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1 Head of Federal Election Commission calls separation of church and state a 'fallacy' and 2020 election a 'spiritual war'
2 FEC flags McConnell campaign over suspected accounting errors | TheHill
3 After Katko TV ad criticizes her for campaign salary, Balter responds in own TV ad
4 FEC Chair Says There's No Separation of Church and State, Calls 2020 Election a 'Spiritual War'
5 FEC commissioner responds to Trump: 'We do not "get rid of" ballots'
6 Watchdog group calls on FEC to investigate donations to Trump and others by relatives and associates of Louis DeJoy
7 Federal Election Commission asks Greenfield campaign for clarification on potential campaign finance violations
8 Biden Gains Cash Advantage Over Trump
9 Zip codes donating the most money to Donald Trump
10 Preserve America PAC
11 Trump ups spending on lawyers as U.S. election legal battles heat up
12 Record $13 Billion Raised for 2020 Elections Spurs Ad Avalanche
13 Tech giants police their own online campaign ads as government disagrees on regulation
14 Here are 6 things you need to know about voting in Chicago this fall
15 Big donors fund state parties at record levels | TheHill
16 Network of news sites must register as a political committee due to Democratic links, complaint alleges
17 Truth Be Told: Campaign ad attacks Bollier's voting record on abortion
18 Watchdog Files FEC Complaint Against Louis DeJoy As Outrage Over Alleged Campaign Finance Violations Grows
19 Coronavirus changed the 2020 money race — and helped Biden erase Trump’s massive cash advantage
20 FEC complaint filed against Postmaster General for campaign finance violations
21 Waltz indicted in campaign donation scheme
22 Nestor: Stand united against corporate personhood | The Blade
23 Zip codes donating the most money to Joe Biden
24 Name of the political game | News, Sports, Jobs
25 Berghoef seeks to shore up infrastructure, health care
26 How political ads on Facebook, Google, and streaming services work
27 Approval of Judge Barrett to the US Supreme Court Hopefully Will Leave Alone Campaign Finance Precedents
28 After Trump’s remarks, election officials warn that trying to vote twice is a crime and could undermine the system
29 After Functioning for 28 Days, U.S. Election Regulator Will Be Powerless Again
30 Cambridge Analytica database identified Black voters as ripe for ‘deterrence,’ British broadcaster says
31 Federal Election Commission regains powers with new member
32 The FEC, which enforce campaign finance law, can't even meet
33 Cory Booker in strong position against GOP challenger Mehta
34 Democrats will win at all costs: just like the Republicans
35 First 2020 Presidential debate kicks off to fiery start
36 FEC In Limbo After Commissioner Resigns | Here & Now
37 Former Florida GOP congresswoman under federal investigation
38 How much money is going to Southern Colorado's congressional candidates
39 Conservative group sues to block private elections grants to Madison, 4 other Wisconsin cities
40 Republicans File Federal Lawsuit Over Election Board Settlement
41 GOP-Led Legal Inquest Into Bloomberg Helping Florida Felons Vote Condemned as Attempted Voter Suppression
42 National security think tank responds to Hagedorn allegation: 'Doesn't hold much weight'
43 Finally With a Quorum, Federal Election Commission Faces 'Extensive Backlog of Cases'
44 ‘Help me!’ Lindsey Graham begs Fox News viewers in unusual plea for campaign cash
45 FEC Dormant Heading into 2020 Election
46 Café Bustelo to Corona: Where Some Brands Are Investing in Politics
47 Bloomberg-backed gun safety advocates hit Gardner with $1 million ad campaign
48 The technology that powers the 2020 campaigns, explained
49 Halloween's over. The Federal Election Commission? Still a zombie.
50 Senate panel advances Federal Election Commission nominee
51 Capitol Review column: Prop 113's election scheme is bad for Colorado, worse for rural voters
52 FEC loses quorum once again with commissioner's resignation
53 Reform Federal Election Commission to protect democracy
54 Elections Agency Commissioner: 'The Biggest Story at the FEC Is What's Not Happening'
55 Joe Biden’s Newest Billionaire Donors: A Governor, A Walmart Heir, Tyler Perry And More
56 Campaign Finance: Federal Framework, Agency Roles and Responsibilities, and Perspectives
57 FEC Head Warns Americans Not to Expect a Winner on Presidential Election Night
58 Hunter becomes chair of Federal Election Commission – Ballotpedia News
59 NH Primary Source: NHDP launching 7-figure statewide TV effort with ad tying Sununu to ‘Trump agenda’
60 Election Agency Works to Accommodate Coronavirus During 2020 Campaign Season
61 $942K grant to support Racine's election efforts in jeopardy due to lawsuit from conservative group
62 Facebook Remains Haven for Flood of Misleading, False Ads About Mail-In Balloting
63 Outside spending in 2020 election surpasses $1 billion, on track to break records
64 FEC commissioner to Trump: 'No. You don't have the power to move the election' | TheHill
65 Bipartisan group of campaign finance lawyers urge leaders to ‘immediately’ restore quorum at Federal Election Commission
66 Congressional race in St. Louis suburbs is a toss-up. What about the rest of Missouri?
67 Wisconsin Supreme Court weighs 2 major voting cases
68 The Federal Election Commission Needs 4 of 6 Members to Enforce the Law. It Now Has 3.
69 Federal elections watchdog has no teeth to prevent foreign interference | Opinion
70 The Nation's Campaign Finance Watchdog Will Once Again Be Rendered Toothless
71 Sen Kamala Harris and her husband reported earning nearly $3.1 million last year
72 GOP ad man, KTOE radio host has hidden connection to Hagedorn
73 FEC employees ask Trump and Senate for more diverse commissioners.
74 We Need the FEC, and We Need It Now
75 Recall Persky Campaign Leaders Call on Ann Ravel to Return Donations from Jim McManis
76 Trump Appointee Highlights Unfairness of Speech Regulations in First Act on FEC
77 Federal Election Commission to Lose Quorum Again as Commissioner Resigns
78 Staff wants more people of color named to the FEC
79 With FEC impotent, advocacy group asks court to enforce campaign law
80 No Quorum At FEC Means Election Law Enforcement Is On Hold
81 FEC commissioner debunks Trump mail-vote 'conspiracy theory'
82 Paralysis Grips US Election Overseer While Complaints Pile Up
83 With FEC again defanged, Trump's latest nominee likely to face opposition
84 Charleston Navy veteran wants to unseat Rep. Jim Clyburn in SC's District 6 race
85 Citizens United Explained
86 FEC commissioner recommends voting by mail to safeguard against coronavirus
87 Kanye West files 'Kanye 2020' presidential committee doc with the Federal Election Commission | The Crusader Newspaper Group
88 Watchdog files FEC complaint against pro-Sanders nonprofit
89 FEC regains quorum to enforce campaign finance laws
90 Federal Election Commission Faces Growing Backlog in Enforcement Docket
91 Prepare to be shocked! Trump's one weird trick to avoid a campaign investigation.
92 The FEC is ineffectual and no one cares
93 Senate Republicans push nominee for a paralyzed Federal Election Commission
94 As Campaigns Move Online, America’s Chief Watchdog Isn’t Following
95 ‘Dark money’ in politics is the focus of Ohio legislation, resolutions
96 FEC to take public comments on petition to close 'Bloomberg loophole'
97 The Federal Election Commission is sitting on millions of public campaign dollars
98 Trump's nominee to restore FEC criticized for 'dark money' history
99 FEC left toothless with three empty seats heading into 2020
100 How Congress Can Help Fix the Federal Election Commission