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1 The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) Selects Expert System's Artificial Intelligence to Support COVID-19 Research
2 Alzprotect Strengthens Its Intellectual Property Portfolio for Its First-in-Class Clinical Stage Drug Ezeprogind
3 École Polytechnique and Sanofi Inaugurate a Health Data Sponsorship Program
4 The 'very, very bad look' of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug
5 T.H.A.C Announces Leadership Transition Appointing Lyse Santoro Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors
6 USAMRIID Scientist Receives Medal of Honor from French Military
7 Dynamic PET edges closer to clinical prime time – Physics World
8 Q&A: Talking about the ‘race’ for a coronavirus vaccine could reduce public...
9 Hydroxychloroquine Doctor Launches Legal Fight To Use Drug
10 Quantum Genomics Enters into Exclusive Licensing and Collaboration Agreement with Xediton Pharmaceuticals
11 Aviceda Therapeutics Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board
12 Health Disparities in Patients With Schizophrenia and COVID-19
13 First-ever phase 3 clinical trial opens for patients with advanced anal cancer
14 Eli Lilly’s Antibody Treatment Gets Emergency F.D.A. Approval
15 Quantum Genomics Announces End of Financing Agreement with Negma Group Ltd/Park Partners
16 An overview of antiviral strategies for coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) infection with special reference to antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine
17 The United States – Leading Collective Action in Global Health Security
18 Future Visioning the Role of CRISPR Gene Editing: Navigating Law and Ethics to Regenerate Health and Cure Disease
19 France's new national lockdown to last until at least December 1
20 Los Angeles shuts restaurants as coronavirus surges, but Europe eases lockdowns for Christmas
21 Freeing of Kylie Moore-Gilbert a welcome sign
22 Post-COVID normal life could return to France by autumn 2021, says scientific adviser
23 US sees rise in COVID hospital cases, deaths, community spread
24 Trudeau: Canadians won't be among the first to get COVID-19 vaccine
25 European dual-nationals and Iranian hostage diplomacy
26 Trump pardons Flynn, taking aim at Russia investigation
27 WorldView: China responds to Pope Francis, France moves toward reopening, and more global headlines
28 Crash In Citrus Heights Leaves Watery Mess
29 President Donald Trump says he has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn
30 November 24 coronavirus news
31 French doctors' proposal to test Covid-19 treatment in Africa slammed as 'colonial mentality'
32 GENCI and Inria Awarded AMD Donation of Computing Resources for COVID-19 Research
33 Lansdale bar defying state's mandate on Thanksgiving eve alcohol ban
34 ‘He only gave us joy’: Argentinians pay tribute to Diego Maradona
35 Adorable Baby Coatis Play on Terrace in Brazil
36 Black Friday shoppers expect changes amid COVID-19 pandemic
37 Reshaping tall candles to all different shapes
38 Germany's Covid restrictions likely to continue in January: Chancellor Angela Merkel
39 France in focus
40 Wildlife officials remove a tire stuck around giraffe’s neck after hours tracking it down
41 Lawmakers demand answers after deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Illinois veterans home
42 Clinical trial starts in France for treating COVID-19
43 ‘Confusion’ over inmate’s prison sentence keeps him behind bars an additional eight years
44 Simple Thanksgiving recipes from Bon Appétit
45 Emergency room doctor documents her life on the front lines of the pandemic
46 The story of mRNA: From a loose idea to a tool that may help curb Covid
47 Noel leads UMass Lowell over San Francisco 76-68
48 Inserm selects Expert System's artificial intelligence to support COVID-19 research
49 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Travels On A Plane For Thanksgiving, Days After Urging Residents To 'Stay Home'
50 Fifty-four scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties
51 Facebook's New Global Campaign #BuyBlack Friday Supporting Baltimore's Drama Mama Bookshop
52 Covid-19: After conflicting studies, effectiveness of remdesivir still in question
53 NIDA Director Honored By French Government With Top Science Award for Addiction Research
54 NIH imposes 'outrageous' conditions on resuming coronavirus grant targeted by Trump
55 NIH grapples with rush to claim billions in pandemic research funds
56 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Asks Forgiveness For Traveling On A Plane For Thanksgiving After Urging Residents To 'Stay Home'
57 National Institutes of Health would see 7% cut in 2021 under White House plan
58 Cytovia Therapeutics partners with Inserm to develop selective CD38 NK therapeutics and offer new treatment options for Multiple Myeloma patients
59 We Learn Faster When We Aren't Told What Choices to Make
60 CARE consortium launches to accelerate drug discovery and development for COVID-19
61 Cytovia, Inserm Partnering on NK-based Immunotherapies for Myeloma
62 Study reveals the role of our ‘second brain’ in diabetes
63 To streamline coronavirus vaccine and drug efforts, NIH and firms join forces
64 FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law
65 'Colour-blind' France avoids gauging COVID impact on ethnic minorities
66 About Our Research
67 NIH's axing of bat coronavirus grant a 'horrible precedent' and might break rules, critics say
68 French 'Alzheimer's village': where nursing home meets the outside world
69 Europe's largest initiative to accelerate therapy development for COVID-19 launched
70 Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19
71 Adherence to the 2017 French dietary guidelines and adult weight gain: A cohort study
72 'Has it peaked? I don't know.' NIH official details foreign influence probe
73 Coronavirus Sidelines Research on Cancer and Other Ailments
74 The Paris Center for Microbiome Medicine aims to use gut microbiome science to create new tools for medicine
75 Winter is coming, and millions may lose their jobs in restaurants and hospitality
76 COVID-19 trials at risk after Africa 'racism' backlash
77 In the Race to Crack Covid-19, Scientists Bypass Peer Review
78 Covid-19 Changed How the World Does Science, Together
79 Observational Study of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19
80 Trump's new budget cuts all but a favored few science programs
81 Will an old malaria drug help fight the coronavirus?
82 Huntington's Disease Alters Human Development in the Fetal... : Neurology Today
83 Europe's Largest Initiative Launches to Accelerate Therapy Development for COVID-19 and Future Coronavirus Threats
84 NIH clarifies meaning of 'disadvantaged' in bid to boost diversity in science
85 The WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform: Providing global clinical trial information to all
86 Cannabis research database shows how U.S. funding focuses on harms of the drug
87 Scores of coronavirus vaccines are in competition — how will scientists choose the best?
88 NIH begins clinical trial to test hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 | TheHill
89 NIH progress toward inclusive excellence
90 Trump has shown little respect for U.S. science. So why are some parts thriving?
91 Michel Sadelain Awarded 2019 Inserm International Prize
92 One U.K. trial is transforming COVID-19 treatment. Why haven't others delivered more results?
93 Understanding medical uncertainty in the hydroxychloroquine debate
94 Attitudes about COVID-19 Lockdown among General Population, France, March 2020
95 NIH Begins Clinical Trial of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to Treat COVID-19
96 France boosts research budget by €5bn as quest for Covid-19 vaccine continues
97 Yarn grown from human skin cells could be knitted into your body
98 NIH Director Francis Collins honored for work to bridge science and religion
99 Scientists Grow 'Yarn' Out of Human Skin Cells So They Can Literally Stitch People Up
100 National Institutes of Health (NIH) helps fund ColCorona COVID-19 clinical study