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1 Wenger: FIFA ready to use automated offside calls at Qatar World Cup
2 US Soccer, MLS and NWSL to test concussion substitutes
3 Football lawmakers IFAB in crucial changes to handball law
4 US Soccer, MLS, NWSL to Trial Concussion Substitutions
5 Sports World: Ikee earns second relay spot at Olympics
6 U.S. Soccer, MLS, NWSL To Implement Trial Program For Concussion Substitute
7 MORNING ROUNDUP: Daryl Dike scores two goals in Barnsley win
8 Football: Morocco Seeks to Develop Cooperation with Spain’s FREF
9 George Baldock concussion incident: No immediate plans for more stringent testing
10 Heads up: Football lawmakers approve concussion subs
12 International Football Association Board approves five substitutes for world soccer leagues next season
13 The great forgotten Cristiano Ronaldo goal ruined by no goal-line technology
14 Final decision on handball remains with referee
15 Five subs allowed at Euro 2020, 30% spectator limit lifted
16 Michael Pavitt: IFAB tinker with rules to fit technology but is purity possible?
17 The International Board clarifies the actions of hands globally – Explica .co
18 Explained: How VAR has virtually changed football to ‘handball’
19 Genius Replaces Sportradar as NFL Betting Data Distributor
20 IFAB Q&A: What's on the agenda as football lawmakers hold their AGM?
21 Five substitutes option temporarily allowed for competition organisers
22 'Aston Villa victims of offside rule, not VAR'
23 IFAB: New handball rule can be adopted when games resume
24 Accidental handball in build-up to a goal ‘no longer an offence’ – IFAB
25 Soccer newsletter: LA should get 2026 World Cup matches
26 Premier League ready to lobby for change to controversial handball law
27 Handball rules updated by IFAB for 2020-21 season
28 UEFA Writes to FIFA Requesting to Alter Handball Law
29 Retaken penalty rules tweaked by International Football Association Board
30 REPLAY: IFAB comes to landmark decision about VAR
31 Handball law gives Fifa consistency and fans something to rail against
32 The IFAB agrees to implement substitution trials to address concussion incidents
33 Football Rule Changes: What are the New Additions to 2020-21 Season?
34 IFAB wastes another year on handball and offside 03/09/2021
35 Premier League to trial concussion subs from Feb. 6
36 Additional substitutions for concussion in football may be trialed from January
37 Premier League, IFAB agree on introducing trial for concussion substitutes
38 Premier League Issues New Guidance on Handball Law in Football
39 Football could allow temporary substitutes for concussion: International Football Association Board
40 Coronavirus effect: Football players could now get a red card for deliberately coughing
41 Premier League and EFL clarify offside law after Silva goal vs Villa
42 Trials of additional permanent head injury substitutes welcomed
43 Ghana targeting VAR first in West Africa
44 Inside IFAB: Offside and VAR for the men, coffee and the Titanic for the ladies
45 Lawmakers ‘happy’ to drop VAR offside lines if broadcasters do the same
46 Fans could listen to audio recordings from referees after Premier League games as FA will ‘absolutely e...
47 Why penalties are becoming more common in elite football
48 Hands off
49 IFAB vote on key changes to ‘The Players’ Equipment’
51 Handball rule explained: Why Premier League referees are enforcing the law so harshly after Ifab change
52 Nakata joins International Football Association Board
53 Controversial handball rule to be discussed by lawmakers next week
54 When fair becomes foul in the make-believe world of Ifab's chief David Elleray
55 Concussion substitutes to be trialled in SPFL from March 6
56 Who invented football? Where and when the beautiful game was born
57 IFAB agrees to introduce experiments with video assistant referees
58 Football's racism problem continues
59 Laws of the Game
60 Wenger's new ideas for throw-ins, freekicks and offsides
61 The substitute rule set to change the game as IFAB approve temporary measures
62 'Huge change' coming in football as IFAB conduct offside rule review
63 Premier League to introduce concussion substitutes from February 6
64 Premier League set to keep five substitutes rule change for next season with IFAB poised to grant extension...
65 Football: Lawmakers announce rare rule change around handballs
66 The FA and Premier League receive approval for concussion substitutions trials
67 Football's head injury policy a 'shambles': brain specialist
68 Data Revealed: ABBA Penalty Kick Shootout Trials Yield a More Balanced Outcome
69 IFAB ABM moves towards introducing video assistance experiments
70 Football: Fifa reviewing use of VAR, wants to make it simpler and more affordable
71 We've fixed the handball law
72 Fifa takes control of VAR to end Premier League’s variation
73 The changes to the rules by IFAB which will impact Burnley
74 Why the change in VAR protocol is a dig at the Premier League
75 Concussion substitutes to be trialled at FIFA Club World Cup
76 Offside rule: Arsenal icon Arsene Wenger presents new law change, explains FIFA president
77 Football rule-makers to consider reducing games to 60 minutes
78 Football's new rules: More VAR, penalties, handballs and cards
79 FIFA President Gianni Infantino says UEFAs proposed handball changes to be assessed
80 VAR: IFAB puts talks on hold over allowing referees to communicate decisions to fans in stadiums
81 Handball revamp confirmed as IFAB reveals new laws of the game for 2019-20
82 The New Goal Kick rule change: A Primer
83 IFAB to decide on five substitutes plan by early next week
84 FA's female directors speak on International Women's Day 2021
85 Football Association welcomes talks over potential broadcast of refereeing decisions
86 Roberto Rosetti explains new law amendments | UEFA Champions League
87 Football Laws Updated, A Cough Could Lead To Red Card!!!
88 Why football's new handball rule is proving so controversial
89 The International Football Association Board alters football rules
90 Football laws are making PGMOL and IFAB look like ‘village idiots’ after controversial Arsenal and Sou...
91 FIFA and IFAB to develop global standard for electronic performance and tracking systems
92 How much longer can soccer put up with the clueless IFAB? 02/14/2020
93 EFL re-introduces five substitutions rule
94 Law changes for women's World Cup but not Nations League
95 We are not a VAR police, say football lawmakers
96 USA vs. Wales: Match History & Preview
97 Football set to allow five substitutions in ‘temporary’ response to virus suspension
98 David Elleray sees fairer football with VAR but accepts flow of the game suffers
99 AFC News:AFC to form COVID-19 Advisory Expert Group
100 Premier League concussion substitutes: Introduced next week