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1 UK lockdown could return next month warns Government's former chief scientist
2 U.K.’s Pandemic Outcome ‘Not Good,’ Scientific Adviser Says
3 Warning UK could be back in full lockdown by the end of the month, says top scientist
4 The government must respect the autonomy of science to prevent future catastrophes like this one
5 Covid-19 second wave fear after UK records 1,000 cases in a day
6 Offline: Independent science advice for COVID-19—at last
7 U.K. government should not keep scientific advice secret, former chief adviser says
8 The dangerous legacy of the Cummings affair
9 Coronavirus hospital cases down 96% as doctor says Britain 'almost at herd immunity'
10 Covid-19: Was the decision to delay the UK's lockdown over fears of “behavioural fatigue” based on evidence?
11 Boris urged to give teachers and children weekly coronavirus tests
12 UK coronavirus death toll rises by 8
13 Most Brits just won't wear face masks — here's why
14 Governance: Prime Minister commits to a future independent inquiry into UK Government's handling of the Covid-19 crisis (UK)
15 Covid-19 news: New DNA and swab tests give results in 90 minutes
16 When scientists speak freely, it's better for everyone
17 The Government's Ten Biggest Coronavirus Lies Unmasked – Byline Times
18 Independent scientists criticise UK government's covid-19 approach
19 UK: For a general strike against the reopening of schools
20 Inside Westminster’s coronavirus blame game
21 The Secretive Group Guiding the U.K. on Coronavirus
22 Four more die with coronavirus in the Midlands as latest death toll figures released
23 Coronavirus: a former member of SAGE explains how the science advisory group really works
24 Risks to children from Covid-19 very low; risks of school closures very serious: Child health expert
25 Scientists set up independent committee to challenge UK government's COVID-19 response: “there is no transparency”
26 Revealed: Cummings is on secret scientific advisory group for Covid-19
27 Coronavirus UK: 'SAGE and COBRA no longer control decisions'
28 Russia's approval of a COVID-19 vaccine is less than meets the press release
29 SAGE did not advise against reopening schools on 1 June
30 What is SAGE and how does Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies work?
31 Boris Johnson pleads with Britons NOT to shun A&E saying hospitals are safe
32 Coronavirus: UK faces further lockdowns if it follows current path, Independent SAGE group warns
33 Lancet warns of massive resurgence of coronavirus after UK school reopening
34 Matt Hancock says SAGE and COBRA meetings no longer control government decisions
35 Rise in UK Covid cases above 1,000 a day breached government target
36 Sage papers: the guidance scientists offered to Government ministers
37 Coronavirus (COVID-19): scientific evidence supporting the UK government response
38 What is the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies and what does the government body do?
39 I'm proud to be a scientist in Sage – to call us 'secretive' is unjustified
40 Where the science went wrong
41 Johnson’s Top Aide Pushed Scientists to Back U.K. Lockdown
42 UK government ignored scientific advice and treated COVID-19 as a public order issue
43 UK's alternative scientific advisers put public health first
44 August 10th – Coronavirus News Updates
45 Trump's made-in-USA drug plan hits first big hitch
46 Secrecy has harmed UK government's response to Covid-19 crisis, says top scientist
47 Unmasking the Truth: Public Health Experts, the Coronavirus, and the Raucous Marketplace of Ideas
48 Coronavirus: Independent Sage suggests vacant wedding venues be used as outdoor classrooms
49 What is Sage? UK Government’s scientific advisory group explained as member Neil Ferguson resigns over lockdown breach
50 #EAPM
51 New government unit to take over Covid response
52 UK government invited Google DeepMind exec to critical coronavirus meeting
53 Special Report: Johnson listened to his scientists about coronavirus
54 Google executive took part in Sage meeting, tech firm confirms
55 How the UK's political machine has shifted to fight coronavirus
56 Covid-19: Papers justifying government's plans to reopen schools are “inconclusive,” say union bosses
57 Britain’s government says it is “following the science”. Which science?
58 Make SAGE transparent
59 Coronavirus: Boris Johnson told to immediately publish government's scientific advice amid concerns over secrecy
60 What advice did Sage give and when?
61 COVID-19 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Part Two – Government Documents Reveal Concern for 'Economic' and 'Business' Impacts Prevented Early Action
62 Neil Ferguson predicts R number rise if secondary schools fully reopen
63 New coronavirus outbreaks 'inevitable without robust UK strategy'
64 Coronavirus: June 1 ‘too early’ for schools to reopen, says group of scientists
65 Scientists turn on Boris Johnson over Britain's coronavirus response
66 Rebels with a cause – a clear Sage alternative
67 I worked to build a bridge between science and government. Now the relationship has broken down—costing thousands of lives
68 Sage sidelined as Government takes direct control of coronavirus response
69 Experts Tell Oversight Subcommittee that Transparency, Independent Scientific Review are Crucial to Safe, Effective Coronavirus Vaccine
70 Pub-goers at risk from coronavirus when venues reopen, warns ex-chief scientific adviser
71 It's too soon to relax the 2 metre rule, warns Government's former chief scientific adviser
72 Government publishes latest R number
73 Covid-19 news: Rising cases in England delay easing of restrictions
74 Coronavirus: Experts warn hairdresser 'visors' aren't enough
75 Carol Bacha, Flagler County School Board Candidate: The Live Interview
76 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: No Vaccine Seen for Most Until Late Spring
77 Coronavirus: UK virologists criticise handling of Covid testing contracts
78 Safety and immunogenicity of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2: a preliminary report of a phase 1/2, single-blind, randomised controlled trial
79 Scientists worry about political influence over coronavirus vaccine project
80 Missing out on school is disaster that lasts forever
81 Coronavirus: what does it mean when the government says it is 'following the science'?
82 Scientists working to steer Britain out of coronavirus crisis targeted with death threats
83 UK on course for 30000 more coronavirus deaths unless Johnson changes approach, experts warn
84 Experts say PM ignored their advice when lowering coronavirus alert level
85 Government failing to follow advice of own SAGE group in opening schools June 1, says Independent SAGE
86 Neil Ferguson: Government coronavirus adviser quits after home visits from married lover
87 Covid-19 news: UK border rules 'accelerated' pandemic, say MPs
88 Experts say U.K. risks repeating tragic mistakes as missteps hinder coronavirus response
89 The battle at the heart of British science over coronavirus | Free to read
90 Boris Johnson says coronavirus could have been handled differently
91 Covid-19 news: NHS unable to use 50 million masks due to safety fears
92 Pamela Canter Promoted to Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Jupiter Medical Center
93 Covid-19 news: Coronavirus not “done by Christmas”, says charity boss
94 Covid-19 news: This is the "most severe" health crisis ever, says WHO
95 Is Demis Hassabis' presence on SAGE a conflict of interest? | ITV News
96 Coronavirus relief package talks stall; Trump might use executive actions to bypass congress
97 First Edition: Aug. 11, 2020
98 UK government under fire over virus advice as deaths pass 20,000
99 COVID-19 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Part One – The Politicised Science that Nudged the Johnson Government to Safeguard the Economy over British Lives
100 Top U.K. Scientist Resigns Over Coronavirus Distancing Violation