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Result Content Idea Research
1 Cyclones can damage even distant reefs
2 May 30 | Virtual Marine Science Day | Old Town Alexandria
3 Fish feces reveals which species eat crown-of-thorns: Great Barrier Reef research finds the destructive starfish is eaten more often than thought
4 Survey: Bay blue crab numbers healthy
5 ‘More Blue’: An Artwork Shows the Sea Changing During Lockdown
6 National Estuarine Research Reserves Go Virtual During COVID-19 Response
7 Call For Proposals To Host Cullen Scholars In Marine & Related Doctoral Research
8 International researchers discover ongoing and future tropical diversity decline
9 Where Storms Are Lore, Folks See Change
10 Principals named at marine science and multicultural magnet schools
11 Scientists successfully develop 'heat resistant' coral to fight bleaching
12 Sea research, see solar
13 Chesapeake Bay blue crab numbers are down but still in healthy range
14 Rising Sea Levels and the Affect on the US Coastline
15 OSU Joins New Climate Institute Commissioned by NOAA
16 Yellow-legged gull adapts its annual lifecycle to human activities to get food
17 Metagenomics reveals distinct microbiotypes of giant clams
18 Blue crab stock remains within healthy range
19 Oregon State and partners to receive up to $300 million to lead NOAA institute on climate, ocean research
20 Loss of Louisiana marshes that protect New Orleans is ‘probably inevitable,’ study finds
21 Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Population Shows Healthy Spawning Stock
22 'Grand Challenge' review stresses global impact of microplastics
23 Video: NYK Trials Remote Tug Operations
24 Seals Are Helping Scientists Map the Future of Antarctic Krill
25 Marine science students continue studies amid outbreak | News
26 Study shows wetter climate is likely to intensify global warming
27 Signing ceremony of PKU Ningbo Institute of Marine Medicine held
28 Sanford High School names its top 10 graduates
29 W&M announces 2020 spring Green Fee projects
30 Ashton Meredith 'Mert' Felts Jr., 72, provided scientific glassware to Colonial Williamsburg and William & Mary
31 Signs Of Change Are Clear, If Language Is Not
32 2 Dozen Maine Nonprofit Groups to Get Grants Amid Pandemic
33 Survey: Blue Crab Population “Robust”, Demand High
34 Sugar turns brown algae into good carbon stores
35 Marine science and policy collaboration | UDaily
36 Giant tectonic plate under Indian Ocean is breaking in two
37 $5 Million Grant Awarded to Marine Science Institute
38 An underwater museum is opening inside the world's most famous reef
39 Physics-defying ocean critter's 'propeller' caught on camera
40 Oregon Teacher of the Year Program Celebrates 15 Regional Winners
41 Tragedy at Shark Park: When the unthinkable happens, a surfer dies, what happens next?
42 Metagenomics reveals distinct microbiotypes in the giant clams Tridacna maxima
43 Forget about climate change. The real story is climate speed.
44 Discovery Cube Brings Science To Life With Launch Of Interactive STEM Platform
45 Seal behavior helps scientists predict changes in Antarctic krill distribution
46 Duke Marine Lab and UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences making face shields
47 Marine waste management: Recycling efficiency by marine microbes
48 US Commerce Department Invests in Recovery of UT Marine Science Institute
49 Researchers identify two marine molecules with therapy potential against Alzheimer's disease
50 UT Marine Science Institute opening center to study effect of chemicals on ocean
51 Sea-level report cards: 2019 data adds to trend in acceleration
52 NOAA Helps UT Marine Science Institute Rebound from Hurricane Harvey
53 RIHN taking initiative on discussion toward 'new life' after COVID-19 pandemic
54 NIST helps expand genome sequencing of marine mammals
55 Data science talent at UH Manoa, UH Hilo showcased virtually
56 The science behind our Seafood
57 Peterson Reflects on Marine Science Legacy
58 Towable sensor free-falls to measure vertical slices of ocean conditions
59 Research reveals unique reproductive trait for seagrass
60 Wachapreague's Shark Tanks and Think Tanks: The Virginia Institute of Marine Science Saltwater Laboratory
61 Tech Talk: Algorithm Aims to Assist Ocean Search and Rescue
62 VIMS scientist wins national Early Career Leadership Award
63 UT Marine Science Institute receives $5 million grant
64 Carteret County is a global center for marine sciences and research
65 Navy, Air Force chiefs expected to lead border protection efforts
66 Simulated deep-sea mining affects ecosystem functions at the seafloor
67 Climate change could threaten sea snails in mid-Atlantic waters
68 At Virginia universities, a struggle to define 'essential' science
69 Biologist Daniel Costa appointed director of the Institute of Marine Sciences
70 Anchovies—and Their Predators—Help Researcher Solve Ecosystem Mysteries
71 When reefs decline, parrotfish thrive
72 Marine Science Institute's redfish studies eye sustainability
73 Unique reproductive trait for seagrass: Wing interacts with currents to hold seed in place for rooting
74 Virginia Institute of Marine Science's new research vessel
75 Rethinking tsunami defense
76 Academy Brings Marine Science to Students
77 Sugar turns brown algae into carbon sinks
78 Big plans for Marine Science Institute in Redwood City
79 Catch rate is a poor indicator of lake fishery health
80 New initiative to address multiple environmental crises beyond COVID-19
81 Additions to resource industry underwater robots can boost ocean discoveries
82 Top 4 UK universities for an ocean and marine science degree
83 Study further implicates poultry processing in coastal pollution
84 VIMS earns grant to improve coastal resilience by studying dunes
85 Cold War nuclear bomb tests reveal true age of whale sharks: The radioactive legacy of the arms race solves a mystery about the world's largest fish
86 Scientists use satellite-mounted laser to map global ocean migration
87 Directed evolution produces heat-resistant coral to endure climate change
88 Over 1272 green turtle and hawksbill turtle species identified from photos shared in public across PH
89 Researchers claim industrial underwater robots can help with ocean discoveries
90 Here's a chance to see the marine science research happening inside Inner Harbor's IMET
91 Ocean Sciences Instructional Center dedicated at Skidaway
92 Message in a bottle: Forensics meets marine science with eDNA
93 Ocean Educators Unite For Virtual Series
94 Registration open for U.T. Marine Science Institute's Science Camp Experience
95 VIMS dead-zone report card reflects improving Chesapeake Bay water quality
96 UPDATE: This years Skidaway Marine Science Day cancelled due to severe weather
97 UNC Institute Shows Off Renovated Lab
98 Judge tosses suit against W&M by chief scientist fired for killing stingrays
99 Institute to Mark 70 Years of Marine Science
100 Scientists find high concentrations of toxic phenyltin compounds in local Chinese white dolphins: Confirming their biomagnification through marine food chains