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1 Union Leaders Report Slow Movement to Implement Biden Workforce Order
2 The Fine Print of Biden's Directive Rescinding Trump-Era Workforce Orders
3 Biden Repeals Executive Orders, Heeds Kilmer's Call to Restore Collective Bargaining Power and Worker Protections
4 EEOC Cancels Official Time for Union Reps Across Government
5 EEOC cancels official time for union reps in discrimination complaints
6 Kilmer Encourages Biden Administration to Repeal Trump's Harmful Anti-Worker Executive Orders
7 EEOC 'Official Time' Rule Gets Thumbs-Up From White House
8 What Happens Next in Federal Labor Relations Under a New President?
9 Immigration judges union decertified in FLRA ruling
10 3 recent FLRA decisions that may shift collective bargaining negotiations
11 AFGE hoping to save Pentagon employees’ right to unionize
12 Unions Dispute Government's Latest Effort to Dismiss Impasse Panel Challenges
13 NLRB Is Refusing to Bargain in Good Faith with Its Own Union?
14 FLRA to make it easier for employees to cancel federal union dues
15 FLRA pushes ahead with union dues rule
16 FLRA finalizes rule allowing employees to more easily cancel federal union dues
17 Impasses Panel, Union Debate Appellate Court Decision's Impact on Appointments Challenge
18 FLRA to decertify union representing DOJ immigration judges
19 Union wins court case on bargaining rules
20 NTEU looks for a 'fresh start' for federal employees under Biden
21 What Could Collaborative Labor Management Relations Look Like in the New Administration?
22 Labor Panel Considers Lobbying Limits for Federal Worker Unions
23 NLRB Must Face Claim It Surveilled Its Workers' Union
24 Uncertain fate lies ahead for DoD collective bargaining with Trump memo
25 FLRA contemplates new policy clarifying how agencies should handle ‘expired’ bargaining agreements
26 SSA judges sue Impasses Panel
27 NTEU earns win in ongoing legal battle over Trump’s workforce executive orders
28 Federal Labor Relations Authority
29 VA Union Calls Management Proposals Illegal as Impasses Panel Legal Challenge Advances
30 FLRA set to allow federal workers to stop paying union dues after first year of membership – Ballotpedia News
31 Administrative Law Judge Association Says Effort to Force Partial Contract Is 'Union Busting'
32 White House Memo Could End Unionization at the Pentagon
33 Strategies To Build Worker Power in Maine
34 Despite recent decisions, FLRA chairman insists no ‘anti-union bias’
35 Fed Unions Fight Federal Labor Decision Limiting Lobbying
36 Court Stresses Role That Law Gives Unions in Federal Workplace
37 Fed. Labor Panel Busts Immigration Judges' Union
38 Why is it Called the 'Weingarten Right?” It all Comes Down to Chicken
39 AFGE seeks immediate relief in court over ongoing lawsuit against the impasses panel
40 Is it Too Hard to Fire Federal Employees?
41 Will DoD Restrict Unions for National Security Reasons?
42 OPM recommends paid parental leave corrections, new employee benefits in 2021 budget
43 Zipper Clauses and Federal Employee Unions
44 Federal Employee Unions' Bargaining Must Avoid Trivia
45 Agencies Cleared to Apply Trump's Orders on Federal Labor Relations
46 AFGE urges Congress to back labor priorities in defense bill
47 FLRA formally proposes rule change allowing federal workers to stop paying union dues after first year of membership – Ballotpedia News
48 AFGE Pushes for Workforce Protections in Defense Policy Bill Negotiations
49 Zipper Clauses, Unions and Lawsuits –
50 The Swing of the Pendulum
51 VA Asks for Broader Definition of Management in What Union Fears Is an Effort to Purge Members
52 New Lawsuit Argues Impasses Panel's Recent Decisions Are Illegitimate
53 Labor Authority General Counsel Nominee Vows Impartiality, But Unions Cry Foul
54 Should Federal Union Officials Be Paid to Lobby Congress?
55 OPM Provides Look into Official Time
56 White House Objects to Federal Personnel Provisions Passed in House
57 Is This the End of Face to Face Bargaining?
58 OPM gets cranking on workforce orders
59 USDA, Staff Union Dispute Is Latest Among Federal Agencies
60 Gold Dome Report — Budget Hearings, Day 3 | Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
61 Union calls for defense spending bill to boost civilian workforce
62 Union, Trump Administration Trade Barbs in Impasse Panel Lawsuit Hearing
63 Trump Effort to Weaken Union Lawsuit Could Be Unlawful
64 Unions Can't Get 2nd Circ. To Freeze Trump Executive Orders
65 Will It Be Harder to Fire a Federal Employee Under a Biden Administration?
66 House-passed NDAA expands paid leave benefit to excluded feds
67 Unclear how many SSA employees are gradually returning to their offices, union says
68 Latest AFGE lawsuit questions legality of impasses panel, decision on SSA collective bargaining
69 'Stunning' Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service
70 Shorts Scare Could Mark New Front in Federal Labor-Management Conflict
71 How the NLRA is Handling the Pandemic
72 Back to Pro-Labor: What Employers Can Expect From a Biden Presidency: Part II, Labor Relations Edition
73 Executive Order Disbands National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations
74 Unions Are Democratically Organized, Corporations Are Not
75 FLRA Seeks Briefs on Attorney's Fees Questions
76 VA’s collective bargaining proposals spark concern from nearly 130 lawmakers
77 Reducing Official Time for Unions in EEO
78 Amicus eComp Consultants Urges Supreme Court to Deem PTAB APJs 'Inferior' Officers in Arthrex
79 Trump administration proposes rule easing cancellation of union dues – Ballotpedia News
80 Complying with US Labor Relations Laws in Non-Union Settings
81 Immigration Judges Ask 4th Circ. To Block Muzzling Policy
82 NLRB Rulings Tip Balance Toward Management Coping With Contagion
83 Third Circuit Addresses Interplay Between LMRA and FAA and Affirms Arbitration Award in Favor of Union Under Collective Bargaining Agreement
84 Despite court decision, unions still feel impacts of Trump’s workforce executive orders
85 Federal Employee Protection Agencies Clash Over When to Protect Federal Employees
86 DC Circuit Pushed to Reinstate Anti-Union Executive Orders
87 EEOC Seeks Input On Curbing Union Work On 'Official Time'
88 Digging into the history of "Right-to-Work" as Tennessee considers new amendment
89 Immigration Judges Can't Halt Policy That 'Muzzles' Speech
90 VA tech system freezes out workers, union complains
91 Court reverses decision on Trump’s workforce executive orders, defying unions’ legal challenge
92 AFGE union and Federal Service Impasses Panel: Politics or policy?
93 Federal Labor Relations Authority Issues Landmark Bargaining Decision
94 National Labor Relations Board: Joint Employer Status Under the National Labor Relations Act
95 Three Very Recent FLRA Decisions with Important Holdings
96 What employers can expect from the Biden Administration, Part 2
97 NLRB Opens Pandora's Box on Union 'Contract Bar' Doctrine
98 The Fine Print of Trump's Collective Bargaining Executive Order
99 Appeals court allows Trump EOs on labor relations to go into effect. What happens next?
100 Rights to Representation