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1 Fake 'Freedom to Breathe Agency' was caught in Facebook COVID-19 purge
2 Woman From 'Freedom to Breathe Agency' Threatens Employee Over Masks
3 Mask Exemption Cards From the ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’? They’re Fake
4 Scam Alert: Mask Exemption Cards from "Freedom To Breathe Agency" Are Fake
5 'Health Trainer' Sparks Controversy With Post Advertising Fake 'Mask Exemption Cards'
6 ‘Civil rights’ organization creating ‘mask exemption cards’ responds to accusations of fraud after 19 News inv
7 'Karens' Made Up a Fake Government Agency to Get Out of Wearing Face Masks
8 Coronavirus: Face mask exemption cards and other US claims fact-checked
9 BBB warns of fake face mask exemption cards
10 Have you seen a "face mask exempt" card recently? If so, you really haven't
11 Officials warn about face mask exemption card scam
12 Department of Justice warns of fake mask exemption cards
13 'Face Mask Exempt Card' Isn't Legitimate
14 AG Nessel, Better Business Bureau warn of fake 'face mask exempt' cards
15 Who is Exempt From Wearing a Face Mask?
16 'I can breathe again': Older adults begin to test freedom after COVID vaccinations
17 Face Mask Exemption Cards and Flyers with DOJ Seal Are Not Real, Feds Say
18 BBB: there are no such things as face mask exemption cards
19 Cards for sale online say you don't have to wear a mask. They're a scam.
20 SLO County Public Health Department warns of fake face covering exemption cards
21 Flyers about face mask exemptions are fake, officials warn. Few real exceptions exist
22 Beware: Attorney general and Better Business Bureau warn against fake 'face mask exempt' cards
23 Mask exemption cards are fake, officials warn
24 ‘Mask exempt’ cards? Nice try, but they’re not valid
25 Face Mask Exempt Cards Citing ADA Are Fake, Justice Department Says
26 'Mask exemption' cards are fakes — and possibly criminal
27 DOH warns of fake mask 'exemption' cards
28 'Fraudulent' mask exemption card making the rounds on social media
29 BBB issues warning about fake face mask exemption card
30 Face mask exemption cards are fake, Delaware health officials warn
31 Mask exemptions cards not worth the paper
32 Murphy: Freedom or Protection?
33 Better Business Bureau warns of 'fake mask exempt cards'
34 Mandate for kilts, petticoats?
35 FTC Warns of COVID-19 Vaccine Scam: What to Know
36 Lenka Koloma believes being anti-mask is a righteous cause. Who can convince her otherwise?
37 Face Mask Confrontations Go Viral At Retailers, Starbucks 06/29/2020
38 U.S. Attorney warns that 'face mask exempt cards' are fake
39 Men Posed as Marshals to Avoid Masks at Florida Resort, Authorities Say
40 'I have a breathing problem,' yells maskless Trader Joe's shopper who was kicked out of store in viral video
41 Don’t Buy a Mask or Vaccine ‘Exemption Card’ From Facebook
42 NYPD officer accused of abuse in no-knock raid cleared by agency
43 Are face mask exemption cards legit? Coronavirus fact vs. fiction
44 Facebook suspends anti-mask group for spreading COVID-19 misinformation
45 Anti-Mask "Agency" Threatens Grocery Store Worker With Litigation
46 Yes, You Should Still Use a Face Mask To Work Out. Here Are the Best Ones
47 Consumer Alert: Face Mask Exemption Cards, are they real?
48 Who is exempt from wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic?
49 BBB says people are trying to use fake card to get out of wearing face masks
50 Anti-Masker Goes on Homophobic Rant in Marshalls
51 Indiana legislature calls for universities to reduce the cost of college by 10%, among other things
52 Rep. Paul Gosar finally reveals himself with his 'America First Caucus nonsense
53 Facebook Removes Anti-Maskers for Misinformation
54 Who's Really Exempt From Wearing A Face Mask?
55 Opinion: Those Who Don’t Wear Masks Must Believe They’re Invincible
56 Businesses warned not to accept fake 'face mask exempt' cards
57 Officials warn face mask exemption cards being sold online are a scam
58 People who oppose wearing face masks have created fraudulent government 'exempt' cards
59 This is how bad face mask hysteria has gotten
60 Are mask-exemption letters legitimate? A Florida man says yes, and has one to prove it
61 Troubling Mask Trends Emerge as Masks Cut COVID Spread in Texas
62 Mask compliance in Leon Co. will fall on law enforcement; ADA doesn't address face coverings
63 Live 5 Scambusters: Federal agencies issue new warnings for scams involving masks, contact tracing
64 This City Handed Out Mask Exemption Cards During Coronavirus
65 A Gentle Reminder Not to Buy 'Vaccine Exemption' Cards on Facebook
66 Letter to the Attorney General on FOIA
67 What exempts you from wearing a mask? Experts explain the rare circumstances
68 Why the "Masks Cause Lung Damage" Excuse Doesn't Hold Up, According to a Pulmonologist
69 There's no such thing as an official 'face mask exempt' card
70 COVID Q&A: What are the legal and medical barriers to wearing a mask under Anchorage's new mandate?
71 How QAnon rode the pandemic to new heights — and fueled the viral anti-mask phenomenon
72 Detroitisit
73 Wearing face coverings has become a touchstone issue
74 VERIFY: Face mask exemption cards are fake
75 Defense’s expert says Chauvin was ‘justified’ but admits he kept knee in place while Floyd was compliant
76 Watch out for fake 'mask exempt' cards | Local Business |
77 Can You Be Medically Exempt from Wearing a Face Mask? Health Experts Weigh In
78 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on March 25, 2021
79 Health officials warn of fake face mask exemption cards
80 CCHF Launches "Face Freedom" Campaign
81 Few medical exemptions exist for mask order
82 Coronavirus: No face mask required cards are fake, DOJ warns
83 Are some ‘anti-maskers’ falsely claiming Gov. Kate Brown’s face covering order doesn’t apply to them -- for m
84 India's new coronavirus infections hit record of 184372
85 New Mask Mandate Affords Employers a Right of Inquiry For Employees Who Ask For Exemption
86 Coronavirus masks split U.S. over personal rights and public health
87 Over it!
88 The US finally has data on how many people die in police custody. NC won't release it.
89 NH's Pamela Smart to Launch New Bid for Freedom After 30 Years
90 US imposes sanctions on Moscow, expels 10 Russian diplomats
91 'It's killing us': How anti-maskers in America's worst-hit states are fighting face covering orders
92 Businesses can require consumers to wear shirts, pants and shoes – but what about masks?
93 One Year With COVID-19 – Psychiatric Times
94 People are urged to avoid attending "super spreader" events
95 How do you solve a problem like... helping staff navigate menopause?
96 EXCLUSIVE: Georgia governor ignored experts as the pandemic raged
97 Pandemic hits 'critical point' as Europe deaths top one million
98 AP Top News at 10:52 am EDT
99 Three months after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, are public spaces making a comeback?
100 Officials issue warning about fake mask exemption cards circulating on social media