Florida felons lose voting rights case in federal appeals court
16 Patent Attorneys' Fee Hurdle Lower, Federal Circuit Rulings Show
17 Apple's Bid to Escape Waco Sparks Fireworks at Federal Circuit | Texas Lawyer
18 Federal appeals court denies reparations to descendants of first 20th century genocide
19 US appeals court in Denver eyes American Samoa citizenship
20 Federal Circuit Rules that Same-Party Joinder, Joinder of New Issues, Not Permitted in IPRs
21 Federal appeals court halts release of Trump's tax returns to Manhattan DA
22 Federal Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Patent Infringement Complaint Under Res Judicata
23 Texas Democrats' voting-by-mail expansion attempt blocked by appeals court
24 Full federal appeals court will take up former US Rep. Corrine Brown's case
25 Challenges to Maine's COVID-19 restrictions go to federal appeals court
26 Eastern District of Texas Federal Circuit Panel Says Google's Arguments 'Viable,' but Not Strong Enough to Escape Trial | Texas Lawyer
27 Federal appeals court refuses to review order staying New Jersey 3D gun printing lawsuit
28 Skilled in the Art: The Anti-Albright Faces a Federal Circuit Test + Inventors Making Themselves Scarce + No Deference for Judge Dyk
29 Michael Flynn case does not have to be immediately dismissed, appeals court rules
30 Witness signature now required on SC absentee ballots, federal appeals court rules
31 Affirmative action: Challenge to Harvard's admissions practices hits federal appeals court
32 Court weighs fate of sweeping Missouri abortion restrictions
33 Court cuts police excessive force verdict 75%, to $50,000
34 Fed Circ. Declares Juries Should Determine Patent Claims
35 Federal Circuit Affirms District Court Claim Construction in Foundation Pile Patent Infringement Dispute
36 Federal appeals court finds NSA phone metadata program illegal
37 Appeals Court Rejects Rehearing in Transgender Bathroom Case
38 Federal appeals court strikes down SEPTA policy that forbids political advertising
39 Public Charge Rule May Resume Second Circ. Rules
40 Full Appeals Court to Take Up Ex-Congresswoman's Case | Daily Business Review
41 3rd Circuit Federal Appeals Court Says Large-Capacity Magazine Bans Are OK
42 U.S. appeals court lets Trump officials deport many immigrants
43 Appeals court lifts order reining in feds in Portland
44 Federal Appeals Court Backs Prisons on Hepatitis C Treatment | Daily Business Review
45 Absentee Ballot Lawsuit Will Not Be Heard Before Election
46 Appeals Court Overturns Ban On Immigrant Courthouse Arrests
47 ‘That Turns the Constitutional Order Upside Down’: Appeals Court Resurrects Lawsuit to Stop Trump from Diverting Funds to Border Wall
48 Federal Appeals Court Hears Texas Vote-By-Mail Case
49 Trump's top Supreme Court nominees: three conservative women
50 Federal Circuit Review
51 Federal appeals court: investors who profited from Madoff Ponzi scheme must repay earnings
52 Federal appeals court strikes down SEPTA’s ban on political advertising, saying it has been arbitrarily applie
53 Facebook v. Windy City
54 Denver appeals court considers appeal in trooper shooting
55 D.C. Circuit panel guts House subpoena power
56 Gloucester School Board violated transgender student’s rights, federal appeals court rules
57 Federal Circuit Review
58 Federal appeals court denies expansion of mail-in-voting to younger Texas residents
59 Orrington church fights Maine's coronavirus restrictions in federal appeals court
60 Federal appeals court allows government to proceed with implementing labor executive orders
61 Court blocks Trump administration’s abortion referral restrictions in Maryland
62 Federal appeals court upholds decision to disqualify Maximum Security from Derby 145
63 Innocent Madoff Investors Must Pay Back Profits, Court Rules
64 Federal appeals court rejects Illinois Republicans' challenge to COVID-19 group limits
65 Appeals court says Oklahoma City panhandling ordinance violates free-speech rights
66 Impact and 'Unintended Benefits' of the Federal Circuit's Suspension of In-Person Oral Arguments
67 Appeals court hears Baltimore's aerial surveillance case
68 Federal Circuit Affirms District Court Dismissal of Administrative Procedure Act Suit Appealing PTAB Decision
69 Appeals Court: Columbus Police Officer Has Immunity for Pepper Spraying
70 Federal appeals court reverses decison to vacate Weymouth compressor air permit
71 Federal Circuit rules U.S. courts overcharged on PACER, plaintiffs' lawyer predicts big refunds
72 Looking At Changes Happening Within The Nation's Largest Federal Appeals Court
73 Federal Circuit Continues Expanding Appointments Clause Decision | National Law Journal
74 Federal appeals court: Wetland damage suits against oil and gas firms belong in state courts
75 Is It Time for Federal Circuit to Rethink Its Subject Matter Eligibility Jurisprudence?
76 Ball in Federal Circuit's Court on Patent Eligibility Clarity(1)
77 Full Federal Circuit Will Consider Court Review of VA Rules (1)
78 Federal Circuit Shakes Up Docket on Coronavirus Concerns (2)
79 The Light That You Shine can be Seen: Federal Circuit on Seal
80 Federal Circuit Court Rejects Appeal Due to Lack of Jurisdiction
81 Victory! Federal Circuit Enables Public to Hear Arguments In Important Patent Case
82 Federal Circuit, Behind Protest Barrier, Cancels Arguments (1)
83 AAM v. Neapco Misreads Federal Circuit Precedent to Create a New Section 101 Enablement-like Legal Requirement – Part II
84 Doubling Up: Federal Circuit Mischaracterizes both its own Precedent and the Lower Court Ruling
85 8 thoughts on “A Decade of Federal Circuit Decisions”
86 The cost and benefits of filling the federal appeals court vacancies | TheHill
87 Federal Circuit Ruling on Eleventh Amendment Immunity and Rule 19
88 Examining the Demographic Compositions of US Circuit and District Courts
89 Federal Circuit Steps In Where Supreme Court Declines to Tread | Texas Lawyer
90 Trump can't divert military funds for border wall, federal appeals court says
91 Ericsson v. TCL Lays Bare the Federal Circuit's Fundamental Hostility to Patents
92 Federal appeals court: Male-only draft is constitutional
93 Federal Circuit Makes It Official on PTAB Appointments | National Law Journal
94 Federal Circuit Opinions Surge as Virus Worries Cancel Arguments
95 Federal Circuit Issues Several Rulings Defining Contours of Arthrex Decision
96 Arthrex Is for Patent Owners Only, Federal Circuit Rules | National Law Journal
97 A Conservative Agenda Unleashed on the Federal Courts
98 Federal Circuit: We'll Interpret the AIA, Not the PTAB | National Law Journal
99 Federal appeals court extends block on voting-by-mail expansion in Texas
100 The Supreme Court, Federal Circuit, and PTAB Dance to Boloro Over the Constitutionality of Administrative Patent Judges