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1 Rewilding the Iberian lynx in Portugal
2 Up to 48 extinctions prevented by conservation action in recent decades
3 Caring Conservation Programs Have Prevented At Least 48 Animal Extinctions, Says Study
4 Conservation Works: At Least 28 Birds and Mammals Have Been Saved from Extinction Since 1993
5 Conservation Efforts Have Saved Nearly 50 Animal Species from Extinction Since 1993, New Study Finds
6 How the Iberian Lynx Bounced Back From the Brink of Extinction
7 Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts, study finds
8 Up To 48 Bird And Mammal Species Have Been Saved From Extinction By Conservation Efforts
9 Wild Iberian lynx population in Portugal rises to 109
10 Kenzo Debuts a New Tiger Logo—And a Partnership With the World Wildlife Fund to Double the Wild Tiger Population
11 Germany rips up budget policy to find $112 billion for COVID-19
12 Rare Iberian lynx run over on Costa Almeria highway
13 This week's good news, from species saved from extinction to a prevention for motion sickness
14 Przewalski's horses owe their survival to conservation efforts in recent decades
15 Kenzo Debuts A New Tiger Logo – And A Partnership With The World Wildlife Fund To Double The Wild Tiger Population
16 Rare Iberian Lynx Adapting To Life At Terra Natura Wildlife Park
17 Daily briefing: The Voyagers' surprising view from outside the heliosphere
18 68% Of Animals Are Gone
19 Eleven Iberian lynx cubs born in Silves in less than one week
20 Amidst hybridisation and habitat disruption, the ‘Highland tiger’ is clinging on by a claw.
21 Government to create funding system for Iberian lynx centre in Silves
22 The Sad Story of a Rare Cat and Its Loyal Parasite
23 ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Europe: How to Help Threatened Wildlife
24 Climate change could mean extinction for Iberian lynx in 50 years
25 Iberian lynx returns to Spain from verge of extinction
26 Conservation research on lynx: Anti-oxidative enzymes are important for the longevity of the corpus luteum in lynx
27 Meet the first Iberian lynx on the Iberian Peninsula
28 Spanish Ghost: Resurrection of the Iberian Lynx •
29 Two Iberian lynx cubs born in Silves (with video)
30 The Iberian lynx: No longer a whisker from extinction
31 Iberian lynx: back from the brink of extinction ... and run down by cars
32 Iberian lynx beats extinction as cats are released to the wild
33 Milestone in the elucidation of the phenomenon of long-lived corpus lutea in lynxes
34 A giant lynx, a constellation and the academy
35 Conservation research on lynx
36 Saving the Iberian lynx from extinction, one cat at a time
37 Scientists sequence the genome of the Iberian lynx, the most endangered felid
38 The first Iberian lynx infected by the pseudorabies virus
39 Say Goodbye To The Iberian Lynx
40 On the trail of the rarest cat on Earth (a short drive from the Costa del Sol)
41 Tiny new cub brings hope for endangered Iberian lynx in Portugal
42 The fight to save the world’s most endangered cat
43 The Iberian Lynx, the world’s most endangered cat, grows to over 400 individuals
44 Endangered Iberian lynx spotted in Catalonia for first time in over 100 years
45 Spain's endangered Iberian lynx brought back from brink of extinction
46 How Spain saved the lynx
47 For the first time Iberian lynx embryos are collected and preserved
48 Genomics and the conservation of species: insights from the Iberian lynx
49 The Difficult Task Of Saving The Iberian Lynx – A New Proposal
50 7 Endangered Animals Cute Enough for Celebrities to Save
51 A Glimpse of Adirondack Lynx
52 Cat update: lion and African golden cat down, Iberian lynx up
53 Iberian Lynx Threatened By Habitat Loss
54 New research finds these 515 animal species are on the brink of extinction — and less than a thousand of each remain
55 How Do You Give an Iberian Lynx a Pregnancy Test? Use an Assassin Bug
56 Iberian lynx depends on rabbits for survival
57 Iberian Lynx reproduction centre in Silves to be expanded
58 Climate Change Seen as Threat to Iberian Lynx
59 Iberian Lynx release season begins in Mértola
60 Female Iberian lynx found dead in the Guadiana Valley Natural Park
61 $100 Million And 20 Years of Work May Not Be Enough to Save the Iberian Lynx
62 International Lynx Day: Celebrate the Biggest Wild Cat in Europe on June 11
63 Iberian lynx not doomed by its genetics
64 Less than a thousand remain: New list of animals on the brink of extinction
65 Iberian lynx cubs born in the wild bring hope for the world's most endangered feline species
66 Iberian Lynx Protection Scheme Deprived Of Eu Funding After 17 Years
67 Cause for celebration as Iberian lynx caught on camera in western Portugal
68 Spain spends €100m to save the lynx | World
69 Spain’s missing lynx: a search for the rarest cat on Earth
70 Two Iberian lynx cubs born in Spanish reintroduction program
71 Two Iberian lynxes move into Madrid Zoo
72 Big Cats: Magical moment rare Iberian lynx take a big leap towards survival
73 Saving the Iberian Lynx & New Zealand's Wildlife
74 Reintroducing the Eurasian Lynx to Scotland
75 Iberian Lynx saved from extinction but threatened by cars
76 Bovine Tuberculosis and the Endangered Iberian Lynx
77 Bring foreign species to Britain to stop them dying out, expert says
78 Iberian lynx: Radical moves for world's rarest cat
79 Newest Iberian lynx released into wild named after Portuguese plant
80 Iberian Lynx: Oldest Ancestor Recently Found In Spain, Researchers Say
81 Rabbit now in danger of extinction
82 Iberian Lynx female released last month found dead
83 Captive-bred Iberian Lynx found dead hours after release
84 The awesome-looking Iberian lynx might not go extinct after all
85 Endangered lynxes 'safe in Spain' after fire evacuation and spending night in school pavilion
86 Lynx may be reintroduced to UK after 1,000 years following success of Spain programme
87 A deadly virus is killing wild rabbits in North America
88 Iberian lynx returns to the wild in Spain
89 Iberian Lynx proves that low genetic diversity is no barrier to survival
90 The Eurasian lynx as a key to the conservation and future viability of the endangered Iberian lynx
91 Two Iberian lynx released in Portugal
92 Embryos of World's Most Endangered Cat Preserved for 1st Time
93 A new variant of the rabbit hemorrhagic disease endangers the Iberian lynx
94 Preservation of testicular cells to save endangered feline species
95 Iberian lynx faces new threat as disease decimates rabbit population
96 First Eurasian Lynx Born in Pyrenees in Almost a Century
97 Spain: Rare Iberian lynx tracked in Madrid region
98 Animals returning from the brink of extinction
99 How to preserve biodiversity: EU policy | News
100 The great outdoors: Scotland's wildcat is living the last of its nine lives