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Result Content Idea Research
1 COVID-19: Efforts to Increase Vaccine Availability and Perspectives on Initial Implementation
2 Press Release GAO Seeks Confidential Input from Victims Who Experienced Hazing While Serving in the Military
3 Blue Water Thinking, LLC; AcesFed LLC
4 COVID-19 Vaccine Availability and Initial Implementation Challenges
5 Infinity Systems Engineering, LLC
6 Synthetic Opioids: Considerations for the Class-Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances
7 Military Readiness: Department of Defense Domain Readiness Varied from Fiscal Year 2017 through Fiscal Year 2019
8 Government Auditing Standards: 2018 Revision Technical Update April 2021 (Supersedes GAO-18-568G)
9 Were you hazed while serving in the military? GAO may want to hear from you
10 GAO Calls for Timely Action on the Nation's Future Fiscal Health
11 High-Risk Series: Federal Government Needs to Urgently Pursue Critical Actions to Address Major Cybersecurity Challenges
12 From "COVID-19: Sustained Federal Action Is Crucial as Pandemic Enters Its Second Year"
13 Science and Technology: Strengthening and Sustaining the Federal Science and Technology Workforce
14 Global Health Security: USAID and CDC Funding, Activities, and Assessments of Countries' Capacities to Address Infectious Disease Threats before COVID-19 Onset
15 Biomedical Research: Information on Federal Contributions to Remdesivir
16 Passengers with Disabilities: Airport Accessibility Barriers and Practices and DOT's Oversight of Airlines' Disability-Related Training
17 Hypersonic Weapons: DOD Should Clarify Roles and Responsibilities to Ensure Coordination across Development Efforts
18 Freedom of Information Act—How Open is Public Access to Government Data?
19 U.S. Government Accountability Office to review decision to move Space Command out of Colorado Springs
20 From "Electricity Grid Cybersecurity: DOE Needs to Ensure Its Plans Fully Address Risks to Distribution Systems
21 Urgent Actions Needed to Address Federal Cybersecurity Challenges
22 Financial Audit: FY 2020 and FY 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements of the US Government
23 Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration: Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft
24 Burden Sharing: Benefits and Costs Associated with the US Military Presence in Japan and South Korea
25 Graduate Medical Education: Programs and Residents Increased during Transition to Single Accreditor; Distribution Largely Unchanged
26 Government Accountability Office to review decision to uproot Space Command from Colorado Springs: Lamborn
27 VA's Suicide Prevention Teams Face Increasing Workloads As Demand for Services Grow
28 Defense Logistics: Army Should Ensure New System Operates in All Situations and Soldiers Complete Training
29 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: DOD Needs to Update Modernization Schedule and Improve Data on Software Development
30 US Government's 2020 Financial Statements Reveal Serious Management Weaknesses and Ongoing Efforts to Correct Those Weaknesses
31 Border Security: Assessment of the Department of Homeland Security's Border Security Improvement Plan
32 Watchdog Tosses 6 Bid Protests Over $22B VA IT Deal
33 Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service: Rural eConnectivity Program
34 Department of Health and Human Services: Control of Communicable Diseases; Foreign Quarantine: Suspension of Introduction of Persons Into United States From Designated Foreign Countries or Places for Public Health Purposes
35 Drug Misuse: Most States Have Good Samaritan Laws and Research Indicates They May Have Positive Effects
36 How can the National Labor Relations Board retain staff, morale?
37 The Theft of Native American Cultural Resources and Federal Efforts to Protect Them
38 Native American Cultural Resources: Improved Information Could Enhance Agencies' Efforts to Analyze and Respond to Risks of Theft and Damage
39 Army Must Ensure new Logistics System Operates in Varied Situations
40 Freedom of Information Act: Actions Needed to Improve Agency Compliance with Proactive Disclosure Requirements
41 GAO: Guidance for single audits should be more timely, responsive
42 VA Disability Exams: Better Planning Needed as Use of Contracted Examiners Continues to Grow
43 GAO Urges Changes As Weapon Systems Cybersecurity Continues To Lag
44 Science & Tech Spotlight: Genomic Sequencing Of Infectious Pathogens
45 Press Release GAO Makes Appointments to the State All Payer Claims Databases Advisory Committee
46 CDIC, Inc.
47 VA Acquisition Management: Comprehensive Supply Chain Management Strategy Key to Address Existing Challenges
48 Department of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; Federal Reserve System; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Net Stable Funding Ratio: Liquidity Risk Measurement Standards and Disclosure Requirements
49 100 Years of GAO
50 Depot Maintenance: DOD Should Improve Pandemic Plans and Publish Working Capital Fund Policy
51 Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations: DOD Needs to Take Action to Help Ensure Superiority
52 DoD is still unbalanced on readiness, but is it trying to do too much?
53 GAO Calls for Definitive DOL Guidance on Cybersecurity
54 GAO to review Space Command headquarters decision (
55 Two decades of war take toll on military readiness
56 Gov't Accountability Office: DOE Electric Grid Cybersecurity Risks
57 Letter: Top federal watchdog probing State Department following hacks
58 Biden under fire for border wall cash freeze
59 GAO Audit Finds HHS Information Security Program “Not Effective”
60 GAO assesses DHS border security improvement plan
61 Stefanik cosponsors Equal Pay for Servicewomen Act
62 From "Procurement Technical Assistance Program: Opportunities Exist for DOD to Enhance Training and Collaboration"
63 Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service: Guidance Related to the Allocation and Apportionment of Deductions and Foreign Taxes, Foreign Tax Redeterminations, Foreign Tax Credit Disallowance Under Section 965(g), Consolidated Groups, Hybrid Arrangements and Certain Payments Under Section 951A
64 GAO: DoD Got Mixed Results in Cyber Readiness From 2017-19
65 GAO: Border Security Improvement Plan Was Late and Incomplete
66 Biden Administration Reviewing Whether Trump's Proposed DHS Hiring Sprees Were Ever Really Necessary
67 Utility distribution systems 'increasingly at risk' for cyberattacks, GAO report concludes
68 Combat readiness weakened after decades of conflict, government watchdog agency says
69 Letter to Congress on Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act
70 GAO Says Late Trump-Era Border Budget Missed Key Info
71 Acting Mayor Janey names head of new police accountability office as critics rap her budget plan
72 Before raising the wage, raise reimbursements, says EMS group
73 From "COVID-19: Urgent Actions Needed to Better Ensure an Effective Federal Response"
74 High-Risk Series: Dedicated Leadership Needed to Address Limited Progress in Most High-Risk Areas
75 COVID-19: Critical Vaccine Distribution, Supply Chain, Program Integrity, and Other Challenges Require Focused Federal Attention
76 Stefanik introduces an equal pay bill
77 Covid-19: Key Insights from GAO's Oversight of the Federal Public Health Response
78 White House to Nominate Robert Santos to Lead Census Bureau
79 More Delays Ahead—Pandemic Continues to Slow Down IRS
80 Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2020 GAO-21-4SP Published
81 Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request: US Government Accountability Office
82 Service Acquisitions: DOD's Report to Congress Identifies Steps Taken to Improve Management, But Does Not Address Some Key Planning Issues
83 Venezuela: Additional Tracking Could Aid Treasury's Efforts to Mitigate Any Adverse Impacts US Sanctions Might Have on Humanitarian Assistance
84 GAO Identifies Training, Security Concerns In Army Logistics
85 As More Federal COVID Relief Flows Out
86 Covid-19: Opportunities to Improve Federal Response and Recovery Efforts
87 COVID-19: Federal Efforts Could Be Strengthened by Timely and Concerted Actions
88 Federal Social Safety Net Programs: Millions of Full-Time Workers Rely on Federal Health Care and Food Assistance Programs
89 What GAO Does
90 OPM Looks to Update Federal Job Competencies
91 Telecommunications: FCC Has Implemented the Lifeline National Verifier but Should Improve Consumer Awareness and Experience
92 Information Technology: Federal Agencies Need to Take Urgent Action to Manage Supply Chain Risks
93 President Biden Announces His Intent to Nominate Key Administration Leaders on Climate and Transportation
94 Space Command's home will be decided by Congress, Lamborn says
95 GAO Releases Development Tracker for Federally-Supported COVID-19 Vaccines
96 Federal Buying Power: OMB Can Further Advance Category Management Initiative by Focusing on Requirements, Data, and Training
97 In the climate change fight, the Interior Department becomes a battlefield
98 Southwest Border: Information on Federal Agencies' Process for Acquiring Private Land for Barriers
99 GAO Probes Disabled Worker Pay As Congress Mulls Changes
100 Federal Real Property: Additional Documentation of Decision Making Could Improve Transparency of New Disposal Process