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Result Content Idea Research
1 Sonoro Drills 45.72 Meters of 0.972 Grams per Tonne in New Zone at Cerro Caliche
2 Building Safeguards for Genetically Engineered Microbes
3 FenixOro Intercepts Multiple High Grade Gold Veins in First Drill Hole at Abriaqui Including 32 g/t Gold
4 Japan’s NEC provides UK a 5G escape from Huawei
5 China Launches Lunar Sample Return Mission –
6 Global soil library will help us better know the living skin of planet Earth
7 New Soil Microbial Fuel Cells for Economical, Sustainable Water Treatment
8 Soil-powered fuel cell promises cheap, sustainable water purification
9 Spectroscopy a tool for improving soil health – and food security
10 Through Access To Capital, Women Can Drive Climate Change Mitigation
11 Studying Ecosystems of the Future Today
12 Carbon Farming is innovating land use
13 Global Soil Testing Equipment Market (2018 to 2027)
14 Martial Mining
15 Burkina Faso to vote amid escalating violence
16 Spatial and temporal variations in global soil respiration and their relationships with climate and land cover
17 UGA Green Roof Garden Coping with COVID-19 Harvest Loss
18 Good Bricks aims to revolutionize Nepal’s brick industry
19 Endurance Reports Commencement of Drilling at the Reliance Gold Property
20 AGRI Developments Establishes R&D Initiative in Bayawan City to Boost Agricultural Production
21 LIFE programme: Short summaries of projects from the LIFE 2019 call for proposals
22 Prepayments, Realkredit Danmark A/S
23 The Legend of Billy Hayes Lives on through Hemp, Inc.'s CBG Pre-Rolls
24 SolGold PLC Announces Regional Exploration Update
25 SolGold PLC Announces Formation of Alpala Project Committee
26 PhosAgro Becomes the First Russian Company in the History of the FAO Selected by this UN Organisation to Implement a Global Soil Protection Initiative
27 Fangs for everything
28 Soil Testing Equipment: World Market Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2025
29 Max Resource Discovers Copper-Silver 200-km South in CESAR Basin with Highlight Grab Values of 11.4% Copper + 656 g/t Silver
30 Climate change and land use are accelerating soil erosion by water
31 Building Bioregional Food Systems Post-COVID 19: The Northeast Healthy Soil Network & the power of regional food system reform consortium work
32 The global soil community and its influence on biogeochemistry
33 Soil fungi act like a support network for trees
34 The global-scale distributions of soil protists and their contributions to belowground systems
35 The artist who co-authored a paper and expanded my professional network
36 Russia's PhosAgro donates $1.2 million to improve sustainable soil management in Africa, Latin America and the Near East
37 Soil Conservation Validations Using Fallout Radionuclides in Tunisia | IAEA
38 Letter: Protect island's soil
39 Global Agricultural Testing Industry 2020-2025: Water, Soil, Seed, Bio-Solids, Manure, and Other Testing
40 Digital Assurance market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2026
41 Worldwide loss of phosphorus due to soil erosion quantified for the first time
42 New way of analyzing soil organic matter will help predict climate change
43 Soil technologies
44 Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil
45 Applying science and healthcare principles to soil wellness can help our planet
46 Human activities boosted global soil erosion 4000 years ago
47 The Warming Meadows experiment and its implications for global warming
48 Large losses of ammonium-nitrogen from a rice ecosystem under elevated CO2
49 Krishitantra secures seed funding to monitor India's soil health
50 What's driving erosion worldwide?
51 Ozone affects plant, insect, and soil microbial communities: A threat to terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity
52 Global diversity of microbial communities in marine sediment
53 Global Soil Moisture Sensors Markets, 2014-2019 & 2020-2025L Focus on Volumetric Soil Moisture Sensors & Soil Water Potential Sensors
54 Global Environmental Testing Market (2020 to 2025)
55 NM Department Of Health Celebrates Lab Professionals During National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
56 Are Carbon Markets for Farmers Worth the Hype?
57 El Niño-linked decreases in soil moisture could trigger massive tropical-plant die offs: New insights could help farmers, water managers in tropical regions prepare for impact on crops
58 Microbes living on air a global phenomenon
59 The global soil conditioners market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2020 to 2025
60 Tiny plants crucial for sustaining dwindling water supplies: Global analysis
61 Soil microbes could promote better farm outputs
62 Studying interactions between ground-nesting bees and soils
63 Droughts are threatening global wetlands
64 Using electric current to stabilize low-permeability soils
65 Scientists record rapid carbon loss from warming peatlands
66 Biocrust as one of multiple stable states in global drylands
67 Redesigning the Global Food Supply
68 Thawing permafrost releases organic compounds into the air
69 Global Methane Emissions Soaring, But How Much Was Due to Wetlands?
70 Plant roots increase carbon emission from permafrost soils
71 When It Comes to Water, Think Global
72 New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change
73 World Environment Day 2020: How the IAEA Contributes to Soil, Plant and Animal Biodiversity
74 Dust Bowl 2.0? Rising Great Plains dust levels stir concerns
75 Unsustainable soil erosion in parts of UK
76 Carbon emission from permafrost soils underestimated by 14%
77 Pluton Biosciences Acquires Microbe Inotech Labs
78 Detecting soil-surface ozone early can help prevent damage to grapes and apples
79 Laboratories researching the world's most deadly viruses
80 Microbiologists clarify relationship between microbial diversity and soil carbon storage
81 WHO and Africa CDC launch lab networks to reinforce COVID-19 genome sequencing
82 Plant diversity in European forests is declining: More nitrogen in the soil: Common plant species on the rise
83 Climate legacies drive global soil carbon stocks in terrestrial ecosystems
84 Search for Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes a Global Competition
85 Labrador Gold Announces Initial Results of Soil Sampling at Kingsway Property
86 Hidden webs of fungi protect some forests from drought—but leave others vulnerable
87 'Wood wide web'—the underground network of microbes that connects trees—mapped for first time
88 Experts apply microbiome research to agricultural science to increase crop yield
89 Using microbial information to inform global climate change models
90 Study maps the roots of global mangrove loss
91 Indigo Ag expands its ambitions to reward farmers for fighting global warming, adds Moderna CEO to board
92 The Future of the Carbon Cycle in a Changing Climate
93 New global groundwater maps
94 Health sector spending and spending on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, and development assistance for health: progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 3
95 Analyzing DNA in soil could be an effective way of tracking animals
96 PhosAgro, Ma'aden and RDIF Agree to Work Together to Ensure Global Food Security Through the use of Eco-Friendly Fertilizers
97 Wetter climate is likely to intensify global warming: Greater tropical rainfall may increase microbes' release of CO2 from soils into air
98 The future of mountain meadows
99 Plant root hairs key to reducing soil erosion
100 3D printing 'greener' buildings using local soil