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1 Why the 2060s Are So Important to Climate Change
2 Comment: IPCC faces challenges in communicating climate science
3 IPCC: A failure in communicating the impact of new findings
4 The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof
5 Climate Change Modeling of "Degrowth" Scenarios – Reduction in GDP, Energy and Material Use
6 This is how climate change is impacting the ocean
7 The Hot List: Meet pioneering climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer
8 More reasons for optimism on climate change than we've seen for decades: 2 climate experts explain
9 Climate colloquy: All about net zero
10 [ANALYSIS] What the world must do about climate change
11 Trends and gaps in climate change and health research in North America
12 A 'red team' view of climate science
13 Guest post: How to assess the multiple interacting risks of climate change
14 How climate change drives humanitarian crises
15 Climate change will be disastrous even after latest world pledges, report finds
16 Sir David Attenborough warns world faces ‘crippling problems’ due to climate change
17 Earth Day: 9 Trends That Show the Harsh Reality of Climate Change | The Weather Channel
18 Emissions Cuts Could Drop the Impact of Melting Ice on Oceans by Half
19 Kids are taking governments to court over climate. And they are starting to win
20 Fact check: Scientific consensus says humans are dominant cause of climate change
21 Explainer: Will global warming 'stop' as soon as net-zero emissions are reached?
22 GARY RYNHART: Can the pandemic help tackle climate change?
23 Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap
24 Climate change: Shipping industry calls for new global carbon tax
25 Tom Schuster | Time is now for energy action in Pennsylvania
26 A New Book Feeds Climate Doubters, but Scientists Say the Conclusions are Misleading and Out of Date
27 Report Says Climate Change Summit Highlights The US Return To The Agreement, And Ups The Ante On Decarbonization
28 Would a phaseout of hydrofluorocarbons avoid half a degree of global warming?
29 RMS Global Catastrophe Model Leader Launches First Climate Change Models, Enabling New Risk Insights
30 My Turn: The shrinking 4,000 footers
31 Nature is Critical to Slowing Climate Change, But It Can Only Do So If We Help It First
32 Land-use change has affected 'almost a third' of world's terrain since 1960
33 NEWSMAKER: How a pro-coal Republican became a climate deal-maker
34 The Effects of Climate Change on Hispanic and Latinx Communities
35 1.5°C Degrowth Scenarios Suggest Need For New Mitigation Pathways
36 Study finds melting of ice sheets, glaciers can be slowed
37 Time running out to save coral reefs
38 Addressing Climate-Related Financial Risk Through Bank Capital Requirements
39 Pharmacy must declare a climate emergency
40 Climate change risk is complex: here is a way to assess it
41 Guest post: A 'Rosetta Stone' for bringing land-mitigation pathways into line
42 What is the IPCC and what does it do?
43 Climate change and the mining sector financial sustainability: Risks, responsibilities, and opportunities
44 Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Fraud allegations create a sea of doubt
45 2050 'a decade too late' for net zero
46 Net zero debate: Where do Indian states stand on the decarbonisation pathway?
47 GISS and NCCS Contribute to CMIP6 International Climate Model Intercomparison Project
48 Viewpoint: Why 'portfolio temperatures' will be the investment measure of the future
49 The fake invisible climate crisis |
50 Time's running out to save coral reefs
51 Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull said 70 per cent of our trade is with nations committed to net-zero emissions. Is that correct?
52 Communications, education are key to public perceptions of climate change | USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
53 AFPA calls on native forestry critics to drop weapons and join battle against climate change
54 Sea level rises from melting ice massively reduced by limiting global warming
55 IPCC: the dirty tricks climate scientists faced in three decades since first report
56 Reducing -- not expanding -- natural gas use is essential for climate and public health
57 Walmart, Lenzing and The Carbon Trust on Chasing 'Net Zero'
58 The IPCC's special report on climate change and land: What's in it for Latin America?
59 Food Thinkers: Food in a Changing Climate (Thursday, 20th May 2021) • City, University of London
60 joins NEXGEN sustainable mining.
61 World leaders urged to learn from pandemic in adapting to climate change
62 Emissions growth slower than worst-case projections
63 We must face climate challenge soon | Letters To Editor |
64 Most of UN climate science report likely to be delayed beyond 2021 Glasgow summit
65 We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN
66 Three key ESG trends advisors need to be aware of
67 Remaking the World Starts With the Green New Deal
68 Impacts of nuclear war to be discussed
69 Almost all the world's glaciers are shrinking—and fast
70 To Prevent Future Pandemics, Start by Protecting Nature
71 Climate change: Threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between 2027-2042: Scientists introduce a new way to predict global warming, reducing uncertainties considerably
72 Zimbabwe Unreliable Weather Plagues Tobacco Growers
73 University of Leeds: Sea level rises from melting ice massively reduced by limiting global warming
74 Urgent action is needed as Europe's food systems stand at the crossroads of transformation or crisis
75 World to breach 1.5°C threshold by 2027-2042: Study
76 Climate Science Moves Online
77 'Ratcheted' NDCs lack ambition; gaping distance between country pledges and IPCC limits
78 We’re almost out of time: The alarming IPCC climate report and what to do next
79 News
80 Alive and kicking, for now | Editorials |
81 Guest post: The perils of counter-intuitive design in IPCC graphics
82 IPCC call for expert reviewers: sixth assessment report, climate change 2021, on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
83 A Canadian oil firm thinks it has struck big. Some fear it could ravage a climate change hot spot
84 We'll cross the global warming threshold in 6-21 years
85 Scientists unveil ingenious machine to refreeze the North Pole and fight climate change
86 Science, solidarity and solutions needed against climate change: Guterres
87 Can the world's most influential climate report carry on?
88 Climate Change Is Turning Threatened Sea Turtles Female
89 Researchers call for immediate emissions reduction to limit sea level rise
90 When will global warming become irreversible?
91 UN chief calls new report a "red alert" for Earth as governments lack ambition to tackle climate change
92 Science and solidarity are key for tackling climate change
93 Strengthening the climate change scenario framework
94 GHG Concentrations Hit Record Highs Despite COVID-19, Leading Science Organizations Warn | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
95 New app allows users to explore how global warming changes their cities' climate
96 The IPCC Climate Change Report and Implications for Insurers
97 Health Risks Due To Climate Change: Inequity In Causes And Consequences
98 It's Going to Take a Global Campaign to Fight Climate Change
99 How Hot Will Climate Change Make the Earth By the Year 2100?
100 New Climate Report is Sobering but Strangely Hopeful