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1 Labor Authority Abandons Decades of Precedent, Eviscerates Union Bargaining Rights
2 New Executive Order Could Make It Easier to Fire Feds in Policy Positions
3 Arbitrator Finds Trump Workforce Orders Violate Law
4 Zipper Clauses and Federal Employee Unions
5 These key federal jobs are long vacant. Federal workers are hurt because of it.
6 FLRA Must Rethink Axing Military Teachers' Pay Proposal
7 Former VP Joe Biden lays out plan for USPS, should he be elected
8 FLRA decision could have broad impact on agency labor relations
9 Labor Authority: Unions Can't Do 'Grassroots' Lobbying on Official Time
10 FLRA pushes ahead with union dues rule
11 Trump order creates Schedule F, to speed hiring and firing in key positions
12 Pandemic response at the Labor Department: a conversation with Patrick Pizzella
13 Labor Authority Formally Proposes Rule Making It Easier for Feds to Cancel Union Dues
14 Appeals Court Strikes Down Labor Authority Decision That Limited Scope of Federal Union Bargaining
15 FLRA contemplates new policy clarifying how agencies should handle ‘expired’ bargaining agreements
16 FLRA ruling changes union withholding rules
17 Appellate Court: FLRA Cannot Override Arbitrators Just Because It Disagrees With Them
18 Weather in northwest Orange County for Thursday, October 22, 2020
19 FLRA finalizes rule to allow feds to opt-out of paying union dues
20 Labor Agency Changes Organizational Chart to Bolster Court Defense
21 FLRA puts SSA judges' contract on hold
22 VA Medical Workers Can't Bargain Over OT, DC Judge Rules
23 FLRA Extends Comment Period on Proposed Regulations
24 FLRA to make it easier for employees to cancel federal union dues
25 Almanac
26 FLRA Sets Sights on Official Time for 'Lobbying Activities'
27 Labor Authority Overturns Another Precedent Days After Court Rebuke
28 Federal Government Adopts Mackinac Center Recommendation on Worker Rights
29 Despite recent decisions, FLRA chairman insists no ‘anti-union bias’
30 Presidential Memorandum on the Delegation of Removal Authority Over the Federal Service Impasses Panel
31 OPM Plans To Limit Back Pay, Attorney Fees For Fed. Workers
32 Union Appeals Ruling Limiting 'Grass Roots' Lobbying of Congress
33 NLRB Is Refusing to Bargain in Good Faith with Its Own Union?
34 White VA employees twice as likely as Black workers to be promoted, union says
35 Second Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Executive Orders
36 Labor Board Makes It Easier for Federal Employees to Cancel Union Dues
37 Labor Authority Reverses Previous Decision, Stays Implementation of SSA Contract With Administrative Law Judges Union
38 Union's complaint against Impasses Panel to go forward
39 Appeals Court Overrules Federal Labor Relations Authority on 15-Year-Long Union Dispute
40 Trump DOJ Loses Push To Bust Up Immigration Judges Union
41 Labor Panel Considers Lobbying Limits for Federal Worker Unions
42 National Right to Work Foundation Right to Work Foundation Files Comments Urging FLRA to Eliminate Restrictions on Federal Employees' Right to Cut Off Union Dues
43 Union Files Labor Charge Against EPA Over Wheeler Remarks (1)
44 Federal Labor Relations Authority
45 Senate sidetracked by Covid-19 cases
46 VA Union Seeks Injunction Against Impasses Panel
47 Labor Authority Investigator Finds EPA Violated Law with Unilateral Contract
48 Case: Labor Relations/Union Dues (CD Cal.)
49 Rent costs, caseloads prompt FLRA to close second regional office
50 Immigration Judges Union Survives, For Now
51 Case Of 'Muzzled' Judges Belongs In Fed. Court, 4th Circ. Told
52 US Regional Employment 2020: Tennessee
53 VA Union Calls Management Proposals Illegal as Impasses Panel Legal Challenge Advances
54 Immigration Judges Can Keep Union, Labor Panel Official Says
55 GovExec Daily: FLRA Wants to Make it Easier For Feds to Cancel Union Dues
56 Zipper Clauses, Unions and Lawsuits
57 Labor Authority General Counsel Nominee Vows Impartiality, But Unions Cry Foul
58 Federal Labor Relations Authority Issues Landmark Bargaining Decision
59 Appeals court allows Trump EOs on labor relations to go into effect. What happens next?
60 Who Decides What is An Effective and Efficient Government?
61 Petition to Decertify Immigration Judges' Union to Get Hearing
62 NLRB Fights Arbitrator's Mandate to Reopen Health Unit
63 Should Federal Union Officials Be Paid to Lobby Congress?
64 FLRA hears testimony in bid to decertify immigration judge union
65 Administrative Law Judges Union Asks Court to Intervene in Impasses Case
66 Feeling the Squeeze of Executive Orders
67 Three Very Recent FLRA Decisions with Important Holdings
68 Federal Union Accuses FLRA of 'Unprecedented' Bias Against Labor
69 277 Cases Awaiting General Counsel Confirmation
70 No More Union at the FLRA
71 South Jersey federal workers seek higher wages
72 Union, Trump Administration Trade Barbs in Impasse Panel Lawsuit Hearing
73 Labor board will take up DOJ's bid to dissolve immigration judges' union
74 Video Technology at the FLRA
75 Trump administration wants FLRA to hear workforce order cases
76 Trump Effort to Weaken Union Lawsuit Could Be Unlawful
77 Union Files Grievance Over VA's Refusal to Bargain
78 Democratic Senators Introduce Bill to Include Feds in Coronavirus Response Decisions
79 Is This the End of Face to Face Bargaining?
80 NLRB Chair Defends Against Internal Union's Attacks
81 EPA, Union Reopen Negotiations After Agency Implements Unilateral Contract
82 Federal Employees and Union Dues
83 FLRA formally proposes rule change allowing federal workers to stop paying union dues after first year of membership
84 Oversight Dems press FLRA chief on union, FEVS scores
85 GAO to investigate racism in Veterans Administration
86 Labor Authority Preliminarily Finds Social Security Illegally Intimidated Union Officials
87 FLRA Proposes to Speed Up Negotiability Disputes
88 SSA didn't share key information with judges union, arbitrator finds
89 Federal Employee Union Sues Impasses Panel, Calls Its Appointment 'Unlawful'
90 Trump Administration Makes Its Case to Break Up Immigration Judges' Union
91 The Best Way to Protect Immigrants From the Whims of Politics
92 At Trump's Federal Labor Police, Lights Are On But No One's Home
93 Trump Administration Looks to Decertify Vocal Federal Employee Union
94 Senate Panel Advances Key Labor Authority Nominee
95 Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Overturn Trump Collective Bargaining Decisions
96 Arbitrator says HHS committed ‘clear and patent violation’ of NTEU labor agreement
97 New Laws for California Employers
98 President Nominates FLRA General Counsel
99 Federal unions in a pickle
100 It's Time to Reform Federal Labor Relations