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1 UNESCO Mobilizes Funds and Expertise to Safeguard Yemen's Cultural Heritage
2 War ‘at the gates’ of Zabid UNESCO World Heritage
3 Yemen’s rebels say UNESCO sites in Sanaa collapse amid heavy rains
4 UNESCO condemns the intentional destruction of a historical mosque and mausoleum in the Hodeida Governorate of Yemen
5 Wonders of the World That Are in Imminent Danger
6 UNESCO mobilising to raise funds to protect Yemen heritage sites
7 World Heritage Centre
8 Yemen’s ancient city of Zabid at risk as fighting nears
9 UNESCO launches plan to safeguard Yemen's cultural heritage sites
10 Historic Yemeni city struggles to survive war, corruption
11 There’s Now a Database of Cultural Sites in Danger. It has 20,000 Entries
12 UNESCO Director-General calls on all parties to protect Yemen's cultural heritage
13 World Monuments Fund restores buildings in war-ravaged Yemen | Karen Dabrowska
14 The threat to Yemen's heritage
15 World Heritage in Danger
16 Yemen’s warring sides blamed for destruction of heritage during heavy rainfall
17 Call to protect historic Yemeni city of Zabid
18 UNESCO Director-General condemns airstrikes on Yemen's cultural heritage
19 UNESCO launches emergency response plan to safeguard Yemen cultural heritage
20 World Heritage Centre
21 A glimmer of light in a dark era of Zabid urban history
22 Many calls but little action to stop cultural destruction in Yemen
23 Emergency Action Plan for the Safeguarding of Yemen's Cultural Heritage announced
24 Sultan's mud-brick Seiyun Palace in Yemen facing collapse
25 The world's heritage sites most under threat
26 List of World Heritage in Danger
27 12 things you should know about Yemen
28 Yemen: More Than Its Current Events (PHOTOS)
29 Yemen, a cultural and historical gem lost in turmoil
30 The 10 Least-Visited Countries In Asia (& Why You Should Go)
31 World heritage: 55 sites in danger; Mali and Uzbekistan added to list
32 UNESCO, controversial custodian of culture
33 In wartime Yemen, artisans keep up the shine on gemstones
34 Yemen offensive threatens heritage site — ICRC
35 Artisans keep up the shine on Yemen's gemstones | MEO
36 The World Heritage Sites that are too dangerous to visit
37 Jordan's Petra may be at risk, says UNESCO
38 Bahrain News: Team working to preserve historic town
39 Yemen: Impoverished and War-Battered
40 Tearing the Historic Fabric: The Destruction of Yemen's Cultural Heritage
41 Yemen's Disappearing Date Palms: Applied Environmental OSINT
42 U.S. Actions Threaten Cultural Sites Beyond Iran
43 A no-strike list may shield Yemen's ancient treasures from war
44 Yemen's Ella al-Shamahi: Unearthing the past, preserving the future
45 New fund to protect endangered cultural heritage, Middle East News & Top Stories
46 Category 2 Centres
47 UNESCO urges protection of Yemen's cultural gems | News , Middle East
48 Middle East News: PHOTOS: In wartime Yemen, artisans keep up the shine on gemstones
49 More than 170 dead in Yemen floods | News , Middle East
50 Around the world in... 962 Unesco sites: Luxury experience company offers ultimate trip (so long as...
51 Yemen's government fights to preserve cultural heritage
52 Plitvice Lakes National Park overwhelmed by selfie-taking tourists
53 Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed
54 Forever Yemen: alluring beauty in the midst of war
55 Meet one of Yemen's rare women gemstone artisans