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1 Kenya harnesses fly larvae's appetite to process food waste
2 Turning green waste into animal feed ‘gold’
3 Kenyan scientists develop potato varieties resistant to PCN
4 Can ICIPE in Nairobi End Malaria Forever?
5 ESA announces 2020 award winners
6 Pesticides Develops to Fight Fall Armyworm
7 East Africa turns locusts into delicacy to battle wave of parasites
8 Mozambique asks EU for help in tackling insurgency
9 How we're getting to the root of a global pest threatening potatoes in East Africa
10 Scientists in Kenya working to develop environmentally friendly way to get rid of locusts
11 A single chemical may draw lonely locusts into a hungry swarm
12 Africa: Icipe Scientists Discover Malaria Transmission-Blocking Microbe in Mosquitoes
13 Clan asks Icipe to be kicked off their land
14 New bugs, found in Kenya, can help to control major maize pests
15 Living hand-in-wing with insects
16 ICIPE launches initiative to manage fall armyworm in east Africa
17 Could mosquito saliva be the key to stopping the next epidemic? | Daily Sabah
18 The microbe that protects mosquitos from malaria – podcast
19 Breakthrough: microbe found to block the transmission of malaria
20 Q&A: 'Global village' needed to raise a scientist
21 What's that smell? Scientists discover what makes locusts swarm.
22 Wasp ‘bodyguards’ could be used as biological pesticide
23 New Study Reveals Natural Enemies of Fall Armyworm in Both Asia and Africa
24 Swiss scientist's work could stop malaria – but how soon?
25 Working with insects in Africa
26 Kenyan farmers battle fruit-fly menace as climate warms
27 Why gigantic locust swarms are challenging governments and researchers
28 Daily briefing: Kill, confuse, eat — how to stop a plague of locusts
29 Meet the microbe that is making mosquitoes malaria-free
30 Q&A: Microbe shows potential as new tool for malaria control
31 Locust Swarms Ravaging East Africa Are the Size of Cities
32 HLB detected in Kenya: South African citrus growers advised to monitor for arrival of disease vector
33 Pesticides increase the risk of schistosomiasis, a tropical disease: Polluted freshwater bodies favor the intermediate host of the pathogen
34 Locust swarm is threatening food supply of 20 million East Africans
35 Locusts threaten the food supply of 20 million Africans
36 Natural mosquito fungus 'could block spread of malaria'
37 Integrated pest management practices bring more than $12 billion to the developing world
38 Scientists discover ‘smart maize’ able to defend against stemborers
39 We found a way to trap stable flies: their dung preferences helped us
40 Researchers discover insects to fight maize pests
41 Maize gene could lure natural enemies of crop pests
42 Efforts to save East Africa’s potatoes from potato cyst nematodes
43 Can feeding insects to animals shake up farming as we know it?
44 'Eat them, poison them, drive them to cannibalism': Kenyan scientists explore creative solutions to East Africa locust swarms
45 Super fly! Russell scientist puts the bite on nuisance bugs
46 Microbe that could control malaria found in Kenya
47 Kenya-led team discovers microbe that could stop malaria transmission
48 Record Locust Swarms Hint at What's to Come with Climate Change
49 Jeremy Herren
50 10 stories for World Mosquito Day
51 Cricket Farming May Help Ease Global Food Shortages
52 Kenyan farmers develop taste for insects as drought hurts crops
53 ICIPE researchers discover new species of edible cricket in Kenya
54 A microsporidian impairs Plasmodium falciparum transmission
55 Fancy crickets? New edible species soon to be served
56 Why the desert locust invasion ravaging Kenya is a blessing in disguise
57 Solveig Haukeland – The Conversation
58 Rwandan Appointed To Global Centre For Insects Research
59 Tired Of Covid 19 News? Here Are Some Reasons To Hope
60 Sevgan Subramanian – The Conversation
61 Time Profiles Ethiopian Scientist Segenet Kelemu at Tadias Magazine
62 Beyond The Headlines: Man vs mosquito – the global battle against malaria
63 Plague-Like Locust Swarms Sweep Saudia Arabia, East Africa, Asia
64 Traps and nets help Kwale fight tsetse flies
65 Scientists develop innovative solution against fall armyworm in Africa
66 Dyer: Some reasons to hope
67 Covid-19: 'I could guarantee you a biblical plague by Christmas,' warns UCC Professor
68 Discovery of insects to fight maize pests good news
69 Locusts & Covid-19: Africa Braces For A Double Blow
70 The fatal viruses that the world has learned to live with
71 UI's own Barbara Kagima uses geographic tools to study public health in her home country of Kenya
72 Kenya: Fries With That? How to Make a Delicious Desert Locust Meal
73 The compelling case for why flies are actually fabulous
74 Dry feed for superfood producers
75 Can Pakistan go beyond chemical pesticides for locust control?
76 Kenya in Ambitious Sh7.7 Billion Drive to Eliminate Tsetse Fly
77 Fall army worm war gets Sh812m
78 Culture of multitasking threatens African research
79 Experts: Eating locusts is good for you
80 MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Mastercard Foundation Commits $300m to Bring “Young Africa Works” to Ethiopia
81 Fund and own research as we fight Covid crisis
82 A drug-resistant strain of malaria is making the disease ‘almost untreatable’ in southeast Asia
83 Internationally funded project behind insect feed approval in Kenya and Uganda
84 FEATURE-Cricket-farming hops ahead as Kenyans catch superfood bug
85 Ugandan research project hopes to make nutritious grasshoppers available year-round
86 Preventive measures can reduce foot parasite in children
87 Destroying Sexism With Excellence: Life as a — Women's Advancement Deeply
88 $300 million committed to jobs for 10 Million Young People in Ethiopia
89 Solar battery power takes up the charge in Kenya
90 Natural weapons put malaria on notice: eco-friendly insecticides in eSwatini
91 Scientist Gladys Mosomtai: On prestigious fellowship award and why Kenyan girls shy away from science and technology careers
92 FEATURED: PASET Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) PhD Scholarships
93 Scientists’ road map in fight against deadly fall armyworm
94 Exploring the best tactics to combat fall armyworm outbreaks in Africa
95 13 new wasp species discovered in Kenya, Burundi: researchers
96 Global actions needed to combat fall armyworm
97 'Antelope perfume' keeps flies away from cows
98 Once dusty township, Mbita now home to breezy hotels
99 ICIPE breeds insects for feeds, food
100 Why we must eliminate malaria in Myanmar