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Result Content Idea Research
1 Hutchins Roundup: Stocks, minimum wages, and more
2 Marginalized Youth Need Real Change in Schools, Courts, Other Systems
3 Global Baby Drought of Covid-19 Crisis Risks Population Crunch
4 Working from home in developing countries | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
5 The time of day when you are least productive will surprise you
6 Opinion: The Gender Wage Gap, an inequality that still exists
7 Once considered on the cusp of retirement, these people are taking a ‘gap year’ after successful careers
8 Larry Berman: What demographics can tell us about where to invest
9 Study: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Linked To 260,000+ COVID-19 Cases, $12.2B In Projected Public Health Costs
10 Covid-19 leads to global baby drought; demographic disaster feared
11 Frederick faith leaders offer support for the Maryland Trust Act
12 Plamen Nikolov – The Conversation
13 Making Sense of the Minimum Wage: A Roadmap for Navigating Recent Research
14 Agents of Automation by Sami Mahroum
15 Jordy Meekes – The Conversation
16 From pandemic shock to recession
17 Trailblazing economist and presidential adviser Edward Lazear dies at 72 | Stanford News
18 Gender, Jobs and Poverty: An Agenda for Research and Policy: Synthesis Paper No. 11
19 Ana Ferrer
20 Joseph Altonji wins IZA Prize in Labor Economics
21 Lift the Ban? Initial Employment Restrictions and Refugee Labor Market Outcomes
22 Surgical abortion restriction did not decrease clinic visits during pandemic, study shows | The University of Kansas
23 Rise in labor earnings inequality during pandemic reversed by stimulus, unemployment checks
24 COVID R&D response shows what's possible for future healthcare innovation
25 The gendered division of paid and domestic work under lockdown
26 The impact of COVID-19 childcare closures and women's labour supply | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
27 Was Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Responsible for 250K Coronavirus Cases?
28 Public policy and participation in political interest groups: An analysis of minimum wages, labor unions, and effective advocacy
29 With an $880,000 IES Grant, TC’s Alex Eble Explores How Textbooks’ Messages Shape Children’s Sense of Their Own Abilities
30 Transparency about risks and consistent messaging may reduce vaccine scepticism
31 Virus Updates: College Football Player Dies From COVID; Sturgis Rally May Have Caused 250K Cases
32 No, antifa supporters aren’t setting fires in the West — and more lessons on fake news about covid-19, Trump and Biden
33 A First 100 Days Agenda for K-12 Education
34 Richard Easterlin to receive 2009 IZA Prize in Labor Economics
35 Articles by Michael Clemens
36 Segregation and Racial Gaps in Special Education
37 Flattening the COVID-19 curve: What works | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
38 Five years on, Germany integrates over 1 million refugees
39 The Cost of the Infamous Virus-Spreading Motorcycle Rally
40 A $15 minimum wage would wreck US economic recovery
41 ‘No masks please, we’re British:’ When it comes to face coverings, Europeans, Americans and Asians have very different views
42 Coronavirus update: Global case tally tops 27.3 million, and U.S. accounts for a quarter, as 9 drug-company CEOs pledge to ‘stand with science’ in vaccine development
43 Night owl? Early riser? Research shows we're most productive at 1.30pm
44 Rally headlined by Smash Mouth may have caused 260,000 new COVID-19 cases in the US
45 Haroon Bhorat
46 $15 minimum wage: What the research says about that
47 The Data Are In: It’s Time for Major Reopening
48 Revisiting Economic Assimilation of Mexican and Central American Immigrants in the United States
49 When does our brain work the best in the day?
50 Is Lack Of Curiosity A Concern? |
51 Sankar Mukhopadhyay | College of Business
52 One Black Teacher Can Improve Outcomes for Black Students
53 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Responsible for at Least 86 COVID Cases, 1 Death in Minnesota, CDC Says
54 Republican rising star, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem plans October visit to NH
55 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally leading to research in reverse contact tracing
56 UK Martin School faculty receive national awards for Lifetime Achievement
57 Does an Entrepreneur's Motivation Determine Their Well-Being?
58 New estimates of state and local government revenue shortfalls
59 Why Are Tech Stocks Up Today? It Doesn’t Mean Anything Yet.
60 Older Workers Are Just As Keen On Learning As Younger Workers
61 Covid Pandemic Made Racial, Income Inequality Much Worse
62 Scientists Have Pinpointed the Most Productive Time of the Day, and it’s Not the Crack of Dawn
63 What past epidemics tell us about public trust in science — and scientists
64 A Year into COVID-19 Shows Why a Baby Boom Isn't All That Likely
65 Dany Bahar
66 End the School Shutdown
67 Young workers hit hardest in global downturn. What’s the answer?
68 The most productive time of the day – Monash Lens
69 Masks can reduce Covid-19 growth rate by 40%: Study
70 Lessons learnt from easing COVID-19 restrictions: an analysis of countries and regions in Asia Pacific and Europe
71 Astrid Kunze
72 Life and Work: Respiratory Exposure Concerns
73 Young people exposed to an epidemic have less trust in political institutions for the rest of their lives
74 Tens Of Thousands Expected For Tomahawk Fall Ride As Health Officials Warn Of COVID-19 Risks
75 Human Capital Development: New Evidence on the Production of Socio-Emotional Skills
76 COVID-19 has revealed the cost of disrupted education and child care inequality
77 Germany's 'money for nothing' experiment raises basic income questions
78 Juul Is Slashing Its Workforce as Teens Abandon E-Cigarettes | Marker
79 Covid-19 impact: Pandemic has been ‘creative’ insofar as it has fundamentally changed many employers’ mindset
80 Closing Latino Labor Market Gap Requires Targeted Policies To End Discrimination
81 Covid spread & mortality seems to increase with air pollution, says study of Dutch provinces
82 The Impact of The New German Minimum Wage | Cato at Liberty Blog
83 Baby Boom, or Bust?
84 Sturgis rally caused spread of coronavirus – Discussion paper
85 New Thinking on Covid Lockdowns: They’re Overly Blunt and Costly
86 Study analyzes impact of switch from nuclear power to coal, suggests directions for policy
87 The dangerous fringe theory behind the push toward herd immunity: Derrick Z. Jackson
88 Mehmet Tosun | College of Business
89 India must unite to wage a war against pollution
90 Lessons from the financial crisis to prevent the Great Fragmentation | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
91 Milena Nikolova
92 Fixing unemployment in America starts with reimagining the system
93 How exposure to pollution affects educational outcomes and inequality
94 The pandemic may be leading to fewer babies in rich countries
95 Women Hold Up Economy Yet Continue To Disappear From Workforce
96 Opening up to gender blindness in economic policy
97 Early Retirement: Living the Good Life Bad for the Brain?
98 Why Zoom Is Hot and Slack Is Not | Marker
99 Although men too lost jobs, the pandemic affected Indian women in the workforce harder
100 Nuclear power or coal plants? Study weighs in on costs and benefits