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1 What the Intelligence Community Doesn't Know Is Hurting the United States
2 Contract awards in the intelligence community have slowed
3 The Intelligence Community Needs Diversity NOW | SIGNAL Magazine
4 The intelligence community got the pandemic right. Then politicians botched it.
5 RELEASE: The Intelligence Community's Lack of Business Insights Are Harming Its Mission, CAP Analysis Finds
6 What the Intelligence Community Doesn't Know is Hurting the US
7 Trump nominates former Nunes aide as intelligence community inspector general
8 Intel Summit 2020
9 Artificial Intelligence Community Growing, Transitioning > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
10 John Brennan: Trump will suffocate the intelligence community to get reelected
11 Support for U.S. Intelligence Continues, Despite Presidential Attacks and Concerns Over Transparency
12 GAO: Actions Needed to Strengthen Selected Intelligence Community OIG Programs to Protect Whistleblowers
13 Relations between intelligence agencies matter -- this is why | Opinion
14 House Intelligence Committee Subpoenas DHS for Documents and Open Hearing with Acting I&A Head
15 Former DNI Daniel Coats criticizes suspension of in-person briefings to Congress on election security
16 Hours before the debate, Trump's Director of National Intelligence spreads an unverified Russian claim
17 Intelligence Analysis Needs Course Change | SIGNAL Magazine
18 Cubic's PIXIA Wins Enterprise Data Management Contract from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency – @CubicCorp
19 Council of Europe calls for greater oversight on intelligence community's surveillance powers
20 Report: Trump Administration Blocked Intelligence Warning Of Russian Efforts To Influence Election
21 Sunny Yoo Joins Suntiva as Director of Defense, Intel Business Development
22 Schiff Sees Rise in Russian Disinformation as Trump Attacks Mail-In Voting
23 Six questions with the Pentagon's new principal deputy CIO
24 Whistleblower Alleges DHS Told Him To Stop Reporting On Russia Threat
25 Senators: Intel community weighs more disclosures on foreign meddling
26 CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House
27 Revelations on Trump's tax returns stoke long-held national security concerns
28 The Coming Revolution in Intelligence Affairs
29 Democrats Blast End Of In-Person Election Security Briefings
30 Public Report on Worldwide Threats Is More Than 7 Months Overdue
31 Leading the Intelligence Community After 2020's Upheavals
32 Trump vs. Biden on the issues: Election security and integrity
33 Guest Commentary: I served under six presidents — four Republicans, two Democrats — only one has failed to serve U.S. national security interests
34 Secret CIA assessment: Putin ‘probably directing’ influence operation to denigrate Biden
35 Why intelligence briefings don't read the same (only) on paper
36 US election 2020: Who do Russia, China and Iran want to win?
37 The Election Threats That Keep US Intelligence Up at Night
38 Trump Homeland Security pick denies intelligence meddling
39 Abend unqualified to be Defense Department watchdog
40 $50K NGA Challenge Offered for Satellite Imagery AI Solutions
41 The Intelligence Community is hiring during this time of crisis
42 Intelligence community releases AI principles keeping human judgment core to analysis
43 The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted
44 Pompeo claims Trump foreign policy has made world safer, Americans' lives 'more secure'
45 Two Years After Khashoggi’s Murder, the Fight for Justice Isn’t Over
46 Coronavirus may force the U.S. intelligence community to rethink how it does its job
47 The Intelligence Community, Transparency, and Today's Threats To American Security
48 Trump's intelligence chief reverses decision to halt in-person election briefings for congressional committees
49 Emerging Europe this week
50 Trump’s Russophilia Has Become Intelligence Policy
51 Could the pandemic force the intelligence community to reconsider workplace flexibilities?
52 What Role Does the Intelligence Community Play in a Pandemic?
53 Did the Intelligence Community see this pandemic coming?
54 As the intelligence community returns to work, employees confront new anxieties
55 Weird Hours, Contractor Concerns: How the Intelligence Community Is Grappling with Coronavirus
56 Trump Sought To Halt California Wildfire Aid Over Hatred Of Jerry Brown, Ex-Aide Says
57 Major Data Thefts Enable Adversaries to Target Americans
58 Terence McGurn | |
59 We're Suing to Find Out if the Intelligence Community's Independence is Being Compromised
60 Facebook Takes Down Networks Linked to Russian Disinformation
61 AFCEA Intelligence Committee Welcomes New Members
62 The Intelligence Community's Role in Countering Malign Foreign Influence on Social Media
63 New Intelligence Chief Takes Over as Community Has Altered Work Operations for Pandemic
64 Octo Consulting Rebrands After Acquisition of Connexta; Mehul Sanghani, Jay Shah Quoted
65 Is the Trump Administration Unduly Influencing the Intelligence Community?
66 U.S. intel community says coronavirus "not manmade or genetically modified"
67 Alion Awarded $142 Million Task Order to Provide Mobility, Power, and Energy for the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Ground Vehicle Systems Center
68 New Mexico: How one state's story reflects the long, strange journey toward the election
69 Intelligence Chief Reduces Size of Counterterrorism Office
70 Rise of 5G drives intelligence community to refine cyber threat information sharing practices
71 Gathering intelligence during a pandemic
72 U.S. Intelligence Community Is Still Investigating The Origins Of The Coronavirus
73 The Case for an Intelligence Community Innovation Unit
74 New Big Data Sentiment Analysis Show Potential Biden Election Landslide
75 What's the Smallest Organization in the Intelligence Community?
76 I just now decided to send $10 to the Lincoln Project
77 Americans are tired of Democrats' politicized investigations against Trump | TheHill
78 Trump loyalists take command of the intelligence community
79 Responding to news of Russian interference, Trump sends chilling message to U.S. intelligence community
80 It's Time to Reform Intelligence Community Hiring Practices
81 Breaches bring lessons for the intelligence community
82 Officials: Iran weighing plot to kill U.S. ambassador to South Africa
83 What we know about 2020 election interference: It’s not just Russia
84 Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump’s Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
85 Spies Like AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence for the US Intelligence Community
86 Refugees not welcome: Elsewhere in emerging Europe
87 Quigley vs. Hanson and Wilda: 10 questions for the candidates running for 5th District of the U.S. House of Representatives
88 The intelligence community did its job, but Trump didn't do his
89 Inside the intelligence community's new plan for commercial imagery
90 The intelligence community is developing its own AI ethics
91 Leading the Intelligence Community Will Be a Test for Ratcliffe
92 What Type of HUMINT Officer Should You Be?
93 COVID-19 is forcing the intelligence community to think outside the SCIF | TheHill
94 Trump to Fire Intelligence Community Inspector General
95 U.S. Intelligence Community Assesses Beginnings Of COVID-19
96 2 major cloud procurements will define intelligence community modernization in 2020
97 Trump Has Politicized US Intelligence Agencies. It Could End in Disaster.
98 US intelligence community says COVID-19 not 'manmade'
99 Widespread Cybersecurity Problems Across Intelligence Community, Claims US Senator Ron Wyden
100 Despite ‘consensus’ with DoD, ODNI moving ahead with its own AI principles