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1 Seraphim Angel appears as scaffold dismantled in Hagia Sophia
2 Gli, the cat of the Hagia Sophia, has died, aged 16
3 Hagia Sophia's beloved feline of 16 years dies after short illness
4 UNESCO Responds to Hagia Sophia Conversion
5 UNESCO Was Not Bothered That We Turned Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque, Says Turkish Minister
6 Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque's beloved feline resident Gli not doing well, vet says | Daily Sabah
7 Turkey's famous Hagia Sophia mosque cat, Gli passes away
8 Gli the cat, who made Istanbul`s Hagia Sophia her own, dies of old age
9 The beloved cat that called Istanbul's Hagia Sophia home has died
10 Turkey: The Fight for Hagia Sophia Continues
11 Iconic Hagia Sophia stripped of museum status, paving its return to a mosque
12 The Hagia Sophia Was a Cathedral, a Mosque and a Museum. It’s Converting Again.
13 Turkey Uses Medieval Score-Settling to Justify Its Hagia Sophia Conversion
14 Battle over whether Turkey's Hagia Sophia should be a mosque or museum goes to court
15 What will happen to the Hagia Sophia now that it’s a mosque again?
16 Hagia Sophia has been converted back into a mosque, but the veiling of its figural icons is not a Muslim tradition
17 What’s the dramatic story behind the Hagia Sophia?
18 Hagia Sophia's continuing legacy | Stanford News
19 Keep Turkey's Hagia Sophia 'a space for meeting of cultures', UN rights experts urge
20 11 replies on “Who Really Owns Hagia Sophia?”
21 Why Istanbul’s historic Hagia Sophia could be in a fight against time
22 Hagia Sophia mosaics will be covered with curtains during prayers: Turkish presidential spokesman
23 Turkey Holds 1st Muslim Prayers In Hagia Sophia Newly Converted Into A Mosque
24 Hagia Sophia: the mosque-turned-museum at the heart of an ideological battle
25 Discover Hagia Sophia, Turkey – Middle East Monitor
26 Can Hagia Sophia Become a Mosque? Turkish Court Will Soon Decide | News & Reporting
27 The reconversion of Hagia Sophia in perspective | OUPblog
28 As Hagia Sophia opens as mosque, Orthodox observe day of mourning
29 HISTORY: Hagia Sophia
30 How a Historian Stuffed Hagia Sophia’s Sound Into a Studio
31 Russian church slams Hagia Sophia plan, Turkey cites sovereignty
32 Museum or mosque? Hagia Sophia in Istanbul focus of intense debate
33 Hagia Sophia: Exploring the Rich History of Istanbul's Architectural Gem
34 Washington Post Spotlights Plight of Hagia Sophia
35 Mosque Servant Dies In Hagia Sophia From Heart Attack
36 Turkey converting Hagia Sophia back into a mosque
37 After Hagia Sophia, Turkey turns another museum into mosque
38 Months After Turning the Hagia Sophia Back Into a Mosque, Turkey’s Government Is Converting the Chora Museum Too
39 Iran Praises Turkey's Conversion Of Hagia Sophia Again
40 Erdogan Clinches Key Goal of Making Hagia Sophia a Mosque
41 Hagia Sophia holds Muslim Friday prayers
42 Turkey goes back to the future as Hagia Sophia set for Islamic prayers
43 Turkey's Plans for Hagia Sophia Strain Greek Relations
44 Hagia Sophia conversion ‘bad news’ for Turkey’s marginalized Christians
45 Who controls iconic Hagia Sophia in Istanbul?
46 The Hagia Sophia as a palimpsest: Memories of the monument in five acts
47 Hagia Sophia, social change and dawning initiatives | Daily Sabah
48 First prayers held at Hagia Sophia after reconversion to mosque
49 World Council of Churches criticizes Hagia Sophia decision
50 Is It Only A Matter Of Time Until Turkey Converts Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque?
51 Russia to fund small-scale replica Hagia Sophia in Syria that will be used as a church
52 Islamic Prayers To Be Held At Hagia Sophia To Commemorate The Fall Of Constantinople
53 Turkey: Hagia Sophia “Mosque” In Nicaea/Iznik
54 Greek Orthodox Petition UN Over Turkey's Decision To Turn Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque
55 Little-known facts about the Hagia Sophia
56 Erdogan Asserts Rebirth of an Islamic Turkey at Hagia Sophia
57 Hagia Sophia 'time tunnel' linked Ottoman and Roman Empires
58 Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Use of Symbols in Reclaiming the Hagia Sophia as an Imperial Mosque
59 Assessing the Status of Hagia Sophia as a 'Mosque' under the UNESCO Convention
60 Listen: The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago
61 Will European protests prevent the Hagia Sophia Museum becoming a mosque?
62 Intel: Syria to build Hagia Sophia replica with Russian backing
63 Turkey's Erdogan orders Hagia Sophia mosque conversion study: Report
64 Turkey Uses Hagia Sophia as Mosque for Islamic Prayer Again
65 Turkey: Top IS Militant Suspected of Planning Attack on Hagia Sophia Arrested
66 Turkey's Governing AKP No Longer Wants To Turn Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque, For Now
67 Like Hagia Sophia, Turkey to reconvert Chora Museum into mosque
68 Russia hopes Turkey fulfills its obligations on Hagia Sophia, top diplomat says
69 Archbishop Elpidophoros Interview with BBC about Hagia Sophia
70 Hagia Sophia: From museum to mosque – Catholic Outlook
71 From museum to mosque: the deconsecration of the Hagia Sophia
72 Spotlight: The Ottoman art historian who prevented Hagia Sophia from being destroyed | Daily Sabah
73 IDC, ANCA and HALC Statement on the Hagia Sophia
74 New Poll Reveals 73% Of Turks Want Hagia Sophia To Become A Mosque
75 USCIRF Decries Decision to Change Status of the Hagia Sophia | USCIRF
76 Turkey reconverts Hagia Sophia from museum to mosque
77 Mayor Of Constantinople: Turkey Has Bigger Problems Than Converting Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque
78 Archons Urge President Trump to Stop Turkey from Converting Hagia Sophia to Mosque
79 Deconstructing Russia's Response to the Hagia Sophia
80 Archbishop of Canterbury opposes move to turn Hagia Sophia back into mosque
81 Hagia Sophia decision does not concern Greece, Erdoğan says | Daily Sabah
82 On GPS: Worshippers return to Istanbul's Hagia Sophia
83 Ankara unfolds Hagia Sophia card against COVID-19 crisis
84 Why Hagia Sophia move spells trouble for Turkey’s President Erdogan
85 More than 1.5 million people visit Turkey's Hagia Sophia since reversion to mosque | Daily Sabah
86 The Real Scoop on the Hagia Sophia
87 Will Hagia Sophia become a mosque again? | Daily Sabah
88 The Call to Muslim Prayer Resounds from Hagia Sophia
89 Monumental Symbols: The Hagia Sophia – MIR
90 The Sound of Hagia Sophia, Recreated Centuries Later
91 The sad tale of the Hagia Sophia – The Manila Times
92 On The Road to Constantinople: Repairs of Hagia Sophia Dome by 10th Century Armenian Architect
93 Turkey Demolishes Greek Orthodox Church Known as “Hagia Sophia of Bursa”
94 Hagia Sophia, a continuous story of schisms
95 Top Iranian aide praises Turkey's Hagia Sophia move
96 Hagia Sophia not an international matter, FM Çavuşoğlu says | Daily Sabah
97 Turkish Foreign Ministry: 'Any decision on Hagia Sophia is an internal matter'
98 Hagia Sophia: Hostage caught in war of civilizations
99 Thousands attend 1st Bayram prayers in Hagia Sophia | Daily Sabah
100 The American Who Restored Hagia Sophia’s Ancient Mosaics to their Former Glory