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1 Marine Forces Special Operations Command Celebrates 15th Anniversary
2 Kuhlmann to deploy overseas | Imperial Republican
3 Deploy the Fleet for the New Star Wars X Herschel Collection
4 The artists who outwitted the Nazis
5 A former artillery plant in Kyiv is now a Japanese izakaya
6 Harvard Professor's Paper Claiming 'Comfort Women' in Imperial Japan Were Voluntarily Employed Stokes International Controversy | News
7 The Life of a Soldier
8 The West just lost Georgia
9 Can Historians Be Traumatized by History?
10 In no region is China’s influence felt more strongly than in South-East Asia
11 That time Vito Bertoldo fought as a one-man army for two days
12 Rabble-Rousers Go on Witch Hunt vs Harvard Professor Who Challenges ‘Sex Slaves’ Theory
13 A 1936 Coup Attempt in Japan Holds Lessons for the US
14 Armenia PM warns of coup, as army demands he quit
15 LEGO Ideas The Fortress
16 Some Uncomfortable Truths About Comfort Women for the International Mob
17 S.Africa's Imperial Logistics reports 43% H1 fall
18 1964 Olympic Legacy: Milestone for Reconciliation in Manila
19 How soldiers were DRAFTED into the Imperial Russian Army
20 Interactive education on video game platforms
21 Black Panther: How Wakanda Became an Intergalactic Empire | CBR
22 When Hollywood Drops the Ball But Can't Pick It Back Up
23 Putin and Erdogan have formed a brotherhood of hard power
24 The return of high commissioners an early sign of Biden's hubris | Haitham El-Zobaidi | AW
25 One song under Heaven: A history of China’s national anthems
26 Bzzzzz: Chamber of Commerce opposed Cebu City's charter. We're not ready, business sector said in 1936... Guadalupe, Lahug lockdowns. Those 'Run Sara Run' billboards.
27 Tom Stevenson · Where are the space arks? Space Forces · LRB 4 March 2021
28 Japan battling virus threat ahead of delayed Olympics
29 Total War: Three Kingdoms’ next DLC is Fates Divided, out next month
30 The Mandalorian: 10 Questions About The Imperial Remnant Fans Need Answers To
32 Review: 'The Admirals' examines the life of four WWII naval leaders
33 Delhi Gymkhana Club, capital’s iconic landmark, at a crossroads after government takeover
34 As the WHO investigated coronavirus origins in China, Beijing pushed a conspiracy about the US
35 Prominent Harvard professor pilloried for peddling revisionist history about wartime ‘comfort women’
36 Repeal the Rescission Act of 1946
37 Zama museum preserves history of camp serving as US Army Japan headquarters
38 Chinese strategy is clear: The world has much to think about
39 Fantasy Flight Games preview the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
40 OPINION: When the ‘F’ Word and the ‘N’ Word Meant the Same Thing: Filipino
41 The Mandalorian Season 2: The Biggest Things That Happened In The Disney+ Series
42 Black historical figures who shook the world, from a warrior queen to a Mexican president
43 Glimpses of the survivors: documenting the stories of comfort women
44 Is it time to rethink the way we manage and own land? | Life Examined
45 The Mandalorian Proves The Empire Improved On Some Republic Tech
46 The paradummy that distracted the Germans on D-Day
47 UK and Australia team up on advanced materials integration
48 7 kingly facts about the life of Alexander the Great
49 Star Wars Fans Rejoice, the U.S. Army Once Had Real-Life AT-ATs
50 Skyrim: 10 Things About The Imperial Legion That Make Absolutely No Sense
51 The princess and the popstar! BFFs Eugenie and Ellie Goulding have been side-by-side for life
52 Sing Me a Lullaby director Tiffany Hsiung on how Lunar New Year can connect family beyond words
53 Lessons from Ongwen's conviction
54 Mandalorian: Why There Are Still Stormtroopers (Despite Empire’s Defeat)
55 China’s Himalayan Waterloo: Inspite of the thaw, India should remain alert
56 Star Wars: 5 Imperial Leaders Who Make Moff Gideon Look Like A Womp Rat (& 5 Who Were Surprisingly Kind)
57 'Curse on This Country: The Rebellious Army of Imperial Japan': Of insubordination and the road to WWII
58 Japan marks war's '45 end; emperor remorseful
59 Star Wars: Every Imperial Ground Vehicle, Ranked | ScreenRant
60 Chief: Capitol Police prepared, but not for a riot
61 Light Up Your Yard This Christmas With Giant ‘Star Wars’ Inflatables
62 An Attempted Coup Tried to Stop Japan’s Surrender in World War II. Here’s How It Failed
63 6 Minor Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Characters You Should Know
64 Philippine Survivor Recounts Her Struggle As A 'Comfort Woman' For Wartime Japan
65 The Mandalorian's Dark Troopers: New Design & Powers Explained
66 11 reasons Warhammer 40,000 is a lot like the US military
67 This is the Way: Recapping The Mandalorian (Chapter 15: The Believer)
68 The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon’s Vader Armor & Dark Troopers Explained
69 'Mandalorian' Dark Troopers revive a terrifying part of '90s Star Wars canon
70 The Taiping Rebellion nearly toppled China's last imperial dynasty
71 Last Korean war criminal in Japan still pushing for compensation
72 The Forgotten Colonial Forces of World War II
73 Warriors geared up for crucial T20 triple-header
74 The Mandalorian’s new troopers reference a classic Star Wars game: Dark Forces
75 At IFFR 2021, two Japanese films provide complementa..perspectives into the intersection of class and gender
76 Star Wars: What Happened To Commander Cody After Executing Order 66
77 The Mandalorian inadvertently uncovers a dark secret in season 2, episode 4 'The Siege'
78 Veterans Day Spotlight: A conversation with Escolastico “Cole” Griego, a veteran of Iwo Jima
79 Star Wars: The 10 Coolest Stormtrooper Variations From The Movies
80 Star Wars: 10 Coolest Looking Stormtrooper Designs, Ranked | CBR
81 Official documents shed light on Tokyo's role in 'comfort women': Kyodo
82 Ewoks Are the Most Tactically Advanced Fighting Force in Star Wars
83 Warhammer 40,000 101
84 The Mandalorian: The Show's Stormtrooper Army Isn't an Error, It's a Plot Point
85 A Famed Horror Director Mines Japan’s Real-Life Atrocities
86 Battle of Java Sea Holds Crucial Lessons for Today
87 The history of Mulan, from a 6th-century ballad to the live-action Disney movie
88 Commander's grandson fights to preserve Okinawa's wartime history
89 Skyrim: 10 Hidden Details About The Imperial Legion | TheGamer
90 75 Years Ago: The Surrender of Japan and the End of World War II
91 Three times when the Mughal military juggernaut ran up against the immutable force of nature
92 TOP 3 cold weapons of the Imperial Russian Army
93 Japan's Last Ditch Force
94 Star Wars: 5 Best Imperial Fighters
95 Star Wars: How The Empire Recruited Stormtroopers (They're Not Clones)
96 Feb 23, 2021
97 Video Game Pop: Fortnite Crosses Over with Star Wars
98 Imperial Japan and the Russian Revolution
99 Remembering Flag Day for the Finnish Armed Forces, 2020
100 Disney’s Mulan: 5 Things In The Movie That Were Historically Accurate (& 5 That Were Not)