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1 African Safari Wildlife Park donates $10,000 to Giraffe Conservation Foundation
2 World's only white giraffe is fitted with GPS tracking in a bid to protect it from poachers in Kenya
3 'It was a really healing experience': Safari park staff gives thanks for resilience, support
4 Editorial: Jacksonville zoo reaches around the world
5 World Giraffe Day!
6 Does trophy hunting hurt giraffe populations? A planned lawsuit says it does
7 Are giraffes going extinct? Stepping up conservation efforts, Africa is at the forefront; is it enough?
8 ‘The Woman Who Loves Giraffes’ Anne Dagg to launch foundation dedicated to preserving the majestic animals
9 Glenmorangie partnership aims to protect giraffes
10 Ministry boosts giraffe conservation
11 Jersey Travel Counsellor Juliet Twena recommends some unforgettable holidays
12 How Can We Save Giraffes From Extinction?
13 Go off-grid and make the middle of nowhere your next dream destination
14 African countries propose concerted action to conserve giraffes at CMS CoP 13
15 Namibia embarks on exercise to boost giraffe populations in communal conservancies
16 One of the largest subspecies of giraffes is now endangered
17 Rangers ensure Rothschild's giraffe keeps her head above water
18 Glenmorangie links up with conservation bodies for giraffe project
19 Caldwell Zoo raises money for giraffe conservation during World Giraffe Day
20 The Wilds welcomes an endangered Masai giraffe calf
21 It's a boy! Baby giraffe born at Cleveland Zoo: How you can help pick his name
22 Meet the man on a mission to save giraffes from extinction
23 Training facial recognition on some new furry friends: Bears
24 Come shower some love: famed giraffe Hasani heading to new home
25 What is World Giraffe Day? Know about its significance, meaning and celebration
26 Baby giraffe at Tyler's Caldwell Zoo makes healthy comeback
27 2 Rare White Giraffes Slaughtered by Poachers in Kenya
28 The Wilds welcomes endangered Masai giraffe calf
29 Giraffes Get New Protections, but Will It Be Enough?
30 A bold plan to save Africa's shrinking giraffe herds
31 The World's Most Influential Animal Conservation Group Has Links To Trophy Hunters And The Fashion Industry
32 25 Christmas gifts for men who are difficult to buy for
33 The Fort Wayne Kid's Zoo welcomes new baby giraffe
34 Stop The Illegal Wildlife Trade: Celebrities join campaign to save giraffes from ‘silent extinction’
35 From The Gridiron To The Grasslands, Former Investment Banker Turned Football Coach Tackles Giraffe Extinction With New Non-Profit Organization, Save Giraffes Now
36 Glenmorangie pledges help for giraffes in new charity partnerships
37 Genetic Analysis Reveals Four Distinct Giraffe Species Instead of One | Biology, Genetics
38 African countries propose concerted action to conserve giraffes
39 Second endangered Masai giraffe calf welcomed at the Columbus Zoo
40 Masai giraffe subspecies declared endangered
41 Silent Extinction: Giraffe Population Is Dropping Dramatically Throughout World
42 Protecting African wildlife: A defense of conservation territories (commentary)
43 Stop The Illegal Wildlife Trade: Chantecaille support campaign to save giraffes from ‘silent extinction’
44 Silent extinction: Endangered species at risk during pandemic
45 It's A Boy! Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Announces Naming Opportunity For Giraffe Calf
46 African Safari Wildlife Park to open March 13
47 Giraffe Conservation Foundation continues to create a culture of environmental awareness among the grassroots generation
48 Petition: Stop Giraffe Trophy Hunting in Africa!
49 Unique female white giraffe and calf killed at hands of illegal poachers in Kenya
50 MIVA Wine Gallery in Zagreb Organizes Online Whisky Workshop
51 Pandemic-induced poaching surges in Uganda
52 New maps show where giraffes live — mostly outside protected areas
53 Zoo plans activities for World Giraffe Day on Saturday
54 Why ZSL needs your help
55 Giraffes under Threat: Populations Down 40 Percent in Just 15 Years
56 Newborn giraffe appears to get kissed on its forehead from its parents, adorable photos show
57 Two subspecies of giraffe found to be critically endangered •
58 Hunter who sparked outrage for killing giraffe defended her actions
59 Maki to present on giraffe conservation work
60 Gentle giants of the African savannahs
61 Renowned Giraffe Researcher Speaks at Oakland Zoo
62 Expanding Human Habitat Puts Giraffe Population At Risk
63 Conservationists are Using GPS Satellites to Save Giraffe Population Across Africa
64 Giraffes facing threat of extinction, several species considered ‘critically endangered’
65 Gentle giraffes threatened with 'silent extinction'
66 Niger to move protected giraffes as habitat shrinks
67 Lehigh Valley Zoo donates over $11000 to giraffe conservation
68 In Rwanda, Learning Whether a ‘Smart Park’ Can Help Both Wildlife and Tourism
69 One of the Largest Subspecies of Giraffes Is Declared Endangered
70 Portland Startup Using AI To Help Protect Endangered Animals
71 Conflict in Africa blocking efforts to save giraffes
72 Oregon Zoo targets giraffe poaching crisis heightened by COVID-19
73 How a Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help save whales, giraffes, zebras
74 Uganda Conservation Foundation enters 21km charity ranger run for wildlife conservation
75 Giraffe Surveillance Reaches New Heights with GPS Tracking Project in Northern Kenya
76 Bipartisan ‘problem solvers’ backing coronavirus relief
77 Saving the neck of Rothschild’s giraffe
78 Thane-based conservationist tracks genetics of giraffes
79 Reticulated Giraffes in Northern Kenya Get GPS Satellite Trackers
80 To Save Giraffes, We May Need to Put Our Necks Out
81 Eight West African giraffes transported 500 miles in bid to help preserve the rare species
82 5 Fun Places to See Giraffes for World Giraffe Day
83 Coming up on ‘Fox News Sunday’: December 6
84 Oh, baby: April the Giraffe is about to give birth again
85 Passion for giraffes sees Wellington Zoo keeper fly to Namibia
86 African Parks Announces Malawi's Giraffe Population Grows With Majete Introduction
87 Travel-Related Nonprofits Suffered In 2020—Here's How You Can Help
88 Oregon Zoo aims to protect Rothschild's giraffes
89 Our Understanding of Giraffes Does Not Measure Up
90 Urban youth reconnect to nature via Giraffe Conservation Foundation
91 There are four species of giraffes, not one: new study
92 'Cupid,' the 15-year-old giraffe, passes away at Florida's Lion Country Safari
93 Conservationists Sound Alarm on Plummeting Giraffe Numbers
94 Newly Collared Giraffes in Kenya Could Pave Path for Species Conservation
95 Giraffes: Equals stick together
96 San Antonio Zoo wants to give Geoffrey the Giraffe a new job as an ambassador
97 Solar-powered animal tracker transforms how researchers collect data on animals in wild
98 Giraffes Silently Slip Onto the Endangered Species List
99 Happy World Giraffe Day (Photos)
100 Newborn giraffe at Jerusalem zoo draws long list of names