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1 OP-ED | Vaccine Misinformation Poses the Greatest Danger | CTNewsJunkie
2 What's ahead for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
3 Airey Bros. Radio / Episode 100 / Del Bigtree
4 Does Covid Vaccine Cause Infertility? Facebook Still Letting Fake News Go Viral
5 Report: Anti-Vaccine Groups Collected Federal Covid Relief Funds
6 ICAN Submits Point-by-Point Refutation and Notice of HHS's Unwillingness or Inability To Support Its Claims or Answer Questions About Vaccine Safety
7 Did RFK Jr. Win a Supreme Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination?
8 Texas-based anti-vaccine group received federal bailout funds in May as pandemic raged
9 Maui Group Joins Rally Seeking Freedoms Amid Coronavirus Restrictions
10 Tiki Iniki mandates employees receive vaccine
11 Why Borough Park has NYC’s lowest vaccination rates
12 Anti-Vax Activists Are Quietly Bending State Politics To Their Will
13 New York Judge Re-Admits Expelled Disabled Student Missing Single Vaccination, According To Informed Consent Action Network
14 Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online
15 ICAN Founder Del Bigtree: New Research Study Shows CDC Vaccine Schedule Likely Causes Aluminum Toxicity In Newborns
16 Vaccine Skeptics Join Forces With Antimask Advocates
17 AG Garland ends restrictions on consent decrees, aims to hold troubled police departments accountable
18 Following ICAN Lawsuit, CDC Removes Claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” from its Website
19 Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
20 There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism; the US CDC didn't change their stance on the subject
21 COVID-19 vaccines are critical for controlling the pandemic; vaccines still offer partial protection against new variants of the virus
22 Anti-Vaccine Groups Secured Over $1M In PPP Loans
23 No, Health and Human Services didn't say it failed to monitor vaccine safety
24 Trump administration gave PPP loans to prominent anti-vaccine groups, report says | TheHill
25 P&G fails on forests in disappointing shareholder update Français
26 Anti-vaccination groups still crowdfunding on Facebook despite crackdown
27 Vaccination mandates? Some state lawmakers want to block vaccination requirements.
28 National Vaccine Information Center, Informed Consent Action Network want halt of oral polio vaccine
29 Legal German regulator acts to halt 'illegal' WhatsApp data collection
30 Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement
31 Dollars and nonsense: anti-vaxxers get federal funds
32 ICAN vs. HHS: Key Legal Win Recasts Vaccine Debate /PRNewswire
33 World Health Organization's Closed-Door Video Shows Claim "Science Is Settled" About Vaccine Safety Is Dangerously Wrong, Says ICAN's Del Bigtree
34 Momentum is building for a 'robust' biodiversity framework: Q&A with Elizabeth Mrema
35 Covid-19: Brazil Begins Vaccinations as It Battles Virus Variants
36 News Activists Fueling Concerns About COVID Vaccine Safety
37 Connecticut Pathologist Offers to Verify Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy for FDA Evaluation If Pfizer is Unable to Perform the Necessary Tests
38 Santhera Reports Interim Results on Convertible Bond Exchange Offer
39 MMR Vaccine Licensing Called Into Question Following ICAN's Latest FOIA Exposure of FDA Coverup
40 Facebook ‘still making money from anti-vax sites’
41 HER2 overexpression and mismatch repair deficiency in CRC | CMAR
42 Supporting Families Considering Participation in a Clinical Trial: Parent-Provider Perspectives
43 Enhanced Scrutiny Blog SPACs and Delaware Fiduciary Duties
44 Massive Public Pushback Sinks New Jersey's Attack Upon Religious Exemptions For Vaccines, Says ICAN's Del Bigtree
45 Once approved, should people be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine as a matter of public health?
46 Handling the Anti-Vax Movement
47 5 Ways Liberty Mutual is Threatening Communities and Our Climate
48 Inland Journal, April 18, 2019: Vaccine Safety, Pt. 1, Del Bigtree
49 Elderly Hedge Fund Manager Doesn't Care If Your Kids Die From A Preventable Disease
50 How anti-vaxxers target grieving moms and turn them into crusaders against vaccines
51 A ‘Game Changer’ for Patients With Esophageal Cancer
52 Proposed bill could require New Yorkers to get COVID-19 vaccination
53 Why Israel’s anti-vax party is a cautionary tale
54 Battle over COVID-19 misinformation goes to courts | TheHill
55 Withdrawing from Afghanistan is a courageous step. Here’s what must come next.
56 [Full text] DNA Methylation of Fluoxetine Response in Child and Adolescence: Preli | PGPM
57 Anti-Defamation League slams anti-vaccination activists for using symbol from Holocaust
58 Some state lawmakers want to block vaccination requirements or mandates
59 The PANDEMIC Framework for Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccinations
60 Marin event vaccinates hundreds of school staffers
61 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 4.16.21
62 [Full text] IL-37 in acute myeloid leukemia regulating IL-6 expression | CMAR
63 Contrary to viral Facebook claim, numerous studies show vaccines don't cause autism
64 Inside an anti-vaccine group, reading posts that wait to be taken down by Facebook
65 Massachusetts enters Phase 2 of vaccination plan, here’s what you need to know
66 60 Largest Banks Have Dumped $3.8 Trillion Into Fossil Fuels Since 2015, Report Shows
67 Anti-vaxxers target communities battling measles
68 Anti-Vaccine and COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories: A Perfect Storm
69 New York Couple Has Donated More Than $3 Million to Anti-Vaxx Movement: Report
70 The most notorious anti-vax groups use Facebook to lay the groundwork against the novel coronavirus vaccine
71 Amazon reportedly donated $40,000 to top vaccine misinformation source
72 End Coal | CoalWire 362, March 25, 2021
73 Vaccine Safety Advocate and ICAN Founder Del Bigtree's Controversial Speech Vindicated As Rockland County, NY, Supreme Court Overturns Ban of Non-Vaccinated Children In Public Spaces
74 The Anti-Vaxx Playbook: Exposing the 5-step anti-vaxx conversion program escalating the COVID pandemic. Its proponents include Barbara Loe Fisher, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Sherri Tenpenny
75 Where Del Bigtree’s Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Come From
76 India: Doctors call for investigation into allegations of ethical abuse in covid-19 vaccine trial
77 The Health 202: It's still unclear who will lead HHS after Biden is sworn in
78 Revealed: AmazonSmile helps fund anti-vaccine groups
79 Frick Collection Trustee Bernard Selz Has Donated Millions to the Anti-Vaccination Movement
80 Goucher College trustee reportedly spent millions to fund anti-vaccination movement
81 No coronavirus vaccine can inoculate against anti-vaxxers
82 Speaking to hearts before minds? Public health messages aligned with people's political intuitions may not increase vaccination uptake
83 Anti-vaxxers attended a conference over the weekend, defied guidelines
84 In the crossfire: As vaccination rates drop in Wisconsin, activists from either side come armed with defenses
85 SB276: Robert Kennedy, Jr., ICAN Founder Del Bigtree to Speak At California State Capitol Parents Rally To Protect Patient-Doctor Relationships, Legal Medical Exemptions From Vaccination
86 Why Paul Watson Jr. doesn't smile much on the court
87 Anti-maskers are the new anti-vaxxers
88 One wealthy New York couple is supporting the anti-vax movement through more than $3 million in donations
89 Concerns as India to roll out home-grown vaccine
90 'Kill the Bill' Demonstrators March Through Central London
91 Massachusetts Phase 2 vaccine rollout: Local health officials frustrated by supply, communication issues
92 Did the Internet News Program "The HighWire With Del Bigtree" Break the Coronavirus Code?
93 “Anti-Vax” or Vaccine Safety? – The Arapahoe Pinnacle
94 Privacy Policy | The Action Network
95 Key Update for Providers: Informed Consent Laws Poised for Sweeping Changes
96 Canadian champ Kerri Einarson leads the way at Grand Slam of Curling event
97 Michelle Malkin's ill-conceived vendetta against the CDC
98 Hannah Gadsby has a message for anti-vaxxers
99 Amid measles outbreak, anti-vaccine activists press state not to tighten vaccine exemptions
100 The HighWire with Del Bigtree's next episode: MOM VS. MEDICAL EXAMINER