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1 Climate change and forest management have both fueled today's epic Western wildfires
2 Environmentalists seek grazing injunction in national forest | Washington
3 New rule aims to escalate oil and gas drilling in our national forests
4 Trump Admin Pushes Oil Drilling In National Forests
5 Butte County forests will face more major fires without better management
6 Senate approves slimmed-down reform of Act 250 land use law; what will House do?
7 19 thoughts on “California is On Fire Again and it was Preventable”
8 California Signs Shared Stewardship Agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to Manage Forests
9 Trump moves to ease way for oil, gas
10 Final Reading: Act 250 reform condensed; Budget goes back and forth
11 Trump Again Rejects Science During California Wildfire Briefing
12 AFBF Supports Emergency Wildfire Act
13 SELC op-ed: Great American Outdoors Act is monumental for the South
14 All National Forests in California closed
15 California fires: State, feds agree to thin millions of acres of forests
16 The Forest Service's rule changes undercut its once-proud mission | TheHill
17 Sens. Wyden, Manchin, Cantwell Introduce Legislation to Help Prevent Catastrophic Wildfires
18 Federal Regulations Have Made Western Wildfires Worse
19 'Not going to happen:' BLM's acting director wants to prioritize wildfires and horses, not transferring public lands
20 USFS seeks public comments on land management act
21 Trump administration to streamline oil and gas drilling in national forests
22 Native Americans Used Fire to Protect and Cultivate Land
23 Remarks by President Trump in a Briefing on Wildfires | McClellan Park, CA
24 California's Two Forestry Entities: What's the Difference?
25 These May Soon Be the Standard Fees for Commercial Photos on Federal Land
26 AFBF Supports Wildfire Mitigation Efforts
27 Seaquist Releases Full Text of State of the County Address
28 Letters to the Editor: An elitist system of education
29 Documents detail push to manage Yellowstone bison as cattle
30 Negligence and Corruption have set Syria’s forests ablaze
31 After fires, focus will turn to land recovery, policy
32 To the editor: Get serious about climate change
33 If California's burning, remember who manages the forests
34 One-of-a-kind Lloyd’s of London wildfire insurance will kick in for Oregon
35 Great American Outdoors Act
36 CARES Funding to Help Alabama Forest Owners
37 Monarch butterflies' spectacular migration is at risk – an ambitious new plan aims to help save it
38 They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?
39 Conservationists say more than 17,000 rare Nevada wildflowers dug up and destroyed
40 Blackfoot-Clearwater bill gets pushback from Forest Service
41 Groups say rock-bottom federal oil and gas bids cheat US taxpayers
42 State Dems use 'public lands' as campaign club, but will it work in 2020?
43 Defending the Wild
44 Will Putting Honey Bees on Public Lands Threaten Native Bees?
45 Solomon Islands environmental defender faces life sentence for arson charge
46 Logging vs. destructive fires | Letters |
47 Dispatch from an irreversibly changed New Mexico — High Country News – Know the West
48 Letters: Forest fires; Cory Gardner; Donald Trump
49 Why There Are So Many Wildfires in California, but Few in the Southeastern United States
50 Public Invited to Comment on Lost Trail Conservation Easement
51 Wildfires Will Get Worse Under Decades-Old Liberal Policies, Veteran Forester Says
52 Oak Creek Canyon mining ban expired in 2019
53 Monday updates: Lionshead, Beachie Creek, Two Four Two, Holiday Farm, Brattain fires
54 Colonization Made California a Tinderbox: Why Indigenous Land Stewardship Would Help Combat Climate Fires
55 Feds hand over water projects to local districts in Utah
56 BLM proposes modernizing forest management rules | Local News
57 Wisconsin Supreme Court Won't Order Ballots Reprinted
58 Evangelicals at base of Trump hopes for Pennsylvania repeat
59 Trump plan to open National Forests to oil and gas drilling rebuked as attack on biodiversity and indigenous lands
60 Public land management has always been important
61 At least 8 dead, 16 missing in Oregon fires; Brown seeks federal major disaster declaration
62 The National Forest Foundation Celebrates the Presidential Signing of the Great American Outdoors Act
63 Daines, Feinstein introduce forest management bill
64 BLM Coos Bay District sells 2.3 million board feet of timber
65 FAQ: The proposed management plan for Western NC national forests
66 President Trump Signs the Great American Outdoors Act, Preserving and Protecting our National Parks
67 Trump administration looks to fast track logging on public lands | TheHill
68 Great American Outdoors Act could address Zion's $70 million maintenance backlog, help other public lands
69 President Donald J. Trump Is Conserving and Restoring the Majesty of America's Public Lands
70 Level 2 evacuation alert on Warm Springs Reservation due to Lionshead Fire
71 Joe Neguse wants to direct billions to public lands to help Western states recover from coronavirus
72 Gas, Oil Drilling in National Forests May Expand Under Rule Plan
73 Idaho lawmakers' bill would let tribes, counties collect revenue from timber sales in Forest Service partnerships
74 Make Forest Service Lands Great Again
75 Forest management misrepresented and misunderstood
76 Bureau of Land Management Announces New Policy to Reduce Fire Risk From Power Lines on BLM-Managed Land
77 Guest View: Bureau of Land Management should take a hike
78 BLM proposes expedited timber salvage review, update to forest management rules
79 Earthjustice: Forest “Mis-Management” Bill Invites More Harm to Imperiled Species and Their Habitat
80 White House withdraws nomination of William Pendley to head the Bureau of Land Management
81 The likely impact of Great American Outdoors Act
82 Foresters Could Lead on Carbon Drawdown
83 The return of the county lands bill
84 Taking a literal act of Congress, feds hand Utah parcels of public lands
85 BLM whistleblower mischaracterizes BLM's role | Struhsacker
86 BLM Proposes Expedited Review of Timber Salvage Projects Proposal
87 NEPA transformed federal land management — and has fallen short
88 Federal Land Management Agencies: Additional Actions Needed to Address Facility Security Assessment Requirements
89 Guest View: Questionable words from Bernhardt on timber
90 Bill Would Upgrade National Parks, But Also Boosts Fund Used Mainly for Federal Land Acquisition
91 Senate Passes Bill Permanently Funding Public Land Management Programs
92 Big money bought Oregon’s forests. Small timber communities are paying the price.
93 Oil, Logging, Mining Ordered as Forest Service Focus (Corrected)
94 BLM Idaho issues policy to reduce wildfire risk around power lines on public lands
95 MAPLand Act Would Move Public Land Access into the Digital Age (and Make it Easier to Find Hunting Spots)
96 Cory Gardner introduces bill adding 40038 acres of wilderness to Rio Grande National Forest
97 Two lesser-known reasons to celebrate our public lands
98 Land Bureau May Exempt Plans From Environmental Review (1)
99 Giant Idaho forest project on hold again after court ruling
100 Public Lands Under Widespread Attack During Pandemic