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1 Role of Oral Rabies Vaccines in the Elimination of Dog-Mediated Human Rabies Deaths
2 NPHIL Boss Highlights Importance of Multi-Sectoral Approach to Tackle Any Outbreak
3 Rabies Diagnostics Market Secret Factors Behind the Growth in New Research On Top Players 2018-2028
4 Tanzania: Zanzibaris Urged to Vaccinate Dogs to Control Rabies
5 World Rabies Day
6 Coping with COVID-19 need not derail progress against rabies
7 New global strategic plan to eliminate dog-mediated rabies by 2030
8 Department highlights the importance of vigilance against rabies on World Rabies Day 2020
9 What are you doing on World Rabies Day?
10 Boehringer Ingelheim gives support shots for World Rabies Day 2018
11 Global groups fight rabies using One Health approach
12 Fayoum Caricature Museum organises competition celebrating World Rabies Day
13 How New York defeated rabies
14 Low-Dose Rabies Vaccine Found Effective
15 Anti-rabies vaccination camp begins in Erode
16 160 people die of rabies every day, says major new study
17 On World Day, UN announces global initiative to end deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030
18 Rabies: the neglected disease with 100% death rate
19 Education is vital to prevent rabies deaths
20 Soi Dog marks World Rabies Day 2020 with vaccination drive
21 Rabid coatimundi attacks woman as she fights to save her dog, Arizona parks service says
22 Over a 3rd of global rabies deaths take place in India
23 CureVac Announces Positive Results in Low Dose – 1 µg – Rabies Vaccine Clinical Phase 1 Study
24 How 3 prior pandemics triggered massive societal shifts
25 The unholy crusade against COVID-19 vaccinesOpinion
27 Mass vaccination call to 'make rabies history'
28 World Rabies Day Expanding To 120 Countries
29 New global framework to eliminate rabies
30 Global initiative aims to end human rabies deaths by 2030
31 Boehringer Ingelheim donates vaccines to help fight rabies
32 Spread of canine rabies sparks broad community response in Ghanaian town
33 On World Day, UN urges rabies control beyond human and animal health services
34 Riding the Vaccine Wave
35 World Rabies Day Sept. 28: Eradicating Rabies in India, One Dog at a Time
36 Dog vaccine campaign to mark World Rabies Day
37 Low-cost clinic to mark World Rabies Day with $5 rabies shots
38 Dog Bite Cases On A Rise In Kyotera
39 Boehringer donates 60,000 rabies vaccines to Puerto Rico
40 The potential effect of improved provision of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Gavi-eligible countries: a modelling study
41 #Together Against Rabies: APHIS-Wildlife Services Works to Prevent Rabies
42 Inside the global campaign to get rid of rabies
43 World Rabies Day 2012
44 Canine rabies vaccination promises unexpected benefits
45 Alliance to take a bite out of rabies
46 Campaign sets sights on rabies elimination by 2030
47 Japan and ASEAN Strengthen Trade Ties Despite Pandemic
48 Investigation of Canine-Mediated Human Rabies Death, Haiti, 2015
49 Study: Universal canine vaccination eliminates human exposure to rabies
50 15 years after she survived rabies, Jeanna Giese seeks to save others from it
51 Rabies incurs $42m on Iran each year
52 WSU Rabies Project Vaccinates More Than One Million Dogs in East Africa
53 New study funded points to unexpected benefits of rabies vaccination in dogs
54 World Rabies Day Is September 28th: Spread The Word & Vaccinate Your Pets
55 Thailand reports 1st human rabies death in a Surin man
56 Latin America, Caribbean on cusp of eliminating rabies deaths
57 Rescued puppy may have exposed 18 people to rabies in South Carolina, officials say
58 Lee County rabies officer reminds pet owners about rabies vaccinations
59 Dog-Mediated Human Rabies Death, Haiti, 2016
60 Stray dogs have killed 13 children in India's Uttar Pradesh. No one knows why
61 Daraa hospitals without rabies vaccine
62 Brutal dog meat industry causing DEADLY RABIES to spread to HUMANS
63 State govt pumps in RM10.14 mln to end rabies threat in Sarawak
64 1 To 2 Shot Rabies Vaccine Candidate Launches Clinical Study
65 Rabies kills 12 in Bali, dogs being euthanize with strychnine darts
66 Rabies: Disease in the shadows recognized Sunday
67 Implementing One Health approaches to confront emerging and re-emerging zoonotic disease threats: lessons from PREDICT
68 World Rabies Day: NGO advises on dog training
69 PAHO says Latin America, Caribbean closer to eliminating rabies deaths
70 Which Madridista Will New-Cule Suarez Bite First? A Managing Madrid Contest
71 Feral cat colonies could pose rabies risk, CDC says
72 Global epidemiology of canine rabies: past, present, and future prospe | VMRR
73 How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases
74 Tens of thousands die of dog bites annually – How much do you know about rabies?
75 WHO provides 14000 vials of rabies vaccine
76 Rabies Treatment Market Synopsis and Development by Analyzing the Performance of Various Competitors 2023
77 Humane Society of Vero Beach Offering Free Rabies Vaccine
78 Thailand reports 9th human rabies fatality
79 One region, one health: Preparing Central Asia for future pandemics
80 Rabies researchers hit highs and lows on road to eliminating disease
81 WSU vaccinates dogs to help eradicate rabies from Africa
82 Rabies – a global killer that dog jabs can eliminate
83 New UN report outlines ways to curb growing spread of animal-to-human diseases
84 World Rabies Day Observed on 28 September
85 Deadly Animal Diseases Can Jump to Humans. Is Vaccinating Wildlife the Answer?
86 Agonizing rabies deaths can be stopped worldwide
87 How to prevent human rabies
88 Don't let a bite end a life
89 On World Rabies Day, here's all you need to know about rabies and its prevention
90 Australian animal charity promotes World Rabies Day
91 Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study
92 Join the global fight against rabies and vaccinate
93 As COVID-19 continues, experts warn of next pandemic likely to come from animals
94 Spoof rabies poster in government publication goes viral
95 FT Health: Holding governments to account for Covid-19 response
96 COVID-19 May Accelerate Disruption In The Global Vaccine Market
97 World Rabies Day: Here Are Basic Facts About Cats and Rabies
98 Fighting infectious diseases: The connection to climate change
99 Rabies is killing more than 55,000 a year