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1 Friedrich Ebert at 150: Germany′s pioneer of democracy | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond
2 Germany’s Anti-vaccination History Is Riddled With Anti-Semitism
3 Russia: Germany's Friedrich-Ebert political foundation under pressure
4 What makes Nigeria’s trade unions tick — FES RESIDENT REP
5 Abbas postpones Palestinian elections, blaming Israel over East Jerusalem impasse
6 Analysing Ethnicity, Ethnic Crises in Nigeria and its Management
7 Tunisia's third COVID-19 wave: Doctors warn of health system collapse
8 Musina Makhado: South Africa’s budding carbon emitter
9 Istanbul electricity workers' struggle at the crossroads
10 Delivery Workers Rising Up Against Exploitation
11 Can a new round of UN peace talks solve the decades-old Cyprus conflict?
12 Rondeli Foundation: Georgian govt's anti-crisis programme targeted most vulnerable segments of society 'with fair degree of accuracy'
13 This center in Turkey was a refuge for Syrian youth. The pandemic shut it down.
14 North Macedonia: Zoran Zaev was awarded the FES Prize by Heiko Maas
15 Study calls for expanding role, jurisdiction of Constitutional Court
16 Christopher Forst from Kyiv – Authors profile, articles and posts
17 The International Crisis Group: Do Its Funders Control The World On Behalf Of American-and-allied Billionaires?
18 Germans increasingly hostile towards asylum-seekers
19 Barghouthi leads Palestinian presidential election poll amid fears of delay
20 Study: Stable racism stats, but 'new right' ideas permeate Germany
21 Why delivery workers across the globe are rising up against exploitation
22 Germany's Left Party slanders the legacy of Friedrich Engels
23 Political foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung recommends “more detailed empirical research” on basic income for UK | BIEN — Basic Income Earth Network
24 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to train young professionals
25 Knut Dethlefsen, author at Social Europe
26 Millions of German taxpayers to finance far right propaganda
27 The US Likes the UN Again; Warnings to Ethiopia; Biden’s Pick for UN Envoy
28 About the journal
29 Content by Alexander Graef
30 Astrid Becker from Mexico City – Authors profile, articles and posts
31 Editorial, Opinion Pieces Address Topics Related To COVID-19, Including Role Of COVAX, Impact On Women, Herd Immunity, U.S. Response
32 Alexander Rosenplänter from Bishkek – Authors profile, articles and posts
33 Germany Is Pouring Cold Water on the Biden-Europe Love Fest
34 Director of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung's South Caucasus Office, on EaP Prospects
35 Covid-19 and Europe-wide inequality – Michael Dauderstädt
36 Due to COVID-19, Holocaust Remembrance Day observed online
37 Ivory Coast heads into crisis as opposition calls for election boycott
38 Coronavirus leaves Portugal's hospitals in a state of emergency
39 An uncertain future for Mali 60 years after independence
40 Whither Social Rights in (Post-)Brexit Europe? – Social Europe
41 Data protection
42 Schmidt Participates in “Capitalism in a Time of Pandemic” Panel | The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
43 Three in four EU citizens want a more sovereign Europe
44 Tina Hennecken Andrade from Maputo – Authors profile, articles and posts
45 [Newsmaker] Koreans win global prize for candlelight rallies
46 Why 13 percent of Germans would welcome a 'Führer'
47 Germany's political foundations are unique the world over
48 [EWB Interview] Klapper: Young people's voice should be heard more in EU integration
49 The Other Side of the Indian Farmers’ Protests
50 Anti-Foreigner Attitudes Surge in Germany
51 Skopje expects Bulgarian veto on launch of EU talks on November 17
52 New mobile application gives Palestinians their political match
53 A human-centred approach to the future of work: time to walk the walk – Thorben Albrecht
54 Don't host Iran Holocaust denial entity: U.S. to German social democrats
55 Xenophobia in Germany is declining, but old resentments are paired with new radicalism
56 Fleckenstein: Conservatives support their friends in the WB much more than Social Democrats
57 Christian Krell and Sönke Hollenberg, author at Social Europe
58 Faced with climate change in Senegal, how can unions support efforts towards energy transition?
59 Green building concept yet to be embraced
60 Reinhard Krumm — Valdai Club
61 News Analysis: Voter polarization narrows political center in Germany
62 Reinforcing transatlantic ties amidst Nord Stream 2 sanctions: A way forward
63 Migrants, Militias & the Mediterranean Sea
64 Poll: Majority of Young Russians Distrust NATO, Don't Consider Russia a European Country
65 Uganda's Yoweri Museveni: From reformer to autocrat
66 Pashinyan In Germany on Working Visit; To Meet with Merkel
67 Ethiopia hunts for children forced to work, marry during pandemic
68 Can Mexico's energy transition continue without government support?
69 North Macedonia PM Zoran Zaev: 'We aim to build good relations with Bulgaria'
70 Global vaccination II – Democracy
71 Mongolia's ruling party wins parliamentary election in landslide
72 Serbian recruitment site fights brain drain
73 Camilo Tamayo Gomez – The Conversation
74 Arab youth: Optimistic despite turmoil
75 Worldwide, union leaders grapple with members backing right-wing 'populists'
76 Zachary Paikin, Author at Open Canada
77 Guide to Yugoslav 'Barren Island' Prison Camp Published in Croatia
78 Tide Might Be Turning in Britain's Ties with Germany and the EU
79 Germany’s minority policy in Romania and its foundations | Daily Sabah
80 Young Africans: 'We need respect and equality'
81 Boosting EU's democratic legitimacy: Parliament seeks electoral reforms
82 The generals are calling the shots in Turkey
83 Why Delivery Drivers in Latin America Are Fighting for Fair Treatment
84 Call for applications: Creative Campus programme in Sudan
85 Middle East: Germany needs to speak up against annexation
86 The urgency of gender justice in the digital economy – Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami
87 Ivory Coast gears for crucial parliamentary elections
88 The Global South Is Swamped in Debt Pandemic
89 China, Germany hold in-depth dialogue on human rights
90 Global vaccination VI – Democracy
91 Opinion: Europe needs grassroots democracy to fight right-wing populism
92 40% in many European countries think Israel is waging 'war of extermination' against Palestinians
93 EU is silent on West Africa's political crises
94 Ukraine’s State Agency on Energy Efficiency, German Energy Agency to implement joint projects
95 Benin's democracy hangs in the balance on election weekend
96 'The generals are calling the shots' – Interview with Felix Schmidt
97 China's Soft Power Has Little, If Anything, To Do With Appeal
98 Rama Assumed Greater Personal Political Power amidst Pandemic, FES's Report Shows
99 Maquila Female Workers in Their Own Words: Fighting COVID and Labor Abuse
100 Mysteries of the Sufi Path: New Book by Dr. Mohammad Abu Rumman