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1 IEA’s World Energy Outlook provides plan for shift to renewable energy
2 Solar Pushes Aside Coal as the Cheapest Fuel for Power, IEA Says
3 IEA Sees Oil Demand Suffering Long-Lasting Blow From Coronavirus
4 Coal regions advised to look to renewables for jobs growth as IEA report highlights falling demand
5 Peter Foster: The IEA’s solar spin cycle
6 Carbon storage technologies critical for meeting climate targets – IEA
7 3 ways COVID-19 is making us rethink energy and emissions
8 Solar is set to become “the king” of electricity markets, says the International Energy Agency
9 Climate change: Is air conditioning bad for the environment?
10 The Battle For More Efficient Energy
11 Joint Study by European Patent Office (EPO) and International Energy Agency (IEA) Shows Asia Ahead of US in Battery Technology Innovation
12 Will 'Black April' prove a turning point for energy?
13 Solar power now generates the cheapest electricity in history, IEA says
14 Renewables are on the top of the game: IEA
15 IEA: CCUS is essential to the net-zero transition
16 IEA boss: 'Solar will be the largest power source in Europe within five years'
17 International Energy Agency says it is now consistently more efficient to use solar than coal or gas
18 Tim Gould
19 IEA and EPO team up to promote sustainable energy tech innovations
20 IEA Natural Gas Demand To See Largest Drop Ever In 2020
22 IEA says oil producers may struggle to gauge demand amid second wave
23 IEA says refining throughput set for quarterly rise
24 International Renewable Energy Agency appoints Leidar for comms brief
25 IEA: refining throughput set to increase in 4Q20
26 Recycling barely dents crude demand as global infrastructure remains poor
27 Aggreko passes 1GW milestone in flare gas to power generation projects
28 EPO and IEA join forces to shed light on trends in sustainable energy technologies
29 The Energy Bulletin Weekly 19 October 2020
30 'Global decarbonisation requires reimagining the way we trade, value and regulate energy' | Recharge
31 The Most Important Global Forecast That You’ve Never Heard Of
32 EPO/ IEA Study on Innovation in Batteries and Electricity Storage Aims to Identify Trends to Help Tackle Climate Crisis
33 An American success story
34 Solar is now cheaper than coal for energy generation: IEA
35 Study: World must adopt CO2-catching science to meet climate goals
36 The pandemic is destroying energy efficiency
37 Oil Poised To Rebound, But What About The Long Term
38 IMF reveals 2021 forecasts for oil prices and the Middle East economy
39 CoalWire 344, October 23, 2020
40 3 Solar Stocks Making Big Oil Obsolete
41 Without nuclear power, the world's climate challenge will get a whole lot harder
42 China berates US 'retrogression on climate change'
43 Africa's population without electricity set to rise due to Covid
44 US, China Should Cooperate on Fossil Fuel Emission Reduction
45 Countries Raise the Sails on Offshore Renewables Sector
46 Oil prices may remain below $50 per barrel until 2023 — IEA report
47 Oil Industry Turns to Mergers and Acquisitions to Survive
48 CORRECTED-Facing wave of closures, oil refiners turn to biofuels
49 Three Energy Stocks To Watch On Election Day
50 Jobs, Equity, and Efficiency: Reconciling Priorities in a Transition to a Clean Energy Economy
51 Prepare for turbulence with global warming
52 The importance of recyling lithium-ion batteries
53 Pressures from inside and outside OPEC+ compel a new production plan
54 Tech Breakthrough Promises Hydrogen Gas From Plastic Waste
55 Analysis | Capitalism Caused Climate Change; It Must Also Be the Solution
56 Hydrogen gaining traction for storage
57 Has the International Energy Agency finally improved at forecasting solar growth?
58 Here's how System Value can usher in a future of great promise
59 NextEnergy set to capitalise on "bullish prospects" from IEA for future of solar energy
60 International Energy Agency must prove its credibility on climate
61 An optimistic view of international energy amid the pandemic for the...
62 The myth of electric cars: Why we also need to focus on buses and trains
63 Iraq expects global oil demand growth in 2023; no plans to cancel projects: minister
64 Embracing Collaboration Is Key to Delivering the Low-Carbon World We Need
65 On climate change, Exxon, BP, Shell, and other top oil companies have a long way to go
66 OPEC+ faces growing pressure to change course as ministers meet
67 Russia's Novak says premature to talk about OPEC+ plans beyond 2020
68 Trump Gives Tiny Nuclear Reactors a Billion-Dollar Boost
69 Coronavirus Projected to Sap More Oil Demand Than Expected
70 Letter: Oil and gas remain central to meeting energy needs
71 IEA publishes energy policy review
72 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Commission adopts EU Methane Strategy as part of European Green Deal
73 The Weekly Planet: The Question That Haunts Climate Advocates
74 Why the International Energy Agency Supports America's Shale Oil and Natural Gas Revolution
75 For all its green talk, the IEA still gives comfort to oil and gas producers
76 Colorado cement plant aims to be first in U.S. to capture carbon on a commercial scale
77 Halliburton losses slow in 3rd quarter
78 Oil rises as International Energy Agency boosts demand forecast
79 Cooling: The hidden threat for climate change and sustainable goals
80 The International Energy Agency Reports on COVID-19's Fuel Impact
81 'Cheaper and safer than wind or solar': Dutch to consult on new nuclear power plants
82 IEA says oil demand recovery set to slow for rest of 2020
83 International Energy Agency Covid recovery plan that avoids 'rebound in emissions'
84 International Energy Agency calls for green-led recovery
85 IEA says the coronavirus crisis has set in motion the largest drop of global energy investment in history
86 Oil market falls too big to offset with output cuts, IEA warns
87 IEA calls for $3 trillion global investment in COVID-19 recovery
88 Philanthropies flow funds to climate technologies
89 Global oil demand could hit record growth rate next year, IEA warns
90 IEA Head Sees Oil Use Below Pre-Virus Levels for at Least a Year
91 Carbon emissions to fall by 8%, predicts International Energy Agency
92 IEA calls on G20 to accelerate clean energy transition
93 Secretary Brouillette Remarks As Prepared Virtual High-Level Roundtable on Iraq Energy Reform International Energy Agency Thursday, July 23, 2020
94 ‘Historic opportunity’: Governments are facing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transition to clean energy
95 IEA expects $400bn energy investment slump from coronavirus pandemic
96 IEA Details $3 Trillion Sustainable Recovery Plan to Revitalize Economies
97 IEA summit urges global energy ministers to adopt ambitious green recovery plans
98 Coronavirus crisis to hit renewable energy installations this year, but IEA praises sector's 'resilience'
99 IEA's 'grand coalition' to unite industry, environment
100 Governments have 'historic opportunity' to accelerate clean energy transition, IEA says